Mercedes benz cla shooting brake

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    As anybody have experience or thoughts on the Mercedes cla estate?

    I followed one this morning and I thought what a nice looking car it was and seeing as I’m due to change in the next couple of months I’ll put it on the list to check out.

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    Which Mobility Car

    It is an absolute doozy.

    The only decision is, should you be in a position to afford it, do you spend the £4k Advance Payment on the lower powered (134bhp) version and enjoy the extras of the premium plus pack or have the higher powered 161bhp version with the premium pack only.

    Buyers remorse either way.


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    Matt t


    Hi Landyman

    I love my  CLA 180 AMG Line Premium Plus Shooting Brake I found one on the Mercedes website so I didn’t have to wait, If you check there are still some available in stock, Cheshire Oaks Mercedes-Benz has a White 180 premium plus available now. I travelled to Vertu Ascot to pick mine up and I had the car in less than a week plus I managed to get £500 off the ap!

    I find the 180 is fine for my needs and it doesn’feel underpowered, plus I couldn’t live without all the extras the premium plus offers.

    It’s the first petrol car I’ve had for years and for mpg I’d prefer a diesel. I’ve had the car for nearly 5 months done 3800 miles and average mpg’s 32 but motorway driving is much better got 58 mpg on my first drive from Ascot to Liverpool when I collected the car. But due to covid no real big drives yet. If you take it easy you can get 40+ mpg around town and if you thrash it on country lanes then you will be getting around 27 mpg.

    I’d definitely recommend the car, my son says it’s the best car I’ve ever had and I must agree.


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    Yeah I got CLA shooting brake 220d amg line, in July 2020, lovely car, fast, handles well and economical, Plenty of bells and whistles on this base model, If i were you i would go for the 161bhp model with slightly less kit, A real head turning car.

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    Definitely on my short list guys along with the 3 Series touring. Don’t know why but I really fancy a estate this time.

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