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    New model GLA prices on Mercedes website under motability offers. Won’t let me upload link.

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    crazy price for the 180 engine

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    Anyone got the 180 engine? .. if so do you think its under powered ?

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    Whether a car feels underpowered or not is very subjective..

    For example, if your current car is a GTD and you’re thinking of switching to an A180 engine, the difference in drive and feel will be night and day.

    However, if you’re coming over from a Focus 125 ps Ecoboost, then the difference will negligible.

    Never, ever, ever order a car without test-driving the actual model you will order or at the very least something as close as possible to the power and spec you will be getting.

    That new car feeling wears off as quick as the new car smell, and if you’re left with a car that you don’t turn your head and look at it at least  twice when locking it, then you know you’ve got the wrong car.

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