MAZDA-CX5 not on scheme anymore

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    Mazda  CX5   came off scheme  does anybody no  why   ?

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    Hi JamesG,  I was in Mazda showroom yesterday and was told they can’t make them quick enough, so don’t need Motability sales!

    I posted about this under the current Touran topic, where Trev gave a better answer, no doubt he’ll spot this and reply.

    Regards, wonky

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    Thanks  wonky  i will look  for Trevs post

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    Here’s hoping trev is right and its back on the scheme soon, its a very good car no doubt.

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    I see they’ve taken the Mazda MX-5 RF (hard top) off the list too.

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    Clicky link to my post on the other thread –

    Basically Mazda have a holding area in Zeebrugge, Belgium for UK cars – When i ordered my CX-5 the salesman showed me his screen where it shows realtime what cars, models, colours, etc are available to order from there. All these available cars, once ordered, are transported to the dealer. The transport company has 3 weeks to do this, the average is 2 weeks – and was 2 weeks for me. The dealer than has a week to prep and get paperwork sorted, so from point of order a Mazda may only take 3 weeks to collect.

    The salesman advised us at point of order that the car we ordered was popular, but stock levels were still good, however diesel stock were low – and 2 week later in a new pricing quarter the petrols went up £500, and the diesels were taken off the scheme.

    So this seems a good indicator of how Mazda operate their business, and although not perfect for every scenario, it is a fair one – you never hear of 6 – 9 month waits for a Mazda!

    Once the boat from Japan tops up the stock levels, they will reappear on the scheme, and this will happen at anytime – Mazda add and remove vehicles based on stock levels, not wait till start/end of a quarter. The only thing each quarter dictates is the pricing.

    Hope this helps, and this is just based on my own experience and questioning when placing my order, so may not be 100% accurate today, but gives a good view of the playing field.

    Oh, for the Great British debate, the salesman told me rates and taxes is why they hold in Belgium, not the UK.

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    Hi Trev     yes mazda take cars on and off the scheme. It could be back on tomorrow or in 6 months.  Mazda have at this moment a big TV advertising campaign for the CX5 so cannot see that they have run out of CX5, considering from placing the order for your car, you have 3months  minimum waiting time for said car to be delivered to you.  Or are they on a slow boat from Japan.  LOL!                                                                                       MX5 , 2 litre engines came off earlier. Has Motability’s position been weakened due to investigation into them. Taken eye off ball and not concentrating on the job in hand. Hopefully this will only be temporary.                   PS    rate and tax incentives are used all the time to get business to locate to UK.   Next quarter hopefully           will be positive for all users of the scheme.

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    Which Mobility Car

    The Mazda CX-5 has been removed. It will NOT be coming back in the short term.

    The reason being given is that it does not meet the new Motability parameters, namely over insurance. These new parameters do not affect any other vehicle on the Scheme.

    We will do all we can to find out what is actually going on.

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    Could  see the   2-litre   MX5   having  problems   but the  CX5   just does not make make sense  in my mind  Has Terv  been  driving  badly  lol

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    Thanks for the clarification wmc,

    I wonder what the CX-5 has, that no other car on the scheme has?.. apart from a dashingly handsome driver of course 😉

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    Oi oi James, what are you implying? lol

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Another tasty vehicle off the scheme . Another nail in the coffin.

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    The 2.0 litre engine Mazda MX-5 RF has had a recent boost in power – up by 24 bhp to 182 bhp… so still below Motability’s 200 bhp ceiling.

    I hope Mazda (or is it Motability?) put it back on the list sometime soon. I’m not due to change anytime soon – but when I do – I am seriously considering the RF… as long as I can fit my walking sticks in the boot!


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    CX5   off scheme  due to new insurance parameters  i would have thought that it would be an ideal SUV for the scheme   i have looked at the date  its  March  not April fools day ?   human error or the computer  says no  if thats  the  excuse they have come up with  wait till Q2  its going to be comical

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    I am waiting delivery of a CX5, originally due end of February but not arrived yet. Had a chat with the salesman and he was saying that because  of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, Mazda have secured a storage facility in England and are moving cars through Zeebrugge to the facility before March 29th. This is slowing up delivery to dealers and making it more difficult to track exact delivery dates.

    When I ordered last quarter, he said that he didn’t think the CX5 would be on the list for long due to the large volume of orders they were taking and with the low margins on Motobility, they had to prioritise. This is the reason it has been removed but it may return in the future. The insurance issue is only with MX5 variants.

    Very frustrating but I’m just waiting for the call to say mine is here.

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    Hi Mossfinn

    Sounds like yet another Cock and Bull story from a dealer.

    So because their storing cars in the UK they will take longer to deliver.

    Oh alright.

    The dealer probably got a short memory because his first excuse is more than likely to be correct and that they have more orders than they can cope with and I think that’s down to Trev with his endorsements of Mazda.😀

    Trev, are you getting a commission?😊

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    Hehehe, if you search back on my posts when i had the Seat Leon, you’ll see i was just as passionate about that as i am about the Mazda. It’s a good sign you got the right car when you can’t shut up about it! lol

    I wasn’t on the forum when i had the underpowered petrol Quashqai, or the diesel Focus… would have been a completely different story then! Took 2 attempts to start choosing the ideal cars.

    My father recently wrote off his Skoda Fabia, wants another but none locally within his price range… found a nice little Mazda 2 that i’m pushing him towards though, although at 86 he’s worried it’s a little too sporty looking for him. lol

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    I have posted this before the Abarth 595 mta is no longer sold in uk and the other 165bhp mta auto is not on the scheme and abarth uk told me its due to insurance costs not as said a bhp limit although they told me there trying to get insurance costs down so they could become available.As the Mazda mx5 rf automatic and cx5 has been removed i think once again choice is being taken away to disabled although i came off the scheme and have a smart for two dct turbo which has also never been on the scheme and the insurance is low and its zero tax it does not make any sence why you can buy a mini cooper s auto which is 192bhp and an expensive to buy car yet some cars you cannot buy.Abarth uk motability told me he would like the whole range on the scheme but its motability causing the problems.




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