Mercedes are the worst…

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    Good Evening,

    In 2020 I ordered a CLA shooting brake and in Early Jan 2021 decided to cancel it as needs have changed and decided that an ap of nearly 4K is too much for someone who does only 4 to 5k miles a year.

    Anyway…. after calling Mercedes everyday to cancel the order and give me a refund I was constantly being told we will get round it it etc etc I had to eventually get Motability to help me and the order was cancelled very quickly. I’m going on abit here sorry 😂

    Mercedes still has not refunded a penny of the deposit that I paid and are continually ignoring my calls and emails. Any advice how to proceed with this or has anyone had issues getting refunds back?

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    As far as I am aware, but may be wrong, you do not pay a deposit with motability, only the advance payment upon collection of the car. Are motability aware you were asked to pay a deposit?

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    Hmm I assume they are. I’ve have motability for the last 9 years and I’ve always paid deposit which of course went towards the AP. All the last three dealers I’ve been with have always asked for money upfront before they’ve put an order it.

    This is interesting….

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    I’ve only ever heard dealers take a small deposit for extras not included in the AP but never £4k😲

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    John Morris

    3rd motobility car is about to arrive and I never had to pay any deposit. Although this is only £1099 ap. Did you have any options fitted? That may be the issue if so

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    Had five Motability cars. some with high APs and most with paid-for extras. Never once has a “deposit” even been mentioned. Cars were from Ford, Vauxhall, Skoda and BMW/Mini. Motability always made it clear that do not hand over any dosh until you get their PIN/Key code number and then only if you are completely sure you are happy with the vehicle.

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    In my humble opinion, I would write a to be signed for letter, stipulating that they have 10 days from the date of the letter to return your money or you will take them to the small claims court.

    My understanding is your contract is with Motability, and the garage’s contract is also with Motability, as they pay the invoice. But I may be wrong, it’s a long time since I worked in law.

    Time to play hardball with them, me thinks.

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    BMW are also terrible & customer service…non existent. Half my AP & optional extras have totalled around 3k which I expect I won’t see returned. Dealer refused to place order without payment and has ignored all form of my contact for further questions since last year! My custom is with a different manufacturer now. I sincerely hope you get your money back in full and very soon

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    Glos Guy

    Sulei didn’t say that they had paid a £4K deposit, just that the AP was £4K.

    The issue of deposits comes up regularly. There is nothing suspicious at all about dealers asking for deposits. Motability state that it us up to dealers as to whether or not they ask for one. In the case of cars with relatively low AP’s and no optional extras, I should think that few dealers will ask for a deposit. We usually order cars at the upper end of the AP scale and add extras on top and have usually been asked for one. Often it’s the cost of the optional extras.

    I have no problem paying a deposit as it shows commitment and encourages the dealer to get on and order the car. With a ‘bespoke’ factory order, a dealer is ‘at risk’ once the order is placed. In return for the deposit I insist on confirmation of the manufacturers order / tracking number within days of placing the order with them. This avoids the trap that many fall into, thinking that they have placed an order when the dealer just sits on it for a month or two until they get more build allocation slots.

    Sulei – if the dealership is ignoring you, on the basis that Motability assisted you with the cancellation I would speak to them again and ask them to chase the dealer for the refund. I can’t imagine that a main franchised dealer is going to refuse to pay it and I suspect that they are running on skeleton staff and the person who needs to deal with it hasn’t been in. I’m sure that it’s nothing sinister and you will get your money back soon. Good luck.

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    I do apologise glos guy I think I misread the posters query as it states he would like a refund and the AP is 4K total (roughly).

    My first time weren’t a good experience glos guy, I was given a strict 15 minute test drive (which I was not happy about) and the dealer refused to place my order without half my AP upfront and half of the optional extra charges too. I didn’t know that customers aren’t usually asked for any of the AP until collection date, I was happy to pay some form of “deposit” in the sense of option extras for the reasons you mentioned above – my commitment and regular contact between the dealer. He did tell me he would give me updates but I didn’t hear a word, the expected delivery got pushed back not once but twice by 2 months in total. I was originally told there would be a 4 month wait which I was ok with and then it went to a 6 month wait with no reasons as to why and no “would you like to continue with your order?” Sort of questions.

    I did not hear from the dealer after placing my order (I’m talking almost 4 straight months) which I find unacceptable in any sense. I did have questions and changes I would liked to of made but I was unable to talk to the dealer which led me to cancel the order entirely

    I think i was just unlucky and the lockdown which followed made things more difficult, I do feel it would have been nice for the dealership to of made more contact out of courtesy more than anything 😕 let’s hope things work out better for me (and others).

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    We are not buying the car from the dealer, we are leasing the car from MBO, Which Motability pays for outright at a set amount that is agreed with the manufacturer, The ap is bascally the difference between the price set out and our benefit over the term of the loan.

    A dealer may ask you for a deposit but you are not obliged to make one. If they say you must as they cannot or will not order they are lieing imo and personally i’d say thats ok then, I will go elsewhere or get another manufacturer’s car on my list. cya I have never been asked once and onto my 4th car on the scheme now.

    Imo The AP is not their money to demand, as they are only the broker in the deal between us and Motability. Thus the Ap is taken by the dealer on the behalf of Motability.

