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    Has anyone ordered a MG HS recently? We’ve been told by one dealership that demand is so high that if we order now it might not arrive until next year but another dealership said there’s no issue and that they usually have them in stock, they’d just sold 15 from stock! Wondering what delivery times people have been quoted.

    We intend to order the auto in excite spec. Not sure on colour, despite how popular they are I am yet to see any colour that isn’t blue.

    Also has anyone managed an AP discount? Every dealership I try says they cannot, no full tank of fuel either. £10 fuel at the most. AP on the auto excite is only £199 so not the end of the world but we’ve managed discounts in the past.

    For anyone that needs to know, a standard adult folding wheelchair with folding handles does fit in the boot. The rear seats are recliners and I had to move them upright a small amount.

    MG HS Wheelchair


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    Colin hd

    Ordered a black hs basic model  on the 20th July from Southampton branch still waiting as anyone got there car that Ordered at the same sort of time

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    Hi I ordered in July to! Black Exclusive auto still waiting for delivery 🤷🏼‍♂️ You’ve got to be patient when you order a MG HS 😏

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    Colin hd

    How much longer do you think were have to wait

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    Your guess is as good as mine! I was told April but from what I’ve read on the Facebook MG forum there are a lot of future customers also expecting MG HS’s in the month of April so it might be a big race for the car’s.


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    Martin B

    Hi everyone

    Still No news, its got so bad now I have found out 3 names of ships that MG has used in the past to deliver to UK  and I’ve been using a ship tracker to watch where they are in the world hoping  they will be coming towards UK , sad I know but you’ve got to look for some sort of light at the end of a very long tunnel,  I know there’s probably more change of finding rocking horse poo , but you never know i might get lucky, oh by the way two the ships are in the docks in china loading,  could be  the lesser spotted MG HS being loaded, ?????!

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    Colin hd

    Well done Martin B good idea if you can try and keep us all updated 👍

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    Marky J

    Hi Martin B, what are the names of the ships, will give me something to do whilst waiting for the car, even if they end up sailing to a completely different part of the world.

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    Colin hd

    Hi has there been any movement on the ships yet

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    Martin B

    Hi ^Mark 1

    The names of the ships i have found are


    These are the ships that I have found that have in the past year have  delivered cars to UK

    Hope this helps maybe helps follow possible cars coming to  UK ,two of these ships are in ports loading today they are all dedicated vehicle transporters so fingers crossed they are loading MGs as you read this

    Also it sounds like we may have ordered from the same dealer Southampton

    Will keep you posted if I hear anything or find anything else out

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    Colin hd


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