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    Hi Everyone

    I thought a thread about which Makes & Models we as users Like and Dislike, so I will start this off.

    As you may know from a post I made on a thread about Ford cars I totally dislike this make and all modals, due to their unreliability over the years. The same goes for Vauxhall, and now they have become part of Peugeot, it will become worse.

    Citroen/Peugeot/Renault/Fiat. Don’t like any of these makes due to horrible driving experiences. The worst car I drove was a Citroen C4 Picasso semi automatic diesel, what a horrid car to drive. Fiat (I think the model was a Mirafiori 1600 CL) I thought this was a Fred Flintstone car with the holes in the floorpan, and as for the colour, it was supposed to be light blue but it was more red rust than anything else, and as for the ride, just horrible. I have driven Renault’s and Peugeot’s in the past don’t remember the models, but do remember how bad & uncomfortable the ride was.

    Likes: I liked Datsun (now Nissan) I found these very enjoyable to drive. Kia Shuma, this was a joy to drive. Skoda Octavia This is my dream car I have had three of these over the years and find they are wonderful. I wish we could keep the vehicles that we like through Motability, without them, changing anything or removing them from the scheme.

    I would be interested in what others on this forum have as their likes and dislikes.


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hee hee,my dad bought a 1600cl,fiat 131 supermiafiori. He owned a brown one,a 1981 model, from 1985 to 1990. Apart from the horrendous rust (jack going through jacking points several times), the only thing that ever happened to it was the fan belt snapping! To this day it was more reliable than his 2012 Toyota. The noise this fiat made when my dad dropped from 5th gear to 3rd to overtake an Orion 1600i,was better than any V8 or V6 I’ve ever driven. Couldn’t understand how it was so reliable, using not a drop of oil in 5 years or water (it was my job to check it) and was never,I repeat, never, ever,serviced in that time! It rotted to death but I reckon the engine must live on if 5 years worth of sludge didn’t kill it! He replaced it with av1985 ford escort 1.3,had it for 3 years,but this used loads of oil,loads!</p>

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Oh and I worked as a taxi driver for most of my adult life before illnesses took over. Peugeot 406s were more reliable than mercs and volvos we had, probably because I drove like my gran! I’m getting my first motability car soon,a seat Leon st 1.6 TDI with dsg auto box. The test drive was sublime 😊</p>

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    Nick Gray

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>I always say if you want to find a good car that is reliable and good mpg just look at what taxi drivers drive. The best engine I have come across in diesel is the 1.5 dci in renault it’s mpg is over 70 and goes on forever easy 800 miles to  a tank 55.00 cost. Yeah it’s not a power engine but 110 or 115 what ever it is gets the car moving No issues.  Worst car ever was Vauxhall Astra mainly because the engine blew up at dealership the day I collected it I kid you not lol. 2013 . Really don’t trust Vauxhall cars.</p>

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    Anything German is great, but I have to say, I’ve been driving a tiguan (both models) for 5 years now, test drove the Peugeot 5008, not only did I think it was more fun to drive, the interior is so refreshing

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    No Vauxhall for me,though a diesel cavalier I once drove was great. In 2007 my boss bought me a 1997 Peugeot 406 1.9 turbo diesel with 118k on the clock. It had just had it’s original clutch replaced. It was previously owned by our mechanic’s uncle who was a sheep farmer,so it towed cattle trailers all day! I could get 650/700 miles per tank because even though I was in my early thirties,I drove like my gran! My nickname was captain slow! I managed another 7 years on the replacement clutch before it was retired from active service in 2015, when it became 18! There 451,000 miles on the clock,the engine was saved,the gearbox was on its way out,and the rest was cubed! I’d asked my boss to buy a nice Laguna oddly enough, with the 1.5 dci engine. I told him I’d get 800 miles per tank,he asked for a lend of a few grand to buy one! Merc c and e class were on our fleet, and were rubbish. Our 406s and Volvo V70 s were king, but mainly the Peugeots. Wish my boss bought me that Laguna 😊

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    Both my Skoda Octavia’s Hatchbacks I had in the mid 90’s and early 2000’s were both 1.6 diesels, used as taxi’s in and around Norfolk and Suffolk, both vehicles amassed more than 180,000 miles in their 3 year use each.

    As these became part of the VW group during that period then anything made by them was worth looking at and driving then.



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    JS (justsaying)

    Oh dear Lightbodyae55 this could be a controversial thread lol, a lot of people get very protective and don’t like to hear a bad word about their 4 wheeled Family Member!

    im not sure I can say I dislike a certain brand or model as I can always see why they may appeal to someone else, but A bugbear and dislike when on a manufacturers website and building a car I give up if to many options or extras, it’s good to have some unlike on Hyundai where your only choice is colour, but whilst trying to build a BMW X1 I couldn’t believe nearly everything had a option , fantastic car but I would never know and worry about what I was getting, you can’t even go to to a showroom to look as they never have a base model just ones with £5000 worth off confusion added.

    Oh and I don’t like dealerships/manufacturers which seems to be all of them not giving mud flaps and car mats as standard! Seriously who doesn’t want them ? I can’t believe if they were standard people would take them off. Grrr

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    Totally agree justsaying about four squares of carpet and 4 pieces of plastic for the mudflaps are not standard mind you the majority of cars a spare wheel is an optional extra.

