Mazda cx5 gt sport

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    As anyone got mazda cx5 or had?Doesnt seem to be mentioned much on here. Love the look of it and spec list seems pretty impressive

    However even though its 165bhp ,it has no turbo and alot of the utube videos mention the power as alet down on this car.So just curious if anyone on here agrees or not.Or anything else that they didn’t like about it.The vw tiguain /volvo xc40 Recharge  and mazda cx5 i just cant decide.

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    72 dudes

    Hi Paul,

    We had a good test drive in a CX5 2.0 petrol auto 165 last time we changed cars just over a year ago.

    It was so impressive in the showroom with the quality of the interior and full kit list.

    However on the road it was very disappointing. That engine just isn’t up to the job, requiring large doses of accelerator to perform beyond sluggish. Of course this means the auto box kicks down and the resulting drone from the engine at high revs is unpleasant.

    We also found the seats, which were fine in the showroom, felt flat and lacking in side support even in gentle bends.

    We ended up with an XC40 T4 which is in a different league for us. We had come from an Audi Q3.

    We also discounted the X1 X Line for road noise and strange seats as well as feeling more like a lower hatchback.

    The big surprise was the Peugeot 3008, which while not carrying a premium badge, has a very nice interior and drove very well.

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    Thankyou 72 dudes for reply.

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    The big surprise was the Peugeot 3008, which while not carrying a premium badge, has a very nice interior and drove very well.

    Not surprising that the 3008 scores highly. Peugeot are producing some fabulous looking cars at the moment – cars that are way ahead of VW on quality as well as style. The 208 is the best selling car in Europe this year & the 2008 is in second place with the VW Golf third. This probably explains why the 208 GT Premium I have on order keeps getting pushed back!

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    Clipped wings

    Hired one in USA 6.5 years ago which had a 2.5 four cylinder/auto. Had it for a month and really enjoyed it. Refined and good handling for a usa spec car. Much better than a Nissan rogue and up there with 2.5 RAV4. Drove across the dessert from Phoenix to Palm Springs and back on the I 10 non stop, 275 miles and my injured back could not of done that in other makes I have hired. Even in the super comfortable Ergo Tiguan seats, an hour or so is enough these days and air travel a non starter. Very well built in Japan.

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Paul,

    just to add that I now have an Allspace SEL  as I need the bigger boot, but suspect that the Tiguan Elegance would take some beating in this class.

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    I had the CX5 sports Nav for 2 years until I handed it back recently because I can’t continue driving.

    I loved the car and had no complaints. I’m 6’3, 18st and have had 4 back operations and found the seat very supportive and sturdy. When I handed in the keys, the seat was in great shape. As for power, whilst no racing car, I found it more than sufficient to drive on mostly single carriage roads with enough grunt to overtake.

    I look at the list and see the price has come back down and if I were to join again, it is the one I would choose.

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    Forum moderator Trev has a CX5… he’s due to change vehicle soon so will be interesting to hear his thoughts on the new model.

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    Cheers for opinions.appreciated

    Reason i ask to, is that i haven’t got much confidence when speaking to strangers etc so i dont fancy going to 3 different dealers for test drives.Even if i decide on one im not looking forward to that either lol.

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