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    Has anyone ordered a MG HS recently? We’ve been told by one dealership that demand is so high that if we order now it might not arrive until next year but another dealership said there’s no issue and that they usually have them in stock, they’d just sold 15 from stock! Wondering what delivery times people have been quoted.

    We intend to order the auto in excite spec. Not sure on colour, despite how popular they are I am yet to see any colour that isn’t blue.

    Also has anyone managed an AP discount? Every dealership I try says they cannot, no full tank of fuel either. £10 fuel at the most. AP on the auto excite is only £199 so not the end of the world but we’ve managed discounts in the past.

    For anyone that needs to know, a standard adult folding wheelchair with folding handles does fit in the boot. The rear seats are recliners and I had to move them upright a small amount.

    MG HS Wheelchair


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    Menorca Mike

    I’ve just read owner reviews very good just wish it was a hybrid 400 miles on a tank full isn’t enough for me but it’s a bargain with all that equipment

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    Hi all,

    not what I would call a ‘tin pot’ Chinese car maker….. ROY

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    Hi Mike,

    MG HS EV is due sometime 2021 should be a great seller it the prices are similar to the current list.

    but would not mind if this made the Motability list, lol


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    Poor man’s Aston?

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    I wonder if they will bring the MG Hector to the UK, launching this week coming in India, I would love sobe of the Asian and USA vertions that never make it to the UK market

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    If i am right in saying i watch a episode of top gear and they said will we be driving Chinese cars in 5 years

    and guess what we are and it;s no bad thing

    in china these are named Roewe


    My car is made in Thailand and had no problems in 2 years of owning it

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    We’ve been given the option of ordering the Exclusive by a kind family member, however after lots of discussion between us we don’t think the extra spec is worth another £800 AP (£999) to us. If the APs between the 2 had been closer maybe but not when £800 apart.

    Our reasoning:

    Sky roof – can’t actually think when we’d have it open. Health wise air con gives a more stable temperature and due to heat from the sun the shade would be closed a lot.

    Auto dipping Led headlights – Don’t have the need to do much night driving and where we live it’s rare we go anywhere that isn’t lit by street lamps or busy with other traffic so any benefit that there might be won’t be of any use to us.

    Sequential Indicators – no benefit at all

    Leather upholstery – having had leather for the first time in a car over this last 3 year period we’ve found that it gets super hot in summer and freezing in winter.

    Sports style front seat – it’s just a seat, having sat in the non sports seats we have no complaints at all about those.

    Heated seats – I can probably count on one hand how many times we’ve used the heated seats in the last 3 years. No hardship not having those.

    Dual zone air con – sounds fancy but in reality we always have the same temperature set for both of us.

    Ambient lighting – not  fussed at all

    6 speakers – are 4 not loud enough? Usually have the radio muted anyway as we talk in the car.

    3 driving modes, normal eco and sport  – lucky if we average more than 30mph on any trips out due to where we live. What need would we have for any modes? The Excite has a sport mode anyway, pull the shifter downwards which allows higher reving in each gear before the auto changes up.

    Paddle shifters – we want the automatic for a reason. Had paddle shifters on a previous car. I tried them once in 3 years just to see how they worked.

    Metal sports pedals – My feet aren’t bothered.

    powered trail gate – no physical reason to need one and having had one for 3 years have found it very frustrating at times having to wait for it to open or close, especially closing   when it’s raining and you can’t lock the car because the tailgate is taking its sweet time to close!

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    susan, all very true i would be the same but i do like leather i find it helps getting in and out.

    the rest i agree totally my previous car 3dr mini cooper 7 auto had all the toys and i used half of them,heated seats once in 2 and a half years. likewise the current car mini countryman cooper s exclusive auto comfort/nav etc has all the bells and whistles, again heated seats wont use unless its baltic, the leather though is superb and well worth going up to exclusive trim. the rest nice but not a necessity. but fortunately due to a dealer £500 off offer and a prorata gcb it all cost me nowt so i treated myself. also i am wpms so the ap is a little lower anyway.

    if the £500 offer hadnt been available i would have been quite happy without the heated seats etc.

