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    Carl barker

    Anyone got a mg he how it drives not anything thanks as kuga a bit rich for my taste

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    Done 30,000 miles now in my hs i tow a caravan with it. I am using the auto box my previous tow car was a Nissan xtrail and I would say its better than this equipment wise and comfort like the Nissan over 4rpm it is a little noisy but on uk roads very rare to get this high. I was given a hs phev has a courtesy car and was impressed with this 30 miles I got for a £1,65 charge at ikeas charging point. I have seen some with issues but drive it like it should be driven and the auto box is great speaking to my dealer a lot were gearing down at to higher revs and blowing the transmission this has been stopped from happening in new cars and many were recalled to have this has a software update

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    Good to hear a good report for the auto on this car. Would have been very popular if it weren’t for the problems with the auto gear box.

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    I wonder if some of the issue were related to the differences in driving style China vs UK to some extent. Seems possible given the previous comment wonder if that was down to British drivers right foot compared to other markets. It’ll be interesting to see if now they’ve learnt there’ll be no further issues going forward.

    Nice report too thanks. If the HS PHEV had been affordable I’d have considered it instead of the EV

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    I have just done around 1000 miles in mine and I love it, In my opinion so much better than the BMW X1 it replaced.

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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