Mercedes on the scheme

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    Just had an update from a Mercedes dealer, doesn’t think Mercedes cars will appear this Quarter but Smart cars are available

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    Mercedes dealership told me I’ll need to wait until July 2022 :/

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    This is near enough what my local Mercedes said to me if not end of this Q then more than likely Q2 or even beginning of 3

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    Peter Hannan

    Had a B class AMG line Premium Plus on order on the Motability Scheme since summer 2020 still no, if at all delivery date given. Down payment has also just been increased by £450.00 despite losing premium options since ordered, power seats, augmented reality sat nav, apparently the increase is due the word ‘Edition’ being added on the brochure. Motability have contacted the dealer but so far no further update.

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    They asking for another £450 extra AP?

    Cant change AP surely after order? and if losing spec you should argue to lower ap not increase,especially after length of wait and spec missing.

    Mercedes really have shown true colours  lately.If was on scheme i wouldnt even think of getting one now.


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    Which Mobility Car

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    when i renewed last time i looked at the b class as a possibility but the way i was treated in the dealership put me off and nothing ive seen since has persuaded me to consider going back.

    they would have to be offering seriously low ap’s to tempt me back.

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    My experience with Marshalls Mercedes in Blackpool so far has been very good. I originally ordered the B Class AMG Premium Plus way back in December 2021 but a month before delivery was due I was told that no Premium Plus models were coming through and no date as to when they might appear. However, they were able to get hold of a an AMG Premium model in time for delivery date if I wanted it. I decided to go for the slightly lower spec and I don’t regret it one bit although the sunroof would have been nice. The car is great backed up by good dealer service so I would have no hesitation in going for another Merc should there be one suitable come the next changeover.

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