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    No point spending money on stuff you not only don’t need e.g. sunroof), but that are actually unhelpful (leather seats).  🙂

    I just took a look at the HS on the Motability site and it’s listed as a ‘small car’.  I took a look at one on the MG website and it’s listed as a ‘large SUV’.

    Qu’est-ce wot?

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    motabilities search definitions are all over the place georgie, the arona, ignis and juke all are defined as small cars yet all of them would suit me as i need something with a higher seat now.

    none of them come up if you search for suv.

    its crackers.

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    Maybe that’s why the AP is low, because Motability think it’s a small car! When searching for cars on there the only thing I undo is untick the manual transmission and then start from the beginning to make sure I don’t miss any cars.

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    Incidentally, reviewers call it a medium suv.

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    “Maybe that’s why the AP is low, because Motability think it’s a small car!”

    Shhhhh………….   I won’t tell if you won’t.

    Looking at the reviews, it definitely looks like a heck of a good . . . vehicle.

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    having only recently picked mine up i am probably going to keep it for 5 years as hopefully by then the electric world will be cheaper and have a greater range.

    i almost jumped this time but missed the marshalls no ap offer at the end of jan by 24hrs if not less, otherwise i would be in an i3s now. as the i3/i3s is coming down in ap it and the mg electric would be contenders along with the 2008. the rest either dont suit seating wise or in the case of ds the dealers too far away. the bmw would be the front runner if they are still making it then and the ap drops more.

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    Can understand all your reasoning Susan.

    Regards the electric tailgate, don’t know what you’ve currently got but on the Kuga you didn’t have to wait for it to close before you could lock the car, if you had pressed the blipper then  when it closed it would be locked.

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    This car looks very impressive, they will sell like hot cakes as it ticks so many boxes and everyone likes a bargain. It looks like it’s taken design cues from Mercedes, bmw and Audi but without charging an arm and a leg for extras. I’ve got my heart set on the xc40 but if not I’d of been very tempted.

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    A guy

    When I look at the HS I see a Qashqai at he back and Mazda CX-5 in the front, interior has definitely ripped of Mercedes though.

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    All good then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Andrew Milay

    Ordered the Hs exclusive on first of the month went in today to take my px cAr in as the insurance runs out today and he said I would have it by the end of the day. Just before I left he told me waiting list is not to November so wont be getting one till then, he did offer me the car back but I can’t afford to get it through another mot so had to leave it with him and keep the order open

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    collected my MG HS Exclusive auto  today can’t stop smiling, dealer told me in the South East, he didn’t know about other regions) no newly ordered Autos until November earliest then only a trickle he said they have had over 40 orders placed and MG have told them to try to have customer take the ZS EV instead, he also said that they had been taken by surprise with all the interest in all MG models.


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    Mike T

    Show us some pics Roy, would love to see the car!

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes Roy we need photos you can have roof open tomorrow gorgeous day

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    Nice one Roy – enjoy the ride! Shiny new things, are very very good things….

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    I’ve had my HS auto in exclusive trim now two weeks. The AP was a stretch but well worth it fir the extensive specification & trim.
    with just over 500 it’s be great on all road services, dual carriageways, A & B roads, agile, sure footed and albeit not the mist dynamic driving Experience, still a fun drive nonetheless.  The quality, fit and finish is outstanding and you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a more ‘premium marque’ – which in context is null and void (as are inane comments on it being Chinese owned & built!!)

    I woukd highly recommend the HS – this is my 6th SUV via the scheme and the best vehicle I’ve ever had – in overall terms.

    i was sold on it after long list deliberation, shirt list test drives & final 3 extended test drives.

    and no, no extras or AP discounts.

    my advice ring around for the car you want, as dealer allocations differ

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    Menorca Mike

    Dante was is your mpg like ?

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