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    I think that’s a really cool looking motor, I know it’s a concept and the production model ends up a bit tamer, but I’d take that one right now if It was an option ?

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    Naran ladhani

    Hi from what I have read and seen on the internet I hope the new Mercedes CLA and the GLB are both on the mobility scheme by January 2020 to order for March 2020 delivery.

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    Any updates on this? They’ve released all the prices and photos today

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    Looks the beau locks :

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    That is a real head turner.. You think it’ll make its way onto the scheme? A Mercedes 7 seater was long overdue…

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    I like the look of it, how much are they rrp wise?

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    Theres talk of em starting at around £30k, but i guess time will tell whether thats right abd what you get for that

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    If it does ever come on the scheme we’re looking at XC40 prices and then some but I’m sure many won’t mind that. A confirmed release date / price list will be out sometime soon before summer ends, whenever I see it I’ll post it here

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    I’m waiting on news of the CLA coming back on the scheme

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    Gotta say, never been a huge fan of Mercs but this GLB has got the spidey senses tingling. That is one handsome motor, i’m gonna be very curious to see if this makes its way to the scheme.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    WOW. This is gorgeous.

    We’ll see!

    It couldn’t be the engine the guy in the video  has because of the 200bhp limit I hear about for Motability. But hey there’s got to be one that fits right?

    Fingers crossed this does get on in place of the B Class.

    Where’s that piggy bank?………….

    ? I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it?

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    Think theres a 150bhp lump in the line up

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    As per the internet ….

    What engines will the 2020 Mercedes GLB come with?

    The popularity of diesel may be declining (or “on he wane”) in the UK, but Mercedes seems to think GLB buyers are still fans of the fuel. Of the four four-cylinder engine options from launch, two of them are 2-litre diesels: one with 148bhp; the other with 187bhp.

    The two petrol options include a 1.3-litre that produces 161bhp, and a range-topping 2-litre unit producing 221bhp.

    Gearbox choices are limited to automatics only, with the 1.3-litre petrol being the only one to come with a seven-speed ‘box —the rest of the range is exclusively offered with an eight-speed auto. Most of the engines are only available with front-wheel drive, while the all-wheel drive system is mated either to the 148bhp diesel (as an option) or the 187bhp diesel (as standard).

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    Def a nice looking motor, maybe not for everyone but I like the look of it

    Made in Mexico though so expect lonnnnnnnnnnnng delays

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    I do think though that the top trim levels which most of us would want might well be out of the schemes current price cap, and the option list might be a silly expensive too

    But you never know what 2020 might bring ?

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    Need speedy gonzalez on it

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    You see the delays with the tiguan allspaces built there..?

    Those bandits sure love a siesta ?

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    Def a nice looking motor, maybe not for everyone but I like the look of it Made in Mexico though so expect lonnnnnnnnnnnng delays

    I doubt that, merc are one of the many  manufactures that have stockpiles of the cars sitting in zeebrugge, they use about 25% of the place this is how many ready made lineups of cars there are in,3.2405099,3.89249968a,5704.96286122d,35y,54.21481057h,0t,0r zoom in just to see how many lol

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    It annoys me when reviewers go on about back seat space in these compact SUV’s/MPV’s. People buying them aren’t trying to fit rugby players in the back and drive them from Sale to Exeter ( I would have said Newcastle last season).

    They’re great for carrying kids and on the very odd occasion some adults for short trips.

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    It would be the 5 seat that would interest me

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    Hammas Majid

    I really hope the glb is available on motability

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    Looks nice from the front but not from the side IMO.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Richmond Denton

    Bloody ugly car

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It reminds me of the previous Tiguan, not the best shape but the interior / practicality saves it</p>

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    Prices slowly coming out, starts at €37,700 which is £34,900, not really familiar with the pricing rules, anyone know if it could make it?

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