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    Hello .

    I love the Mercedes B200 (Premium Plus) and I am  looking to order as soon as possible  but I’m getting concerned by some of the delivery times I have been quoted.

    I am struggling to get a response from the dealer I test drove the car with but I have been quoted April 2021 earliest by 2 other dealers in the same group,and CLA June 2021.

    i have a manual 3008 at the minute and need an automatic as soon as possible so can anyone who has ordered a B class give me any idea if these dates quoted are correct.

    peugeot factory build is 3 months (bit of a difference) for a 1.2 gt line premium ,which is my other option and has everything I need.



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    Seems a regular thing this from Bmw and mercede’s taking a deposit and lieing to People about when the car will be ready for handover or exchange.

    Maybe this is why they taking deposits and say they won’t order if you don’t. Unless one’s getting added extras then thats down to the dealer and you and nothing to do with MB but any AP should be paid on collection or on the day if it’s a BT not at the point ordering..

    I’d be seriously thinking, How long are you prepared to wait with no date and when they often do give a date it’s then a new date and another and another and then 3 months turns into 6 months then into 9 months and maybe more.

    Personally I’d speak to Mb get then to spk to the dealer and maybe cancel the order and look at getting something else. Unless it is the car you must have then i guess you will wait but what if in a year from ordering  there still no car wait 18 months etc while they hold your deposit and often it’s because your getting £500 off as well and you don’t want to lose that and prices might of also risen since you ordered.

    The dealers know this and imo are taking the biscuit….to put it politely



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    I ordered my B200 Premium Plus in Denim Blue on 4 December (I’m due to change 5 March) with a delivery date of 10 April. The salesman thought it would be in before that date. But with the pandemic I’m resigned to it being delayed beyond April so a degree of patience on my part is required. The dealership is closed at the moment so I can’t check on the progress if any.Incidentally, the question of a deposit never came up so perhaps I was lucky. Still, it will be worth the wait. My current car is a Touran SEL. Served me well but too big for me now. Stay safe everyone.

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    I am due to be able to order in March and have been considering changing to a B200 Premium Plus so I had a chat with our Mercedes Motability Salesman (very honest guy unlike some you hear about on the forum) the other day to find out about the delay in people not receiving their B200 Premium Plus.  He tells me your dealers should have informed you that there had been a restriction placed on the Pemium Plus Package.  He had received an email last year from Mercedes Head Office and should have been passed on to customers.  As far as deposits go on something like the B200 Premium Plus he would only ever take the minimum of £500.00 and the rest paid on delivery of the car.  He said also that delivery of the B200 will start in April .


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    Ordered Premium Plus October 2020 and confirmed by Mercedes November. Told it would be March 2021 as it would be the 2021 build specification.

    Last word from the dealer “I wanted to touch base and let you know your car is still on track for delivery in April” and “your car is due to our holding site 13/04/2021, if it stays on track we will be looking to hand the car over to you on the week starting 19/04/2021”

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    There must be a lot of B200s due in April.  I ordered mine in October 2020 and was due to change January 2021 but have since been given 3 date changes, it’s now end.of April.  I’m stuck in the house cause I can’t physicallydrive my current car anymore.  I’m terrified they will change the date again.  Wasn’t told anything about delays at the time but they took £300 order guarantee.

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    I ordered the B200 AMG Premium Plus on 4 December with an estimated delivery date of 10 April ( I was due to change on 5 March). Had a call from the dealer last Monday to say that the car would not be available until Jul/Aug/Sep or may be later than that. It was suggested I could wait until then but no guarantees at this stage of a delivery date. Alternatively they had five Premium models in the group (Marshalls) ,all in Iridium Silver, and they could get hold of one for me next week. The third option was to cancel and go to another manufacturer which I didn’t really want to do as I like the B Class. I plumped for the second option so looks like I will be changing by the end of the month once the hand control has been fitted. A bit disappointed to lose out on the sunroof but it’s still a good car and ticks all my boxes. Hats off to the dealer who have been up front with me and I have certainly not been made to feel second class as a Motability customer which some folk seem to have. So now the excitement we all feel on a handover is starting to build up. Can’t wait😁

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    Latest from my dealer that by this Tuesday they should begin the hand over process as the car is due with them on April 4th. They certainly appear to have  been open with me, phoning firstly ever 14 days and now every 7. Also they have asked for no money upfront and will charge me the customer contribution as quoted last October which is less than that on the Motability site today.

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    John Newton

    Hi I ordered back in july and I will hopefully get it in April too, I will be pushing for a discount so I advise to try as well, shy bairns get nowt as us Geordies say.

    No is a stupid word

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    Difference appears to be between pure Mercedes dealer ships and those acting as agents.. Speculation?

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    I too am paying the AP as it was in December even though it’s a different model so all in all I feel I’m being treated fairly by the dealer. Excitement slowly building now until handover within the next ten days.

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    The pint about pure Mercedes dealerships and agents is one I hadn’t considered, Mine is a “pure” dealership

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    The point about pure Mercedes dealerships and agents is one I hadn’t considered, Mine is a “pure” dealership

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    Contact of tonight is that I should be able to collect it next Wednesday

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    I’ve just contacted Mercedes MK and been quoted 3-7 months for a GLA Premium, as they are no longer doing the Premium Plus on Mobility. I don’t know whether to go ahead as everyone seems to be having a nightmare with Mercedes delivery timeframes!

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    John Newton

    I’m hoping to pick mine up next week.

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    I ordered my A200 saloon beginning of August due December 20, told it can’t be released due to mercedes reaching their emissions quota, really? you will have it in January 21, no it’s not ready but we are looking at end of February, no car but I have this one I can offer you, no thank you its not the car I ordered, we are looking at a delivery date of middle of April, final chase up from me where’s my car oh its being built on 26th May and will only take 8 hours to build but we did offer you another car! Im now test driving the bmw series 2 and so disappointed with Mercedes feel I have been lied too and mislead all the way along.

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