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    Has anyone ordered a MG HS recently? We’ve been told by one dealership that demand is so high that if we order now it might not arrive until next year but another dealership said there’s no issue and that they usually have them in stock, they’d just sold 15 from stock! Wondering what delivery times people have been quoted.

    We intend to order the auto in excite spec. Not sure on colour, despite how popular they are I am yet to see any colour that isn’t blue.

    Also has anyone managed an AP discount? Every dealership I try says they cannot, no full tank of fuel either. £10 fuel at the most. AP on the auto excite is only £199 so not the end of the world but we’ve managed discounts in the past.

    For anyone that needs to know, a standard adult folding wheelchair with folding handles does fit in the boot. The rear seats are recliners and I had to move them upright a small amount.

    MG HS Wheelchair


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    Menorca Mike

    Come on Roy and Dante tell us the mpg you are getting ?

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    Just a heads up. Our order was put through to Motability last week. On speaking to the dealership the manager told me that MG have put a full halt on the production of automatics but luckily the dealership had already ordered our car a month before.

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    Hello Susan. Did they mention why? I’m due to order and this was one of two choices.

    Also can anyone give me a reason as to why the HS Exclusive has not got tinted windows, not blacked out rear windows, but just a tint on all windows as I think it makes the car look terrible tbh

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    I picked up my MG HS on 5/7 and 2500 miles in I still love it but the mpg could be better – averaging 40 mpg (mixed roads longer journeys) – the auto box isn’t as smooth at lower speeds & a few other minor technical glitches – which will all hopefully be resolved when I get it to be looked at. Most importantly it’s the most comfortable SUV I’ve had and great tech etc… few cars have as much standard tech. The £999 AP for the exclusive model is a lot of money & id saved fir it but if you can do without a few things the excite spec is also excellent & only £199 AP.

    its a beautiful car and great premium feel to it, even with the few issues I’ve had.

    tbh on the MG online forms most HS owners very happy and only a shall percentage have had issues. I hope my will be dealt with by the dealer or even be a passing issue

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    Des, they didn’t and as I had a head full of questions I didn’t think to ask I’m sorry.

    MG don’t offer tinted windows at all. You have 2 options, you can either go for window blinds like these

    or you can get them professionally tinted using window film.

    You don’t need permission for the blinds as they just pop in and out (I checked with Motability) but to have the film applied you will need to phone Motability and have it added to your agreement. They do stipulate that you may be asked to remove them at the end of your lease though. If you go the film route be sure to phone, NOT do it on live chat. For some reason they will flat out tell you that you cannot on chat but over the phone they just add it on for you. Be sure to say it’s the film as there is a difference between the film and window tinting which involves replacing the actual glass.

    Both blinds or film are at your own expense and have to be sorted by you.


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    Forgot to say that I have been quoted £140 for the film to be fitted by a local company.

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    The reason for the halt on the automatics may have something to with the recent postings here of members having various engine failures,

    MG HS Exclusive 1.5 GDI auto

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    New here. Has anyone ordered the HS Exclusive auto this year? I ordered at the end of January. The dealer said could be end of March but with waiting lists covid problems etc could take up to 9 months. Wondering if anyone else has same problem.

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    I ordered a manual ,after reading the problems with the auto, in mid Feb, dealer seemed to think 4 weeks until delivery, now looks more like end April, dealers don’t seem to use the same calendar the rest of the world does.

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    My MG HS exclusive auto will be going back, once I’ve had a change to test drive & decide on my replacement.

    I love the HS as it’s large, most comfortable / great access & tech laden.
    BUT The auto caused me issues and despite going back to the garage to be investigated 3 times – there was no resolution.

    I will miss the comfort, access and presence of the HS auto but a lack of clarity, comms and differing information between MG dealers & MG U.K. (In essence it’s nothing more than a glorified car import company).
    chevk out the Facebook MG HS owners forum, very informative & some good dealers on there.

    if the auto had been performed well and safely I’d have stuck with it, definitely – but in my case it didn’t & wasn’t resolved by either the dealer or MG U.K.

    tbh Nothing comes near it for a sub £1k SUV on the scheme – for the specification

    but a limited dealer network, bad comms & ineptness on resolving issues & farcical ‘software update’ fiasco by MG U.K. (SAIC Motors) tainted the experience – on top of the core issue with the auto.

    tbh most people on MG HS forums have had no problems but most were those with the auto.

    I think more chance of getting blood from a stone than getting a discount on an AP & tbh £199 is a very cheap AP with so many very large AP’s on the scheme now.

    ordering will take time and get long in the too spec exclusive with red/black interior. An excite trim with black interior & flexibility on colour may be your best option tbh.

    move done 4600 miles mostly local 23/26 mpg on average & on longer journeys, in between lockdowns, most ever achieved by the 1.5 turbo auto (DCT) with 160bhp was 39.7 mpg

    whatever you decide – good luck

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    Surely this car needs to come off the scheme until the problems have been sorted and that mpg figure is pretty poor too.