    Where it is different is if you order added extras(I never add extras)

    Then that is between you and the dealer and is nothing to do with Motability and any agreement is between you and the dealer on the added extras, Motability do need to authorise those extra’s, but when your lease ends or say if you was to cancel early you will not receive any refund regarding the extras, even if they make the car worth more at the end of the lease.(That’s why i don’t add extra’s) If i intended to buy the car then maybe i would, but i see no value there at all… but if you do that’s ok but it’s up to each of us at the end of the day..

    So the ap and the extra’s are two different things. On the back of the invoice they gave with the order will be the terms and conditions, which is mostly consumer law(The small print) i would read those sections on cancellation and it will set out the time scale and details of how and when you can cancel an order (this is also the same for them) often they do say no fee if you give notice within 14 days before you are due to collect the car, as they would not of registered the car and would have no actual loss.pretty much thats the law.

    The point is though as we are not buying the car, those terms may not apply to us either as our terms are with Motability and they actually apply to Motability. Unless you have ordered extra’a that is..

    So they cannot lawfully keep your deposit and glos guy is quite right it maybe an issue as they currently closed. i would call them up rather than emal or message them and if you still have no joy then contact Motability again and tell them about the situation and tell them i cannot now order a new car because of this situation and want something done about it asap. other than that it would be a small claims court which is easy to do and then you charge them interest and costs on top of what they owe you..

    We do have the right to cancel upto when we put in the pin, that starts our agreement with Motability and the lease and then Motability pay for the car and the dealer gives the funds from the ap to Motability and they get a fee for being the broker of this deal.



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    Lord Muc

    As the others have said above, it may be simply a staffing issue, lots of dealer staff, backroom and sales, are furloughed. You don’t say how much the deposit was, or what did it cover, was it to cover extras, which may be a problem.  I don’t go more than £500 on extras, and tend not to add them at all. I would get on the phone to MB, and explain, that the deposit has not been returned, and ask them to give the dealer a nudge. I would also phone the dealer, and get an update on the situation, and then explain, if its not returned by the end of this week, you have no option but to request a charge back, from the card company, if paid by card, and see if that kicks them into action.

    On deposits, I have no problem with them, pay by card, so you have some protection, it also shows commitment to the order, and gives you leverage, when phoning up, and getting updates, and may help in getting money off the AP.



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    Lord Muc

    If you haven’t heard of a charge back request, its a very good tool for getting returned. More info here, especially useful in these covid 19 times. You do have 120 day in which to use it, but don’t tell that to the firm, you are dealing with. More info below.

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    I ordered a Mercedes B Class last December before the current lockdown and the question of a deposit never came up apart from reminding me what I had to pay up front when I eventually take delivery (which is supposed to be early April but I expect that will slip). I have been on the scheme since the early days of Motability and have never been asked for money up front although I don’t add any extras so perhaps that is a factor. There doesn’t seem to be any logic as to why some have to pay and others don’t.

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    Hi All,

    Thank you all for your replies they are all helpful in there own way. Thank you Glos Guy.

    Maybe the word “Deposit’ is whats confusing a little bit. What i meant to say was money that went towards the AP. I have never paid the full AP until i was happy with the car and ready to drive away….

    In this case Mercedes asked for a payment to put the order through (it was a prem plus so no added extras) I did not have a issue with that as Ive paid money towards the AP before on my all Motability Cars some with added extras and some with not.

    The current car i have on order is a VW (after cancelling the Mercedes) i added a few extras and VW would not put the order through until half of the AP was paid upfront. So i called three different VW Franchises Alan day, Lookers etc and they all said the same to me. I had no issues with that as its what i have done previously before. Just called them to see if they would all be similar.

    As some of you have said it could be down to staffing issues which i understand but just wish they would be honest and upfront about it.


    Thank you all.

    Stay safe and have a good day.

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    Not been asked for one, but, if it was the car I wanted, then wouldn’t balk at it, the paperwork needs looked at though as deposits are usually non refundable if you cancel – that’s why they ask, to deter whimsical cancellations.

    Last car was £5600 AP with extras, so a good £3500 over AP, dealer didn’t ask for a penny. Think we may extend our current lease this year (changeover in July) – although as I need a diesel auto I am tempted to change as they will be thin on the ground in a year or two & the AP’s already reflect their unpopularity.

    Once I am back to commute it will be over 20k miles a year again. Ah well, only 4 years of that daily grind before I retire, so extend 1 year then take 3 year lease or change now and change again for the last year of work. I could live with high petrol cost, not the end of the world and probably save more on the AP than the extra fuel cost for 10 months or less if the car takes longer to turn up than the 3 month window.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Abercol. That is a dilemma, but in your situation I would order a new diesel in July. By the time you get the car (lead times seem even longer than usual at present), then add 3 years, you will be on the doorstep of retirement. Some food for thought for you – I ended up retiring 9 months earlier than I planned because I realised that you can apply your full years tax free personal allowance and the full years 20% tax band to however many months that you work. I was a higher rate tax payer, so simply calculated my retirement date as the date when I would have triggered 40% tax. The calculation is different for everyone but well worth considering. Now we are retired we will probably move away from the ‘black stuff’ as we don’t do the same mileage and Motability seem to be charging quite a premium on them.

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