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    Hi anyone got CLA order put in before July share how you delivery info is,can be beneficial to us all, I have order accepted  in April,dealer placed order June I have order number am told has build slot.

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    When I said delays with EVERY MOTABILITY CAR IVE HAD true, but that’s down to dealerships.

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    Sorry to hear that Micky I have an A200 Premium Plus in order which is due to be delivered 31st October.

    It still doesn’t have a build slot and Mercedes have been a nightmare trying to get any info – the Motability specialist at the garage is conveniently on holiday aswel! Hoping they don’t cancel mine too.

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    Hope all goes well Josh.

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    Mercedes cancelled my order as they could not build car at present,my dealer said order elsewhere if want ,but prob have to wait again shortages throughout industry.

    He said keep order in then you got order in ,as car no longer on scheme, if cancelled can’t order again till it comes back ?, Fingers crossed Michael he said I think car will be here sooner than later j. Suggesting 2021, if it’s Q1 next year car will be 22 plate. Good luck Josh.

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    I have to say I can’t do anything to change delivery times ,my present car is great even though over 3 years old now,so I just wait.

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