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    David Hopkins

    I’ve just ordered the excite in pearl black and have a 3 month wait for delivery


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    I was going to order one but the dealer treated me second class and messed me around, then I spotted the grandland and fell in love , so cancelled my HS order, to be fair if I hadn’t been messed around I wouldn’t of spotted the grandland, so it was fortunate for me, but felt pretty messed up head wise for a while (severe bipolar, coupled with severe anxiety disorder, it was all too much) I do still like the HS but it just all got to me at the time

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    I ordered my HS in February , did the dealer give you a date for delivery, mine is very vague about the date of arrival, its difficult to get a month out of him, luckily he put the date of delivery as March 2021 on the Motability order form, and Motability have agreed that unless the vehicle arrives by the end of April I can cancel and they will speak to the dealer about any fees.

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    I’ve got the exclusive Auto coming on the 14th May looking forward to it

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    I test drove the HS Auto yesterday as they dealer said he could that earlier, hmmm, wasn’t impressed with the auto at all just couldn’t decide what gear it wanted to be in, still very impressed with the car though, dealer was very surprised when I said no thank you unless he removed the AP, which he said he couldn’t under Mobility rules, I do like people who think they’re cleverer than you , I also wonder if he had someone lined up for my manual which is still stuck in Suez apparently,

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    @Elliot I don’t think a large SUV with a petrol turbocharged engine & auto box doing 40mpg is bad in fact I thought it was quite reasonable. Also we don’t know what other people are driving like.

    The Citroen C5 aircross 1.2 auto has a book figure of 45mpg so probably the same as the MG?

    The 5008 1.2 EAT book figure 46mpg again probably not getting to that so similar to the figure quoted previously.

    The 2.0 Mazda CX5 with auto only has a book figure of around 37mpg

    So I think you’re being a bit unkind to the MG by havjng a moan about the running costs, having said that obviously there are other engines that will get you 50+mpg but in this price bracket?

    Also this is a tiny sample of cases, no disrespect to anyone affected but how many owners on Motability or not are perfectly happy? Not to mention the % of motability customers that are on this forum must be insignificant (again no offence to anyone) so to say it needs to come off the scheme seems a bit of an over reaction, unless there are more cases you have knowledge of?

    I’m sure there are issues I’m not denyinng that but having been on the receiving end from Ford, VW & Vauxhall over the years I doubt it’s any worse than them and remember the brake failures on Toyota & Toyota refused to issue a recall at first?

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    I agree I have gone to the MG HS from a BMW X1 Xline 2.0i and I really cant wait to be rid of it.

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    Karl Arthur

    I’m going from a Grandland to a HS, the Grandland feels like a TARDIS in reverse, so small on the inside, the HS has such a spacious interior.

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    It’s a SIDRAT lol & yes that was a thing in Dr who too lol

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    Hello I am looking at a used Kymco Komfy 4 Scooter.

    Does anyone know if this scooter will fit into the New MG HS car?

    Thank you

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    i ordered my MG hs end of march, car has just arrived in dealership today, handover is for 25th June cant wait

    Ive gone from BMW x1 xline to the MG hs, i cant wait to get rid of the x1 i really detest the car and have had loads of problems regarding the software of the car sprouting up all sorts of faults but nothing physically wrong with the car, said clutch was failing at 10,000, but nope a software glitch, its had so many updates glad to get rid of the stupid thing.

    daily running of the car was ok though the software issue didn’t stop me from using the car but the endless trips to bmw to find out if there was a problem with clutch, brakes, tyre sensors, kept telling me to put 1 litre of oil in every week!!!! and kept notifying me i need a service every month lol

    other wise car run perfect if it wasn’t for the software problem!!!

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    Hello I am looking at a used Kymco Komfy 4 mobility Scooter.

    Does anyone know if this scooter will fit into the New MG HS car?
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thank you</p>

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    Lee Bengough

    Curiosity this is anyone of you ordered your MG from my friendly Dealer Thomas & Davies of Merthyr Tydfil.

    I’ve been a customer of theirs through their Citroen side of the business for 16 years now I can’t fault them. They have no chance converting me from Citroen to MG though lol but I highly recommend them for your MG or Citroen.

    they put £20 fuel in as well on hand over day so no worries of having to find a garage because your on fumes and also if requiring adaptions they have a good relationship with City Motor Services in Cardiff.

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    glyn williams

    The shortage isnt because they are selling well, it’s because of the global semiconductor shortage.  basically during the pandemic auto companies cancelled their semi conductor orders – the companies that make them then re-jigged to other industries (a rejig costs millions).  Now the car manufacturers are in the doo doo.  dont let the rep tell you that it’s because they are so popular (although they are popular can you really see the chinese not making enough of them?  this aint dagenham)

    Add to this the fire in the biggest semiconductor manufacturer in the world where the factory burned down earlier this year and you have a serious problem.

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