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    Hi anyone got CLA order put in before July share how you delivery info is,can be beneficial to us all, I have order accepted  in April,dealer placed order June I have order number am told has build slot.

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    I’ve just read news item from Reuters saying ,mercedes reported some models could have year waiting delivery time, it mentioned German factory’s Mexico,etc did not mention Hungary where CLA built  I guess we will just have to wait.

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    Car magazine said the same and mercedes may switch to building more expensive car orders,thus getting profit from them because of chip shortage & not able to meet all orders, it said demand after pandemic was thought to be low,but quite opposite has happened huge demand from mercedes customers,I guess folks we wait & hope we get delivery asap, at least we have previously car lease extended.

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    It is reported that many semiconductor chip factory’s are under construction throughout world,eventually bringing build of new cars back to normal.

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    C L A  I found a forum CLA orders not motability but retail customers.

    A bloke wrote, and he seemed to know what he was on about ?

    If you got CLA order in before July your ok with your  spec ,if after July expect spec changes ?

    Of course CLA removed from motability end of June,but this was mercedes customers.

    We will see. Stay safe.

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    Hi micky, were you not tempted to extend your lease on the mondeo? Did you out of interest get a buy it back price? And how has the car been? I’m thinking of maybe getting the same model and coming off the scheme. I think motability just palm you off with models and poor engine choices manufacturers struggle to sell….

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    Hi Paul ,well I had chance to renew car 3 years and wanted mercedes CLA shootingbreak the tech is fantastic, managed to get an order in June,am waiting.

    Ford Mondeo ST estate very good very fast plenty room,strangely after it had not & last service, it drives better than ever ?, I love the radar keeping set distance from car in front, very good car. It’s a sexy looking car,

    Things I don’t like seats are smart but not too comfortable on long journey or stuck in traffic jams, SWITCHES ON DASH TOO SMALL FIDLEY, this was a fault on alot of reviews & they are too small ,I find I have to take my eyes off road to find & press, new mercedes has advanced voice activation, will do alot by just asking it.

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    The Don

    C L A I found a forum CLA orders not motability but retail customers. A bloke wrote, and he seemed to know what he was on about ? If you got CLA order in before July your ok with your spec ,if after July expect spec changes ? Of course CLA removed from motability end of June,but this was mercedes customers. We will see. Stay safe.

    Ordered mine end of May. Picked up on Wednesday. CLA AMG Line Premium Plus. Cosmos black, red/black interior. Not missing any spec. Its the nicest car I’ve ever sat in. Beautiful outside and inside. Real head turner. It’s also the smoothest car I’ve ever driven and for a 1.3L…its quick, real quick. I’m actually in love with it.

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    The Don yes great to read your item interesting I agree great car but I’m still waiting ? Order went in June 12th red 180 shooting break prem plus driver pack black red interior. dealer said it had build slot, so I’m hopeing end of October ???.

    Glad you love it great choice class 180 prem plus. *****


    Well done lovely car. Hope I get mine ,how long did it take from order in Don.

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    Thank you Don for update

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    Hi Paul no I was not offered a buy back quote. Not heard of that ,is it buying the car.


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    The don ,hi so you placed your order end of May 2021 factory order ? , & got the car on wed 6/10/21 yes ,CLA prem plus  that’s not long to wait well done ,so Hungary factory are building cars .

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    Barry Gill

    Order my  CLA Mercedes in May went for the premium plus and had a call last week from Mercedes in Coventry to inform me that they have had to cancel my order and Mercedes is no longer a available on the scheme.

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    Hi Barry sorry to hear that I bet you fed up about it ,I feel for you , CLA removed from scheme 1/7/21 , my order was taken by my dealer in April but he couldn’t place order until June 12th ,it really is a job to understand, Mercedes are a huge company why can’t they decide what to do keep dealerships informed so they can keep customers informed, I have not had my order cancelled YET but I’m half expecting it, but the don placed order end of May and got car in Oct .

    If my order collapses I will keep present car and look for something else Q 1 or 2 2022.

    Reviews on my dealership are good but when I look at Mercedes UK reviews first 30 are awfull only  1 *.

    Good luck to all.

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    Barry could of been your dealer took your order but never placed it ??

    My dealer has been good he placed order asap and said it had build slot ? ,That’s what he told ,I think he is sincere, I’m not excited about it anymore but I hope it arrives ????

    So many disapointments with new car pandemic chip problems. Stay safe.

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    Barry you ordered in may?i thought if orders i placed and cars are removed from scheme that the order still has to be honoured,as it was placed when car was on scheme?

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    • Paul ,my dealer said that ,when I saw CLA removed I contacted him and said is order ok. He said yes as it was placed in June before July 1st
    • I feel sorry for Barry I wonder if his dealer took his order but kept it on books not placed it and then it was too late.
    • You have to trust dealerships to do what’s good for motability customer.
    • My dealer told me he had 2 other CLA motability orders but they where placed after my order. He has been good for me ,I’ve had awfull treatment from Volvo in past.
    • It’s disappointing time
    • Hang onto present car try next year.
    • Bless you all.
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    Yes Micky does seem like you say,took order kept on books .

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    I think so ,none of this will help Barry ,chin up Barry look Q1 or Q2 next year

    I have not had my order cancelled yet ,I hope not, Dominic placed my order and was Keen to get it in asap ,I think he suspected delays then,and he said it had build slot. I guess you just hope you’ve got good dealer,I would put a bad review on their site saying you think they where very slow to place order ,unless you have to use them again ?.


    Good luck bless all.

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    Well I expected it Mercedes just can’t supply cars, my dealer is upset as  I am he’s not getting info from Mercedes, you name it pandemic has effected it.

    I have been expecting a cancellation ,my dealer said I could go elsewhere but they ain’t got cars iether, he offered to keep order in & i done that he says hopefully Q1. Jan 22. he doesn’t think have to wait for Q2, as you know CLA at present not on motability but my order placed before removed,  strange times folks, my lease extended till Oct 22 ,but hopeing car available Jan 22.

    So your not alone Barry, good luck all.

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    I’m told Ford has cancellations too.

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    Sorry to hear to hear of these mercedes cancellations ,especially after waiting a fair time too.

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    Yes it’s a b nuiesance ,.

    But order is still in ?


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    Well message from my dealer.

    Fingers crossed and I’m sure car will arrive sooner than later Jan.

    So I stay positive

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Great colour Mikey, hope it all works out soon 👍</p>

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    Yes thank you  ajn patagonian red metalic they call it ,red/ boack leather interior, my dealer.has now said he expects it sooner than later January.

    So we just wait .stay safe.

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