Mg hs exclusive vs vw tiguan rline

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    I’m picked those 2 cars out for my next mobility car  cannot make my mind up witch 1 is  best  can the forum please help.. both automatic…

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    Menorca Mike

    Tony owners of the MG have had many problems on here I wouldn’t touch it

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    The Tiguan is so far in front its just a dot on the horizon, No contest in my mind.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    I have a MG HS Exclusive auto since July. It is beautiful to look at internally  and externally & after having several SUVs in recent years – it’s the most comfortable SUV I’ve driven – most importantly good for & comforts my health conditions / disability.
    The tech and specification is way beyond most others for the same AP.

    I love it but I’ve had problem, niggles  and issues – in particular with auto box performance, some tech being problematic on an ad hoc basis etc…

    MG U.K. corporately are inept and dire communication / CRM.

    A software update for the HS, to deal with common issues, is now available and called a ‘comfort software’ upgrade & therefore not critical – therefore not covered under warranty nor will Motability cover the cost.

    MG dealers are doing different things, apart from the fact some say they know nothing about software updates – a few are providing the  update for free – whilst other charge varying amounts – from £50 to £200 !!! My dealer stated £120!

    the issues – auto not smooth, hesitating gear change, no power at times when needed, reviving but not engaging – these are ad hoc – it’s been back to the garage but they didn’t do much except the PDI which hadn’t been done when I originally collected the car.
    the in board sat back  resets every time

    the electric tailgate malfunctioned ad hoc

    The display screen has frozen ad hoc

    the start / stop button hasn’t worked or recognised key ad hoc

    BUT despite this I love it – thank good for google maps and Apple play etc…

    the actual fit n finish is sublime & the red / black leather interior works for me.
    the large panoramic opening sunroof is great etc.

    averaging 40 mpg on combined journeys & 29 mpg around town

    i will be taking back to dealer to look at the auto gearbox again & if not fully resolved this time will be having words with Motability operations

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    Unfortunately these tech issues are usual with Chinese goods. They rush the products out without testing them long term on the basis of fixing them as and when people report problems. The annoying part to me is they want to charge you to fix something that shouldn’t have been broken in the first place.

    I wouldn’t touch one with a bargepole.

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    Menorca Mike

    Totally agree Elliot well said

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Not even with a Chinese barge pole!

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    I couldn’t live with a car with as many issues as the MG, it’s cheap for a reason.
    My health would suffer worrying about it leaving me stranded.


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    @dante Others seem to have glossed over your very detailed reply. Very much appreciate the info, thank you!

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    Tony Driscoll

    no contest mate,vw tiguan every time

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    Why would Motability allow a car on that’s not reliable

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    Menorca Mike

    If you are passing an MG dealer keep passing 😀

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Malcolm Fowler

    Just bought the VW elegance in preference to mg he because wanted reliability which the mg could not

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    Malcolm Fowler

    Just bought the VW elegance in preference to MG HS because I wanted reliability which the mg could not

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    Just had the ok to order our next car from 17th Feb, we shall be getting a new Tiguan Elegance 1.5 petrol auto to replace the 3yr old Tiguan 2.0 diesel SEL that has been faultless and a fab car to boot.


    The only other car I might consider would be the new Hyundai Tucson if it comes onto the scheme before I order in the next month or so.

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    Glos Guy

    As others have said, there is simply no comparison. I can see why people might compare them on paper but ‘in the flesh’ and on the road the Tiguan feels about 3 classes above the MG. We had an MG for a number of days whilst our Tiguan was off the road having some work done, so I was able to make a direct comparison. In the first hour or so of driving it, I thought it was OK but, just as with a test drive, anything new and different can be quite exciting and you tend not to see the faults. However, as time went on I got to know the car better and could really see the cost cutting and ultra budget nature of the car. The technology seemed very dated, materials used look and feel very cheap and the engine lacked refinement.  When the Tiguan was returned it really made me appreciate  it more!

    With regards to the facelifted Tiguan, the smart money goes on the Elegance model whereas pre facelift the desirable model was the R-Line Tech. The latest R-Line is a real step backwards IMO. With the old model, the R-Line Tech had all the equipment of the SEL plus added the full body colour skirts and nicer looking alloys. On the new one, the sole advantage is the body coloured side skirts. The new R-Line alloys don’t look as good as those on the old one IMO.

    Most importantly the new R-Line loses over £2k worth of kit that comes as standard on the Elegance, namely iQ lights (£415) / Electric Tailgate (£320)  / Panoramic Sunroof (£945) / Rear View Camera (£370) = £2,050. The R-Line also has touch sensitive steering wheel buttons which have had bad reviews as they’re easy to activate inadvertently. The Elegance has proper buttons. Also the R-Line has a black headlining so without the sunroof would feel very dark and oppressive. Finally, the seat fabric in the new R-Line looks like a 1980’s Golf GTi and therefore very dated. On the Elegance you can opt for Storm Grey two-tone black and light grey upholstery (at no cost) which really lifts the interior and looks very classy.

    So, in summary, the Tiguan every day but go for the Elegance model. If the grey plastic side skirts bother you, go for Dolphin Grey paintwork as then they become invisible!

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    Ian Price

    could not agree more. we had the MG as a loan car while our car was in for repairs. could not wait to give it back, Auto gearbox very dangerous, would hesitate when selecting gears, especially at roundabouts, and when overtaking. Stay away from this car.

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