Mazda MX-30 Range Extender

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    The MX-30 EV has a small battery and limited range about 125 miles) on purpose according to Mazda to reduce the use of expensive and heavy batteries.  Next year a version with a new power unit incorporating a single rotor Wankel engine will be on sale.  This is designed to double the battery-only range but at the same time save weight.  Picture of the power unit here – electric motor, then gearbox, the rotary engine, then generator.  The engine is designed to run on petrol, LPG or hydrogen.  From an engineering point of view I find it an exciting idea.   Much like the i3 range extender but much more advanced.  Any thoughts?

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    Nice bit of engineering that, Wigwam. Always thought the rotary was under used. There again, why don’t they go the whole hog and make it a small gas turbine. One moving part; great sound.

    And I do like the barn doors. Wish BMW would put them back on the Clubman; far more practical.

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