Manufactures car boot sizes misleading?

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    The manufacturing s boot sizes are misleading, we find our Ford Kuga easily accommodates our mobility scooter and other equipment with ease, however the motoring press are always highlighting how small the boot size is compared to its competitors like the VW Tiguan and Nissan Xtrail.

    The other day we looked at the VW Tiguan on paper the boot sizes were considerable larger, in reality we found the Kuga boot more usable and larger, we also found the Kuga boot a match for the Nissan Xtrail again much larger in the manufactures data.

    Today we looked a the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV according to the manufactures data the boot is smaller than the Kuga and no match for the Tiguan or Xtrail, to our surprise it was more user friendly and larger than our Kuga, Tiguan and Xtrail. I know manufactures measure their boot spaces in litres, but how can it be so inaccurate/misleading.

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    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    The Tiguan stated 600+ litre size is with the rear seat fully forward, its lots smaller with it right back.

    But yes, giving a litre amount is a bit silly, given it could be with or without a boot floor (sold with boot floor, measured without…) or seats moved or measuring every nook and cranny using the 3d model of the car despite your dog/suitcase not having the same level of strange nooks and crannies to fit the car…

    Looking at some magazine/online reviews can be good as they use a standard flight case and give the total that fit, both a useful measure of size and uniformity of the boot.

    I have used a Swedish car magazine, ViBilagare, they are pretty stringent in their tests & I can scan through back issues with my Readly account. I also like them as they test how good the headlights are (and give a graphic of the light pattern/cutoff distances.

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    I take along a tape measure when initially looking for a new car.
    I don’t go by litres.
    The Tiguan has a bigger boot and a wider opening then the kuga, not only can you slide the back seats but you can adjust the back rake so you can fit Larger squarer items in.  it also has more head and leg room for back seat passengers. Plus the rear doors open wider.
    But the kuga is an older design.

    The only ford I may have ordered was the galaxy but it was overkill for what I need.


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