Mercedes GLA Delays

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    Ordered a GLA beginning of Nov told was plenty of time for end of lease 25.1.19 still waiting and now been told perhaps sometime in April.Anyone else has experience of this. Not impressed with the dealership.

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    Menorca Mike

    Name the dealer

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Menorca Mike

    I would phone motability about this

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Thanks Mike11, phone call being made this morning. I’ve also emailed a complaint to customers service Mercedes uk and the CEO Mercedes Uk and the CEO of Marshall’s, had poor experience with Marshall’s.


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    peter embleton

    merc swindon told me no delays and are waiving the ap for gla urban , cancel and try there

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    Nathan Tubb

    Hi Rb,


    What model is it you have ordered? I am and sorry to hear of the experience! Where are you based?


    I have 3 Motability GLAs all ordered in end Dec/January and will be delivered March2019.


    Thank you,



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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>searched the net and found this thread regards the GLA. I ordered my car in Jan/Feb. due for delivery May. Low and behold it’s not been “allocated” to be built and told they have no idea when this will be and that it will be 12 weeks from the allocation and that this is a nationwide problem. Merc can’t supply the demand. This was completely hidden by them and never explained at the point of sale. I was told as it was my first I would have this probably within 8 weeks.</p>
    was offered another car, accepted and they have now sold it to someone. Offered a completely different car and literally feel my hands are tied up my back to take it or I will have no car. They garage are now saying people have been waiting since November for cars and still don’t have them.

    Literally at my wits end. They cannot give a timescale for delivery. The reviews of the garage online are disgraceful.

    Does anyone know any garage in Scotland that has them?

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    Hi Jems,

    I use Carwow to find stock with dealers, please see below. Hope this helps 🙂

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    Barry McLaughlin

    I ordered my GLA AMGline premium plus, on Oct 15th 2020, had a handover date of 25th Feb 2021, I needed to sort my number plate out so rang MB Cheshire oaks, asking for update. Unfortunately the chap dealing with motability was off with COVID, he came back this Monday 22/2/21. And he chased up details. I can POSSIBLY look at delivery July 2021. WHAT? Yep July, he said he’d try and find out more, but it appears, someone ordered after me, and got there car in Dec 2020. Totally baffled. Don’t know where to go on this, it’s not the reps fault, he’s blaming MB

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    William coysh

    Hi Barry.
    I ordered a GLA180 primer plus way back in Nov 2020 from Cheshire Oaks and I am still waiting with no sign of even a building slot I have called and wrote to this dealer and Mercedes UK with very little response in fact Mercedes uk never even replied I find the customer service from Mercedes worse than a back street garage they just ignore you they should be honest and open with their customers and let us know what’s going on and stop with the excuses from one of the top marques in motoring Mercedes is very very poor and who knows when or if I’ll ever see my new car.

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    Barry McLaughlin

    was updated with delivery being 2nd of June, now put back because of microchip delays to 20th June, I’m sure that’ll change, motability don’t seem to interested in getting involved.

    one more excuse and I’m off to Honda for the CRV my 2nd choice. Set my heart on the Merc, mega disappointed

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    William coysh

    Yes I got the same excuses from them to with no sign of a delivery date any time soon.
    Motobility are not interested either so what can I do I feel I am caught in a catch 22 position well done Mercedes you should be proud of yourselves.

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    Not sure why Mercedes is getting piled on, we were at our local Volvo dealership yesterday and he told us exactly the same, and warned us about waiting times of up to 20 weeks with tendency to wait even longer if we order now – same reason, silicon shortage.

    That’s also the reason why mercedes took the GLA “plus” range off the table entirely, with only the GLA AMG Line Premium available now.


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    Rene, my Volvo dealer confirmed today he is taking orders and the delays (up to 8 weeks) are because there are currently no production slots available at the factory. The only thing affected by component shortage is the Blind Spot systems which Volvo have taken off orders until supplies can be restored.

    In other words, delays are being caused by people ordering XC40s faster than Volvo can make them.

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    william coysh

    I hope you all manage to get the car you want but I wouldn’t hold my breath that it will be with you in the time scale quoted my car was ordered in November 2020 but my complaint with Mercedes is the lack of information and communication from them I have to keep chasing them to find out anything.
    I am now just waiting in limbo not knowing when or if I’ll get the car that’s the annoying part.

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    GLA’s should be arriving soon expecting a pick up towards end of the month

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    William coysh

    Well you seem to know more than Mercedes do on when the GLA will be arriving may I ask how you know this?it would be very nice if it happens.

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    I should have made that clearer to be honest. I ordered mine sometime in October and will be picking up next week.

    Has been built and is on the way to dealership.

    so hoping that everyone that was told June delivery should hopefully be the case

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    William Coysh

    Hope everything goes well and your car is delivered but here I am still waiting still no information either from Cheshire oaks Mercedes nor from Mercedes themselves as to any kind of dates.

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    Ordered GLA 180 premium plus beginning of Oct, picked it up 10th June.

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    Ordered October and picked up Yesterday.
    What a beauty. Well worth the wait

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    william coysh

    Glad to hear you have got your cars maybe it’s a sign that things are beginning to move now I hope you enjoy it. I am still waiting though with no news yet.

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    Hi Ian and Abdikareem

    What dealership did you guys order your car from?

    I ordered my car back in early October and still haven’t got a build date.

    I’ve told my dealership to investigate for me as he’s ‘quiet sure’ no one has.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>

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    William Coysh

    Hi I ordered my GLA from Cheshire oaks in early November and yesterday they told me that Mercedes have started allocating cars but still couldn’t give me a build date either so maybe it depends on the dealership you use I hope you get some news soon.

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    My one was Mercedes Temple Fortune

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