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    My friend got a mg hs auto 1.5 gdi and the engine management light has came on foot second time now. Had car for a month or so. MG said it’s the ECU so its back in the garage and they’ve said they’ve got to get in touch with MG and it could take a while.


    Has anyone else had problems with their MG HS?


    Thank you xx

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    Menorca Mike

    Denise what mpg is your friend getting ? Regulars on here have had the car but not been on since ??.

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    Menorca Mike

    Come on Dante and Roy tell us !!

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    Drop the “Menorca” and replace with “MPG”, but I hope you eventually find what you are looking for. You’re certainly doing the research!!

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    Menorca Mike

    I am indeed smallcar I love honest John real mpg 😀

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    others with the HS not been back !!!
    I’ve given feedback on the MG HS pre & post order actually

    In my less myopic view, the HS is the best car I have had and best value all considered – no problems thus far – get your friend to check the online / Facebook MG HS owners forums etc…. Good luck

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    Menorca Mike

    Dante how many miles did you get to the tank you were on 400 so far ? What mpg are you getting ?

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    My friends husband had his car checked due to engine management light being on xx it came back as the automatic gear box has to be replaced xx

    The car is a month old xx


    1.5ltr hs Exclusive auto


    It’s in garage now waiting new parts xx


    Has anyone had probs like this xx


    PS sorry don’t know mpg xx hes unsure xx not really took notice xx this happened a couple of weeks ago ish xx but they count pick up fault but it’s happened again and now they know xx

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    Menorca Mike

    Omg Denise that’s terrible wanting a new auto gearbox after a month !

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    If my garage said the gearbox had to be replaced to fix an EML I’d swap garages pronto!

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    Andrew Milay

    I k ow there have been some software issues causing engine lights to come on, have a look on the Facebook groups as there is some more info there


    Picked mine up today and have not forgot you Monorca 😊

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    Menorca Mike

    Andrew that’s great just wanted to know what mpg people are getting with the automatic version as it looks good in red reviews look good and very well equipped ! Would love to know the range on a full tank ?

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    A funny (well, not funny really) thing has just happened, which may/may not relate to this thread.

    Earlier this afternoon, an old boy walked up the farm track to my house to say his car had broken down and could he use my home phone to ring the AA (we have no mobile signal anywhere around here).

    Anyway, after he arranged the AA on the phone, I gave him a lift back the 2.5 miles to his car, which was a two-month old MG HS 1.5 automatic.

    He was apparently out touring around the Dales with his wife when the engine management light came on. He stopped and looked but couldn’t see anything obviously wrong. With no mobile phone signal, he drove on another couple of miles and the car then ground to a halt and dumped all its automatic transmission fluid all over the road and lower parts of the engine.

    As he was looking a bit pale and his wife was also elderly, I waited with them until the AA came (a good hour and half) and even returned home to fetch them some bottled water in the interim.

    The AA chap said it was the third such case with MG HS auto’s he had attended in the past couple of months. Also it would probably need a new autobox as it had apparently seized.

    Considering MG HS auto models are not particularly common vehicles, I wonder if there is some sort of inherent problem with them? Whatever, if the engine management light illuminates on one, it may be wise to stop and ring the breakdown service rather than press on.


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    Thankyou for that Dave I certainly won’t be having one now

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    I get about 35 mpg with a heavy right foot. If I drive normally and on varying roads of 50 limit and 30 limit I get about 48mpg really good for the size of the vehicle. Country lanes With lots of hills up and down that drops to about 36mpg and on a motorway most I’ve got is 58mpg. It’s a decent car and drives really nice. Go take one for a test drive and you’ll want one.

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    450 miles on full tank of petrol

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    luckily the scheme has comprehensive cover.

    At least the warranty is a long one if you ignored all the car reviews and bought one privately.


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    Suzanne Hope

    I am the lady whom my friend was asking about the MG HS…..

    Well parts came on Saturday and they have fixed them all in….However there is now a software issue and the computer isn’t recognising that the equipment is there. So now the garage have to make phone calls to China to find out how to fix it. I’m really fed up now.

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    John Morris

    What a drama. I was so so close to ordering that exact vehicle but the engine in the ateca won it for me. I am not sure of the legalities but surely if its only a few weeks old then you can return it? If you bought a toaster for £30 and it broke then then I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed, it would be replaced! So a 25k car with such a bad problem….. The car would be tainted and I would not trust it anymore. A couple of switches (passenger electric window switch and rear interior reading lights) do not work in my ateca at all and 3 weeks later they are still waiting for the parts and I am getting the hump as well…but mine seems so trivial now. I hope they sort it out for you.

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    Menorca Mike

    I wouldn’t trust it and would return it and get another make that’s just my opinion

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    I would say this is typical of stuff manufactured in China. I work in the electronic security sector and this is commonplace with Chinese software. They are notorious for releasing software riddled with bugs just so they can get it out there first.

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    Suzanne Hope

    UPDATE ON MY MG HS….Garage/ dealer have phoned me at lunchtime with the news that, they are having trouble and things are not going as planned. With regards to this, Bob from services (been in touch so often now, I know his name) he got in touch with motability on my behalf….. doesn’t look good does it?
    Motability have offered me another car suitable for my needs. Height, bootspace for my wheelchair etc…… however there are no cars suitable for hire from eurocar hire…..
    Anyway motability have escalated this. They are keeping in touch with eurocar and have spoken to the dealers to find out what is going on. Then they said we will wait a week for dealer to get this sorted….(told you it doesn’t sound good) and if I haven’t got a suitable hire car they will reimburse my allowance…..and in a week if still have no car then it would probably be time to look for another vehicle……so peeved with all of this. Just thought i would update you all.

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    Wow that’s not good, did have one on my list but afraid I’ve taken it off, just xc40 on my list now!

    I hope you get this sorted out quickly and to YOUR satisfaction just make sure it’s right.

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    Menorca Mike

    I’m not surprised Vinnie it’s off your list think reading this be off many peoples list shame as looked good well equipped etc

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    Suzanne Hope

    Update on the MG HS EXCLUSIVE….

    Dealers/garage, told me today that they are talking to manufacturers in,China.

    Still don’t know how long it’s going to be before I get the car back. The manufacturer has to design a new software system. Because the software will not recognise that the gear transmission is on board….

    We have managed to get a better car through motability as the fiat 500 is no good for me. (Wheelchair space).etc.

    But the irony is that the hire car is an MG ZS…. Could only happen to me.




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    Sorry to hear that Suzanne that is bad luck.
    Did the dealer not offer to supply you a courtesy car?


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