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    Has anyone ordered a MG HS recently? We’ve been told by one dealership that demand is so high that if we order now it might not arrive until next year but another dealership said there’s no issue and that they usually have them in stock, they’d just sold 15 from stock! Wondering what delivery times people have been quoted.

    We intend to order the auto in excite spec. Not sure on colour, despite how popular they are I am yet to see any colour that isn’t blue.

    Also has anyone managed an AP discount? Every dealership I try says they cannot, no full tank of fuel either. £10 fuel at the most. AP on the auto excite is only £199 so not the end of the world but we’ve managed discounts in the past.

    For anyone that needs to know, a standard adult folding wheelchair with folding handles does fit in the boot. The rear seats are recliners and I had to move them upright a small amount.

    MG HS Wheelchair


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    Mark Holland

    I am looking forward to more Chinese cars particularly the EV’s that look superb love the red/black interior. You buy the car not the badge and you get so much more one of the fastest rising marques in the UK I wonder why.

    I was next to a red one in a petrol station the couloir was stunning very similar to the Mazda reference red


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    Rod Blount

    Hi, ordered on April 14th 2021 my mg hs exclusive dct in pearl white & red an black seat’s, been told I can pick it up on August 7th, now that seems quite a wait, but it is a factory order, and what with problems with covid, shipping etc this doesn’t bother me, but looking forward to it, and for what you get for the price I think it’s brilliant, when I first drove the mg hs dct, I was very surprised how it drove, and that’s why I ordered it, I know some reviewers said it had things they didn’t like but you could say the same on all cars, go and have a test drive you will be well suprised, good look everyone.

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    Jane Pleas

    We ordered HS excite Auto in blue 💙  yesterday told 12 weeks so fingers crossed 🤞

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    I ordered end of march 21 and picked up June 21

    I got the red/black interior for 0 extra where as ppl are now being charged £500

    I went for mg hs exclusive manual and i luv the car, the kit/extras are amazing and with electric seats and sunroof and blind spot light on door which is great.  The infotainment system/satnav is a bit laggy on startup but other than that, have no problems with it and it a very comfy drive.

    there is a facebook group mg hs

    would definately recommend a test drive to see for yourselves


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