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    Nathan Tubb

    Good evening all,

    Firstly i hope this doesn’t cause any offence me posting on the forum.

    I like Kit work for Marshalls @ Marshall Mercedes-Benz Winchester and am the Motability specialist.

    If you are interested in a Mercedes-Benz then we are also offering £300 off all advance payments for cars ordered in Q1.

    If i can be of help please do not hesitate to get in touch. 01962 840066 or

    Thank you,



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    David L

    Such a shame, you’re 2 hours drive away

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    2 hours isnt far. I drove 4.5 hours each way for my car. was going to take the train but it was cheaper to drive.

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    I did 5 hr drive each way – Essex to Cardiff – to collect my Skoda (stayed overnight travelodge only £29 and was knackered and in pain)

    but they had a cashback promo for Motability customers then – which meant my advance payment was only £45 !!!

    it makes sense that Motsbility set the rules and don’t like dealers putting incentives in. But for the dealers that do it’s a god send and when money tight too, any saving on an AP is most welcome.  It’s a pity it varies and often a big journey but it’s worth it – such is life.

    good luck whatever you decide

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    David L

    I’m a bit apprehensive doing the distance as if something needed doing under warranty I would need to go to my local one and it would feel a bit arkward. Or am I being paranoid?

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    Hi David,

    I understand your concerns. The longest I’ve had a customer travel so far is just under 2 hours. We’d make it worth your trip I know.

    re going to your local dealer for warranty etc; the way I’d look at that is it is no different to customers who purchase a car and travel the distance of the country finding the best deal. They don’t go back to the supplying dealer to service the car. The service team at your local dealer would be more than happy to receive the work.

    Love to help David if you decide it’s worthwile!

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    I recently did a 4 hour round trip to order my new car. I am in London and find I need to go out of London to get good customer service. My local BMW dealers are rude, arrogant and don’t call back when they say they will, despite me calling again and again.

    One dealership even said they can’t order the 3 series touring anymore, just to get rid of me. I remember his face when  drove it there to get it serviced, it was a picture…

    Mercedes (London only) are no better trying to arrange a test drive is too hard a thing to do for them. This happens as soon a disability is mentioned, as soon as I say wheelchair that’s it they changed towards me.

    So I don’t mind going a bit further, my last three cars are from dealers miles away from home as at least when you get there they treat you like they are happy to see you. My most recent car, the lady was busy with a customer she came over and suggested we have lunch upstairs on her (Snows BMW Portsmouth) while she finished with her customer even though I was early for my appointment.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>If I was going to order a Mercedes I would definitely take a trip to Winchester they will make it worth your while.</p>

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    Mercedes Watford are good guys

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