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    Michael Flude

    Hello i am disabled and have recently been awarded pip for further 10 years,i am so disapointed with MOTABILITY cap on cars,there is not many sizeable estates on the scheme,ive always had volvo v70 and was hopeing to replace my car next year with volvo v90,but with wahat motability has done with this CAP its messed up scheme,of course i am MOST GRATEFULL TO DWP &MOTABILITY i have 49 qualifying  years N.I. so ive paid in my bit worked all my life 14 years HMF ARMY,but the cap has spoilt scheme,i was looking at mercedes cla shootingbreak but its small for wheelchairs mobility scooters and i keep reading that this car has many issues as it merc but entry level cheeper than most mercs.

    Please reconsider the cap motability it needs to be £33000.

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    Probably not much help if you had your heart set on a Mercedes but I believe the largest estate on the scheme would be the skoda superb. Worth going to look at one if you haven’t seen one already. The SE L executive 2.0 Turbo petrol auto (220hp / 350nm) is one of the few cars on our short list at the moment. It’s also available in diesel as well as lower specs and engines depending on budget. I sat in one at the dealership and was a little overwhelmed by the size having spent the past 3 years with a considerably smaller car.

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    Oh and I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong but the cap seems to get reduced everytime the national press produce a hate article on motability.  I can’t see it increasing, only decreasing. The majority of cars on the scheme do not cater for people who require some form of wheeled aid to get around. You’d think whoever comes up with the list would be sitting down and looking at practicality first and foremost.

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    Michael Flude

    Thankyou ish for your suggestions im looking @ bmw 3 tourer & mondeo titanium , i do love mercedes cla shootingbreak it is beutiful outside and would suit ish ,but basic inside with no satnav fm radio so no gold radio   auto £2700 AD + £1900 decent interior £500 for satnav £5000 aprox up front, well maybe lease a personal  car.

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    Michael Flude

    Of course the other safety issue is , and ive heard this comment a few times with the CAP many of cars on offer are underpowerd ie getting out of busy junction overtakeing safely ,of course us disabled dont want powerfulk car to go screaming down the road we just need power to be there when its needed.

    I think many disabled customers are effected skoda is large estate i wonder if that also has 1.5 or 1.6 power..

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    Michael, you’re in luck with the engines in the skodas.

    Available on the list for the Superb estate are:

    Manual  and automatic 1.4 Turbo Petrol – 150HP / 250nm torque

    Automatic 2.0 Turbo Petrol – 220HP / 350nm torque

    Manual and automatic 1.6 Turbo Diesel – 120HP / 250nm torque

    Manual and automatic 2.0 Turbo Diesel – 150HP / 340nm torque



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    I agree the shooting brake looks fantastic. They used to offer the 220d I believe but it was removed recently.

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    Shootingbrake is ok and not really under powered, 0-60 in just under 10 seconds is not shabby.

    3 series tourer only has 3 cylinder turbo 1.5 and has almost identical 0-60 and tops out at 130 and more rear boot space and cheaper advance payment at the moment that shooting brake.

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