masks are mandatory in shops in scotland from 9 july

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    masks are mandatory in shops in scotland from 9 july

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    Martino I’m so ugly people say I should have been wearing a mask for years lol, but I really do think its an excellent idea.

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    At this moment I do not need to wear a mask because I have no intention of even looking in a shop window let alone going in a shop. Too many disease vectors strolling around. Mrs T is in extremely vulnerable category and can’t take the risk. Will probably wait until deaths have been zero for a month and/or can get a jab for the damn thing.

    Very much admire the way Sturgeon has handled everything in Scotland. Unusually for a politician she genuinely seems to care about the people she serves and, even more unusual, seems to be telling the truth about stuff. All the Brit politicos seem to do is avoid answering questions and make up a new buzzword every week.

    Wish that Sturgeon could be made PM of the whole UK! Make a better job of it than what we have right now…

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    Got to agree about Sturgeon Tharg, none of that party political rubbish, all she cares about is making Scotland safe from the epidemic.
    Its a bit like Andrew Cuomo the Governor of New York, he is the guy that the US needs in this time of crisis instead of Trump.

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    Thanks, Ade. Only disadvantage I can see is that Ms Sturgeon would want no part of being UK PM. One close look at the stupid, dangerous behaviour this side of the border would be enough to increase the height of Hadrian’s wall AND put gun turrets along it.

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    Got to agree with previous comments about how well Nicola Sturgeon has handled the pandemic in Scotland and made no attempts to turn it into a political scoring match. I however cannot understand the mask situation. If masks were so critical why make their use compulsory in a weeks time rather than immediately?

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    Tharg, Ade we are getting very low  virus numbers now hopefully we can continue and get back to some sort of normal.

    The rest of the UK is doing pretty good also.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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