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    My friend got a mg hs auto 1.5 gdi and the engine management light has came on foot second time now. Had car for a month or so. MG said it’s the ECU so its back in the garage and they’ve said they’ve got to get in touch with MG and it could take a while.


    Has anyone else had problems with their MG HS?


    Thank you xx

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    Suzanne Hope

    Yes they gave us a fiat 500 too small for my needs/ wheelchair etc.

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    You should take a look at the Toyota rav4 hybrid AWD 2.5ltr petrol excel 222bhp xx 0-60 about 8secs xx its lush xx I’ve never seen mpg so good xx we had seat Alhambra xx lucky to get 28mpg and around 380 miles out of fill tank but in the Toyota we get 499 full tank sometimes the mpg goes to 199.99 cos it cant go up any higher xx it’s so comfortable to drive and has very little roll and great road grip xx but defo worth a look if not already done so xx

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    that last reply was aimed to you vinnie xx

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    @Denise ..that version is no longer on the scheme. Just the 2WD ‘Design’.

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    @Denise .. did look at RAV4 but 2 things against it, cvt box but more important over £3  grand in! But thanks x

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    Menorca Mike

    Vinnie my friend has brand new Rav 4 cvt box fine yes I’d always called them but not noisy with 2.5 engine

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    Suzanne Hope

    Menorca. We got the MG HS back yesterday. And today we travelled to Norfolk 210 miles. My husband has looked and we average around 40MPG.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi MenorDid 200 motorway miles today in my HS auto, air con on adaptive cruise control all the way and vehicle setwset in normalgnormal driving mode 37mpg

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    My MG HS going in to garage to be looked at – week after next – they are all minor issues but the auto box is hit &  miss not smooth at low speeds, had management orange warning triangle come on a few times , the infotainment system ghosting or freezing ad hoc & power tailgate got stuck in open once.

    i still love it very comfy – go for my disability & comfort (pain levels)

    the comprehensive tech & seats made up for the issues thus far

    averaging 40mpg

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    We’ve not long ordered ours but not put off by the stories in this thread. We’ve had issues with other brand new cars, Our Mini Countryman SD was in and out of the dealership multiple times and they never managed to fix it in the 3 years we had it. Had a few niggles with our Skoda Superb as well.

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    Menorca Mike

    Susan what were your niggles with the Skoda ?

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    Mike, on the Superb the screen wash spray on the optional rear wiper is useless, in fact useless is an understatement and even in heavy rain that wiper judders across the back window making an awful noise. The auto gear change can be a bit grabby at times and late to change up. The biggest issue though is battery drain if the car is sat around without being driven for a while or not driven regularly. I had to fit a solar panel battery charger which charges the car battery via the 12v socket and that fixed that issue.

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    got a friend who has the mg from new {not a motability car tho} he had to have a new gear box a week after picking the car up mg had the car at least 4 weeks to sort it out he is now looking to trading it in after 6 months of owning it

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    steam hammer

    getting my new mg hs auto next week after reading thread not sure done the right thing.

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    We had a Peugeot 3008 that needed a new gearbox after 2 months and also had a recall for the bonnet catch after 3 months

    Best car we have had was a Hyundai Tucson in 2017 just about to change but the New Tucson is well out priced


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    I used to be a mobile computer engineer so I went thru a lot of company cars & have driven thousands & thousands of miles.

    Vauxhall combo van 1996 – terrible broke down all the time Inc new clutch at 20,000 miles then a new gearbox was a real dog. Had from new

    Ford focus 1999 1.8 zetec needed a new battery after 3 days, new bulkhead hvac wiring after 2 weeks (missing grommet wires chafed), 12,000 miles turbo started whistling, rev car made it sound like police car, had over 40 aircon faults, 70,000 miles needed new engine as Shell bearing collapsed on piston 3,1onth later head gasket blew on new engine exploded the coolant bottle.

    VW Passat 2002 overall reliable however arrived with a wiring fault causing disco effect on rear lights

    My best most reliable car was a 2003 Ford Mondeo estate 2 5 Ghia X I bought in 2013 for £500. I put new tyres on it & that was it until it got a misfire then I drive back from Yorkshire to Norfolk with a cylinder down, spark plugs replaced all sorted they were 1st set in the car they’d lasted 100,000 miles. That & a wheel bearing was all that car cost me over 3 years plus it was hilarious when ppl were shocked when a Mondeo estate screamed off at junctions with a 2.5 V6 in it, soooo much fun.

    Long story short I wouldn’t worry all car marques have bad cars my dad had a Corsa with the dreaded 1.4 16v engines that used to self destruct 4 new engines under warranty….

    I’m ordering an MG ZS EV this week


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    Hi guys I have a MG hs 1.5 exclusive my mpg is just like any other car in it’s engine range 35 round the doors and 45 on long trip hope this helps

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    Menorca Mike

    Hi guys I have a MG hs 1.5 exclusive my mpg is just like any other car in it’s engine range 35 round the doors and 45 on long trip hope this helps

    is it the automatic Neil ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    I pick up my MGHS next week cant wait to be honest had nothing but trouble from my current BMW X1 even had to have a complete new gearbox in year 1!

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    Did you order your HE in January, I ordered mid February and 14 weeks seems to be the wait time.

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    That’s unfortunate but also interesting to hear given what others have said about MG too just goes to show all brand have bad days/cars.

    Hope Your HS arrives soon & is everything your hoping for

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    Hi I ordered it mid February, the car arrived at the dealers last week but the 14th is my handover day

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    Mick burton

    MG HS 70plate excite automatic


    Some times lets you down when pulling out on a round about as if its got fuel starvation has any body had this problem.

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    I picked up my manual last week , chose after test drive of the auto and finding the same hesitant gear box as you, anyway, the dealer mentioned that there was a very recent software update that improved the auto box, @Dante may be more helpful as he has one .

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