Making a Mountain out of a Molehill

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    Noticed a few weeks ago my driver side wiper missing a bit of the windscreen and assumed it was a small leaf stuck under the blade. With myself only making a one or two at the most short journeys a week I kept forgetting to check the blade after completing a journey but did this yesterday and found the blade to be perished.

    So I rang my dealer and made an appointment to go in and change the blade.

    Arrive at the dealer this morning and asked my carer / wife to go into the reception and asked them to send someone out and renew the blade as it’s only a two minute job tops and saves me getting out of the car and as they have no need to get into the car they don’t have to wipe everything down with sanitising wipes.

    Wife comes out and said they can’t do that and I need to get out of the car and wait in reception until they finished. So now I have to unload my scooter to get to the waiting area where of course there’s a risk even if they do clean down but now I have to just hope they wiped down the car properly.

    I wiped all the touch points myself but what a stupid situation but I supposed they were following procedures.

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    That’s a good warning to us all ChrisK. I think Quickfit will also change wiper blades, but with that rigmarole, I’d probably get Halfords to change them and pay myself.

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    Hi Wigwam

    Funny enough that’s what I said to the guy who changed the blades i.e. “wished I’d gone to Halford’s now”.

    My son’s a mechanic, not that you need a mechanic to change a wiper blade, and he’s always said to me in the past that he could fix tiny faults like wiper blades, punctures and bulbs at no cost but I have to keep pointing out to him that no one is allowed to touch the car but the dealer but it is tempting to take a short cut.

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    Dealer attention requires time wasting, unfortunately. Sometimes easier to sort minor things out yourself, who’s going to complain?

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    Clipped wings

    Pre lockdown 1 in early March, Breeze VW changed my blades without me leaving my seat. 10 mins and gone. They have been excellent – collected car for services/ MOT

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    Iv had blades done by kwik fit

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