mercedes – off the scheme?

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    ive just had a call to tell me that currently unable to order a mercedes at the moment , im unsure if i was going to order a mercedes again, currently have a A200 and ive done 56,000 miles so its unlikely i can extend the lease.

    i did want to order a CLA, but i dont think this will happen now!

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    Who was the call from shoecake?

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Mercedes have been off the scheme for several weeks now. Hopefully they will return at the start of 2021 but far from certain I’d say.

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    The latest info we have is that they plan to return in Q1 22.

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    On Order: VW Golf GTE PHEV DSG MY23

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    the call was from jct600

    im unsure what to do now, i really loved my car – and i dont mind the advance payment, but i didnt like the bmw or audi equivelant


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    Shoecake – do you have to order now or can you wait until January? Hopefully Mercedes will return, as Rene says. There is likely to be a delay in getting the car anyway, I would have thought, due to the chip shortage, so as long as Mercedes return and you order before your current lease expires, you’ll be kept in your A200 until it arrives.

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    Mercedes have been off the scheme from July 2021 ,everyone needs to check what cars are on the scheme ,not many, and as has been said you will wait over 13 months if you can order a car, BMW 1 & 2 are I think on scheme ???  chip shortage has messed up everything mercedes I feel are concentrating on building high value & electric cars, it’s been said by mercedes they will return to motability Q1 or Q2 2022.

    I got an order in for CLA shootingbreak June 14th, I’m told order is still in ,I have no approx delivery date to UK ,my own eastimate is  June 2022 ,that’s 12/13 months wait. With ad  payment £5300.

    I think when they return cheepest  CLA model will be £4000, I think. Mercedes have alot of customers ,it seems all walks of life into getting new car want mercedes

    I hope all turns out well.

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    I’ve been reading alot about chip shortage lead times for new cars pandemic times etc,nearly all cars have 12 month wait IN REALITY  dealerships ,professional assistants online know NOTHING  they will tell you lead times 6 to 8 weeks ,absurd, 6 months etc etc ,many new car manufacturers have lead times of 12 month ,many including mercedes won’t take anymore orders this year, no more AMG lines being built this year , it’s said ?????  Manufacturers have car parks with PART BUILT NEW CARS LESS SILLYCON CHIP UNITS ???is that true ? No one seems to know ,no one will can tell you.

    I found email for mercedes UK,emailed them,a bloke miller replied sat I will check how your car is progressing  ,nothing heard for 3 months , then an assistant replied and said ,it’s delayed because of chip shortage ,WE KNOW THAT.

    It’s depressing JUST WAIT WAIT WAIT  and see what happens, if anything will.

    Stay safe .

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    A few weeks ago I was told at least 12 months wait up to possibly 18 months due to shortage is semi conductors, the new factories producing the chips are now running at 100% production

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    When our brand new 71 plate Peugeot failed and contract was cancelled we were told 18 months wait for Vauxhall Vivaro fortunately ringing every dealer we happened on one being cancelled and more fortunate it was a cancellation on delivery as the home  charger had not been fitted so we got it in 72 hours. Not sure I have the patience gene for an 18 month wait, just glad that by the time we change now be it 3 or 5 years some normality may have returned

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    Mercedes have been off the scheme from July 2021 ,everyone needs to check what cars are on the scheme

    Monday 20th September  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1040          Change -28

    Mercedes -25

    All Mercedes cars removed from Scheme

    Smart -3

    All Smart Cars removed from Scheme (Also owned by Daimler AG)

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    As I I said folks it’s annoying ,but that’s where we are ,so I’ve left my mercedes order in ,lost the excitement getting new car ,I’ve got my previous  car very smart big ford Mondeo ST sport auto eastate which drives fantastic, preveouse to that car was facelift Volvo V70 ,crap crap car I really would be depressed if I had continue with that thing ,worst car I’ve ever had Volvo made pig’s ear of that facelift 2015 awfull ripoff car  ,apart from a Sierra that was worst 80s.

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    Removed July 2021 

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    But my order safe as was put in 14/6/21

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    It just made me look for the date they removed them all, that’s all.

    BTW, the Mondeo is awesome (forgetting the RAC debacle)

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    Yes fine vinalspin wellput .

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    If you Google Q4 MERCEDES MOTABILITY OFFERS it says=

    Although no mercedes cars available october November December. 2021 Check back Q1 2022

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    Mercedes-Benz Motability offers will be back Q1 2022

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    I’ve today been speaking to a mercedes dealership ,2 sepperate salesman  have told me ,they are expecting delivery of  NEW CLA CARS Q1 { ,that’s mercedes  dealership Q1. }

    MARCH APRIL 2022


    so my eastimate  was march April time 2022  ,maybe that was good guess ?.


    Let’s hope you all get cars soon .


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    My last car was extended with 59k miles and had 110k on when it went back.

    This is pre covid

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