Mazda red, the only red in town!

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    I’ve never had a Mazda but if i had it would need to be red. For some reason their red is unlike other reds, its sort of 3D, it looks as if you could dive in and swim in it lol.


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    I don’t think the body shop guys were too impressed with it, bit of a bugger to match I hear

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    If I was getting a mazda I think I’d go for that red too. It looks really nice up close. I was in a Mazda dealer recently and I like their interiors. Really comfortable seats and a good quality feel.

    id absolutely love an mx5 but I tried getting in/out of one and it was embarrassing 🤣

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    I agree with what you say about the Mazda red Brydo, it’s gorgeous. I’ve never chosen a car in red before because the colour for a car doesn’t usually bother me.

    However, I was in Tottenham, London for a concert on Friday with my son and on the way back home on the M1 North we saw two MX5’s. I loved the colour, unlike any other red I’ve seen before on a car and it really suited the model. I get what you mean about it looking 3D too, it seemed to change colour as we passed one of them and even my son, who’s 21 said it was a beautiful shade of red.

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    72 dudes

    The reason the Mazda red is so special is the clear top coat is not actually clear. It has a red pigment in it which gives it the richness and depth of shine referred to here. This is in addition to the layers of red pearl paint already applied.

    Mitsubishi have a similar colour for the Eclipse Cross, but it’s not quite so lustrous .

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    It is a great colour, that’s why my CX5 is red!

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    I think the Mazda MX5 F automatic in that red looks so good.


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