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    good afternoon everyone,

    I have been informed today that metallic paint does not come as standard is this correct? Really quite annoyed as it’s now my second order that has been cancelled undue to myself. The dealership clearly told me it’s standard and covered by notability but notability (grants) rung me earlier today and told me they have cancelled the order as metallic paint is not standard on any vehicle 😐 Any help gratefully received. Thanks

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    Glos Guy

    Metallic paint is a no cost option on all Motability cars Lou, so I don’t know where that’s come from. We’ve had metallic on every Motability car and never paid a penny for it. We also placed an order for a new Motability car (BMW) very recently and metallic paint was added at no cost. Some manufacturers have premium paints that are more expensive than normal metallics, but you just pay the extra cost (only) above the price of the normal metallic paints. Volvo charged Motability customers for metallic paint for a while a year or two ago but, as far as I know, that was just for a short period of time and they reversed the policy.

    Edit – I don’t know anything about grants though. I suppose that it could be that those in receipt of grants can’t add metallic paint, but having no knowledge of this aspect that’s just a wild guess. Others will clarify.

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    We have had metallic and pearlescent paint with our cars and were told they were a no cost option as it makes them more saleable at end of lease


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    I find they make you pay extra for a different paint on roof on some models,as it is priced up as an extra,can be around £500.00 for a pot of paint ? i.e. white with black roof , manufacturers soon jumped on this to make more money

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    Thanks Glos Guy, I had no problem when placing my first order and the metallic paint came as standard with no correspondence from motability or the grants department. I’m totally stumped with the phone call today, I didn’t think a grant would affect the metallic paint either, I’m yet to speak to my dealer tomorrow to clarify things.

    Can the grants team cancel the order or is that down to the dealership? I’m asking because everything went through perfectly and all papers have been signed, all optional extras have been paid in full upfront.

    Thankyou for all your help 👍

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    Appleman it was the general all round metallic paint that motability have always said comes as standard. The roof is not a different colour, it was infact the dealer that informed me I could have metallic free (under motability).

    File28 I was informed exactly as you have just said which is why I can’t understand it.

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    I have had 6 cars all metallic,always told you could have any colour made no difference,met. or not

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    Could this be due to the fact I had a grant for the AP or should it still not be affected?

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    Hi Lou

    If you create a Motability account here

    you should be able to see the status of your order

    good luck

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    Lee Bengough

    Seems to depend on Manufactures the red I am having on my New Citroen C4 is £700 but free to Motability customers where as It’s sister company Peugeot wanted to charge my friend £700 for the same red for her Peugeot 2008. So she went with they grey instead.

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    Hi Gary, my status is still showing as approved and with the reduction of AP however the grants case manager told me my applications cancelled 😕 this is half of my confusion.

    Lee I queried the paint with the dealer as I originally went for the most basic free white which is when he informed me I could have it in metallic as standard (free to notability customers) however the grants case manager said no metallic paint comes as standard.

    Really unsure of it all now 👎

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    Best to talk to Motability ,they must have faced this before,and i am sure they will look into for you

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    Will give them a call and see what they say, Thankyou for everyone’s help 👍

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    Metallic paint is free as others have stated expect for the premium colours of the range. The grant should not make a difference as if you were paying the AP yourself you wouldn’t pay for the paint. It is motability policy and is stated somewhere.

    The only thing I’d wonder is you said optional extras. Your only allowed 50% of the value of the grant you were offered to add extras or improve on what they offered.

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    My guess is different cars are extra for matallic I got a seat on order in matallic blue which on website is free other cars may come at a price extra. Lou maybe the grant is cancelled not the car if you took one out

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    The mystery deepens! The grant is still showing as cleared on my online account and the application is also showing as successful.

    The dealer was the one to point out the metallic comes as standard for motability customers (I originally had non metallic) and I contacted motability who also said it is standard with the exception of pearl or limited edition paints. I opted for the metallic which the dealer removed from the optional extra costs that I paid for upfront. I didn’t think the metallic paint would form part of that 50% optional extra cost if it was a standard?

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    @Lou as you say it shouldn’t effect the grant at all. Unless its a special colour then your liable for the difference. Example the metallic is £500 but they do a special red £700 so you’d have to pay the difference of £200. This would count as an extra regards the grant.

    What car and colour have you chosen if you don’t mind me asking?

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    Mike Cooper

    Hey Lou

    Tell the grants case manager he/she is a dick.No metallic paint comes as standard 😆 😂

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    Hi I ordered an Audi q3 in metallic white (because the dealer informed me it was standard) I was happy to have non metallic 🙂 the only person who informs me differently is the case manager for the grant so I’m unsure what to do about it really.

    The application and grant have all gone thru fine & this is reflected on my online account however the grants case manager told me she cancelled the order 🤨 which currently does not make sense. I have already paid for the optional extras I ordered and the dealer deducted the paint from that total.

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    Are there other extras ordered that would take the AP up to a greater amount ?

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    Sorry not the AP that would stay the same,I mean to make the grant larger than what they want to pay

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    Appleman yes there are a couple of optional extras which I have already paid for upfront, the grant was over the AP and the case manager said the remainder would be used on the extras which I didn’t expect.

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    Sorry it may be me,but am i correct in saying you have paid for the extras yourself to dealer, but case manager held back that figure as if grant had paid out of it

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    I have paid for every single optional extra in full myself to the dealer, the case manager for the grant said that I could use what was left over from the grant to put towards an optional extra but I was only told yesterday 18/05/21 & completely unaware they allowed the grant to be used for anything other than the AP and I had already paid for the optional extras earlier.

    As far as I was aware, the grant would cover AP and the customer covered any optional extra they would like up to 50% of the grant (metallic paint had never been mentioned and was always stated as “standard” for motability customers). Am I correct in these beliefs? This is what I was informed by motability after explaining everything although they told me to run it past grants again.

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