Megane vs Scenic

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      I think if one can stretch to an extra £500 of AP,  the Scenic espirit Alpine over the Megane Iconic is a no brainer;  the Scenic has a range of 369 miles whilst the Megane has a range of 281 miles,  the list price of the Scenic is £43.5k in comparison to the Megane’s £38k so the Scenic is also better value.  Additionally,  the Scenic is slightly bigger,  being 447cm long & 157cm high as opposed to the Megane’s length of 420cm & 150cm height (I appreciate some people might actually need a smaller car),  the Scenic has a bigger boot & has more spacious rear seating as well.  But the Megane Iconic does include 360 cameras,  self-parking & barman kardon sound system,  which the Scenic espirit Alpine doesn’t include,  but one can get the matte shadow grey on the espirit Alpine for free on Motability,  which isn’t available on the Iconic.

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        The Megane also has that huge sunken boot making it quite impractical for some of us.

        Effectively you’re comparing 2 different classes of car from the same manufacturer.  So, on top of the differences in toys there’s differences in space, seats and, I’d expect, ride and driving.

        It’s like comparing the 308 to the 3008, while somethings may be similar, the basics of what the car is will be structurally different.

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          I’ve just had a Scenic Alpine for the day and placed my order as soon as I returned the car. Its a cracking peice of kit. Having not been in a Renault for such a long time, I was surprised at how well it looks both inside and outside. Yes, there’s still one or two bits of hard plastic here and there, but the look and feel of the car itself is a step up from the Renaults I’ve driven in the past.

          I parked it up at the shopping centre and it got plenty of attention….its a good looking, aggressive looking thing from the front!

          Dealer has plenty of stock coming in and if it weren’t for wanting the matt paint work, I could have picked one up ad early as next weekend, but I have to wait 3 weeks instead, which I’m happy to do for such a stunning colour. I did have a glance at a Rafale which had just come into the dealership and that was a lovely looking beast, but they had no idea when it was coming on the scheme or what the AP would be.

          Very happy with my choice and considering I was looking at a Q4 etron last quarter, I’ve got the thick end of 4k or so left in my pocket with the Scenic’s AP only being £995.


            Nice @Phil 🙂

            Not throwing money at Motability is always good!


              Nice @Phil 🙂 Not throwing money at Motability is always good!



              It’s a bit of a rarity to get such a good looking, well spec’d car for under 1k these days!


                I have the Megan E Tec and love it but would change to a Scenic in a heartbeat

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