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    1. I really think GLB should be in mobility scheme its a nice family space car. I think they should really but GLB on next list.


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    this would be amazing… But I can’t see it happening. 😀 Still hoping that the GLA 200 Premium Plus will be added January though (fingers crossed!)

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    Not when the base model starts at £36,930, £5,145 more than the entry-level GLA, which starts at £31,785.

    Motability cars:

    2015 RR Evoque AWD 2.0 TD4 SE Tech - written off
    2017 Toyota CH-R 1.2T Dynamic CVT AWD - written off
    2019 BMW X2 2.0L Sport

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    Man every time I see someone post on this thread my hopes get high😂😭 funny thing is a lot of people don’t even like the GLBs look (I personally love it) been messaging various dealers via social media but no hints yet, not on the motability potential list either, I’ve only seen one so far in London, wasn’t even sure if it was if (as I was far) could’ve been a GLE


    anyway hoping that because it doesn’t seem to be selling a lot it comes on the scheme to boost sales as most premium brands do eg Audi A4 black edition

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    where is this Motability potential list then TheSUV guy? 😉


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    Chris, call motability, if you’re met with a nice agent (most of them are really nice and helpful) just say “hi we’re due to order a new car etc etc but just was wondering what suvs you have on to potentially come on” every single time apart from once when someone told me they’re not allowed to tell anymore it’s been a success

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    Will do, thanks SUVGuy

Viewing 7 replies - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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