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    Has anyone ordered a MG HS recently? We’ve been told by one dealership that demand is so high that if we order now it might not arrive until next year but another dealership said there’s no issue and that they usually have them in stock, they’d just sold 15 from stock! Wondering what delivery times people have been quoted.

    We intend to order the auto in excite spec. Not sure on colour, despite how popular they are I am yet to see any colour that isn’t blue.

    Also has anyone managed an AP discount? Every dealership I try says they cannot, no full tank of fuel either. £10 fuel at the most. AP on the auto excite is only £199 so not the end of the world but we’ve managed discounts in the past.

    For anyone that needs to know, a standard adult folding wheelchair with folding handles does fit in the boot. The rear seats are recliners and I had to move them upright a small amount.

    MG HS Wheelchair


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    MG have a fair bit of catching up to do regarding sales. So it looks like motability has done MG a massive favour by adding it to the scheme.

    scheme users must be one of their biggest customers in the U.K.

    I read today the best selling suv for June 2020 is the Nissan quashqui followed by the Vw Tiguan both with over 2500 orders this month.

    The best selling suv so far in 2020 is the Mercedes A class.

    The best selling Imported far eastern suv so far is the Kia Sportage

    MG aren’t even on the list of the top 100 selling models , they clearly need to advertise more in the U.K.


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    Menorca Mike

    Is the sunroof open today Roy ?

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    Andrew Milay

    Just an update, started phoning round dealers today to try and find the exclusive model in stock, one phone call and deposit later I have myself a new car should be collecting a week Tuesday all being good

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    Nice work Andrew what colour did they have.

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    Lee Bengough

    These have proven popular with my Dealer Thomas & Davies in Merthyr Tydfil, even had some of their Citroën customers renew with a MG, they tried that last year with a ZS Auto with me lol 😂 but I am a Citroën nut and always will be but I can see why it’s popular considering for example the C5 Aircross Automatic starts from £1,695.

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    Menorca Mike

    Lee have your Citroen’s been reliable ?

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    Not sure but I’ve done 450 miles on full tank so far

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    Menorca Mike

    That’s good Dante I read review said range was 400 miles

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    Menorca Mike

    MG HS automatic drivers please keep us on here informed of your mpg many thanks

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    72 dudes

    Thought you’d decided on a C-HR Mike?

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    Menorca Mike

    Plenty of time before middle of December 72 dudes I’m keeping my options open

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    Menorca Mike

    It’s that sliding sunroof power tailgate etc etc etc so blooming tempting for £995

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    72 dudes

    Yes, must admit, the research and the comparing followed by test drives is the best bit about choosing a new car!

    As you’ve been impressed by your Golf’s economy on the motorway, would you consider another car with the same 1.5 TFSi engine?

    That would give you a huge choice from the VW T-Roc which is C-HR size, through Touran, Tiguan, Ateca, Tarraco, Kamiq, Karoq, Scala, Passat, Octavia, even Superb. Or another Golf?

    We had the 1.4 version in our previous Audi Q3 but although that had the cylinder deactivation too, we never got really great economy.

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    Andrew Milay

    Thanks! I’m either going for metallic black or white, to be fair it could have been pink with polka dots, my first choice was red, but non of the colours are bad IMHO.

    Any got any info on what the stereo and speakers are like in this car?

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes I’ve loved my golf this is my third the 1.5 tsi is very economical and quiet on motorway I’m trying to get same economy in another make for a change I do love reading reviews roadtests etc and mpg figures

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    Menorca Mike

    I’ve read the Octavia 1.0 tsi dsg is very economical after looking at reviews

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    72 dudes

    Mike, yes good strong engine for its size but might you miss the oomph of the 1.5?


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    Menorca Mike

    Yes that’s the problem you see my Golf is the 130 bhp 1.5 tsi dsg not the 150 bhp 1.5 tsi that they all use today so mine was more economic I read the reviews 3 years ago but it’s great looking at other cars and yes could do with car higher than my golf now

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    Menorca Mike

    Pity the new Skoda kamiq hasn’t got reverse camera keyless entry etc reviews look good and very good mpg I’ve read

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    Menorca Mike

    Any mpg readings guys on your HS ?

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    Andrew Milay

    Pick up my HS on Saturday 1st August, will be doing a 300 mile journey pretty soon after delivery so will report back full mpg details

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    Menorca Mike

    That’s great Andrew thankyou Dante had got 450 miles so far but heard no more and Roy picked his up just would love to see what mpg the automatic version is getting

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    Just spotted this video today that shows all of the HS colours.

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    Menorca Mike

    Red looks nice young susy

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    We’ve ordered black. Still happy with the choice watching that video. 🙂

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