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    Rudy Maertens

    i loved my Seat Leon


    I hate my Vauxhall Insignia


    At the moment looks like my next car will be a Mini Countryman

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    Had a diesel semi-auto c4 grand picasso as my previous car, loved the amount of space inside and the well integrated dash electronics, it had way more poke in it than the 2.0l petrol model i had before that, down sides was the terrible gear change lag when you needed to put your foot down, helped to re-empt by using the paddles, bit noisy too.

    currently driving mitsubishi outlander phev, love the ev driving experience, no gears to lag, great torque when you need to put your foot down. hate the half arsed nature of pretty much all the electronics, factory fitted reversing sensors that just beep quietly in the distance, dont even lower the music volume or anything, the small display between the dials with extremely limited features and literally a one button interface, an FM radio that is the worst performing i have ever had, and a usb play interface that is cumbersome and fiddly to the point of being dangerous, i could go on for hours.

    Also given the huge acres of plastic making up the trim and dash there is astonishingly little storage. and the beeps, oh $diety the beeps, that car beeps for every damned thing.   there would have to be some radical changes before i would go near a mitsubishi again.


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    My last two cars have been Insignia estates, the first one, an SRI, the second, an Elite.  Never had a moments trouble from either.  Quite sad to see it go in a couple of weeks, but look like a flailing turtle trying to get out of it now!!

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    Rudy Maertens

    i’ve got a 65plate insignia estate Elite Nav 2.0 D


    Our biggest problems are

    1) The electric boot is temperamental

    2) We don’t find the seats comfortable at all

    3)Handbrake sometime just disengages

    but every thing works brilliantly while at the garage


    also think that the fuel consumption is absolutely horrible


    and now the car is becoming to low down <— That is not the car’s fault


    i completely understand that everybody is different and for some people the car will be brilliant…

    we find the Mini Countryman a brilliant vehicle to sit in and my neighbour finds it uncomfortable

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    Mike 700

    Forget the flat cap, pipe and dog in the boot image, my Four Cross Country Volvo’s were the best – a D5 engine linked to a geartronic auto box with Sports mode and paddles is the business!

    I notice that the XC60 R Design D5 was on Motability for a while, but I didn’t qualify then, but I had the very same car in Cosmic White with black & beige leather for 3 trouble free years – fabulous!

    I now have a 1.2 litre CVT Qashqai, with lots of kit on it as standard, and I would recommend this car to anyone on Motability – not a Volvo, or a BMW, or a German car, but a really excellent, economical and reliable family workhorse!

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    My mazda tribute bought in 2004 now ha 88k on the clock only been serviced had a replacement stainless exhaust when the original rusted trough in 2008

    Has the clitch and cambelt teplaced at 79000 because i figured that was better thsn having it fail otherwise necer missed a beat and was always a reliable mode of transport


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    I had been considering checking out the Volvo XC range when the time came to renew, but now that time is here and all the Volvos except the V40 have vanished off the motability list.  Anyone know what happened there ? are they just all to expensive now ?


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    Been a member of this forum for a few months now……. or does it just seem that long? lol Anyhow, can’t recall anyone mentioning a Vauxhall before, this thread pops up and wham! it’s mentioned more than any other make, although mainly on the dislike of things.

    For me, Like: Renault Megane petrol, Dislike: Focus Diesel & Quashqai Petrol, Like: Seat Leon St Petrol… that’s my dislike sandwich. 🙂

    I'm running the Virgin London Marathon 2019 in support of MIND The Mental Health Charity

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    jeff stevens

    Best car has to be my ford capri 3.0 manual TJX 209R wish i had put it in the garage and left it there.the rust in the bulkhead killed it,

    Worst car a Hillman Imp .though there is one on ebay in the barn find section i keep looking at lol


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    Mines the same as yours Rudy, but a 15 plate. Never had any of the problems you’ve had, and done 17,882 miles, at 43.8 MPG, so I’m not unhappy about that. I had the tyres set at Eco, which helps a bit, although you do get a bit more road surface noise.

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    Ex taxis can make good daily drivers. Despite the mileage,oil changes on our fleet were close to every 6 weeks, and timing belts annually. My boss never bought Volkswagen group cars,but he did run a BMW 730i, and a couple of Volvo 940 turbos. What you spend on fuel,you save on servicing 😊

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    I’ve a Leon coming round about may June July time😊. An st dsg 1.6 TDI. I was sold on the smallest of test drives, plus,as my son is 18,I can get him insured to drive when I’m not fit or if I end up in hospital again,lol

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”> Is the quasquai economical in 1.2 CVT? Probably around the same as the 1998 Volvo V70 2.5 TDI that I drove briefly when I was working as a taxi driver,but started to suffer agonizing hip pain,in 2013. I drove my then 15 year old son to a disco one night and on the way home, the box wouldn’t engage top gear. I went out to go to work the following morning,and there was a giant pool of oil to greet me,lol. Long story short, couldn’t find a gearbox,so it was back to the trusty 369,000 mile Peugeot 406 😂</p>

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    Incidentally, Trev,I drove a Renault 19 for 10 reasonably trouble free years as my spare car when I was taxiing, when I was supposedly “fit and well”! We had an omega on our fleet,it was an automatic with the 2.5 6 cylinder BMW diesel unit. When my first severe bout of lower back trouble eased a bit,my boss rushed me back to work and let me drive the omega! Later that year we got a 1.7tdi cavalier. My boss told me to test drive it,and I was climbing a hill in 3rd gear,and such was the torque, that it went into 5th gear without a struggle 😊

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    Flailing turtle is the description I’d use for getting out of my peugeot 207 😊. I’m getting my first motability car in may June July time,a Leon st. Seats are nice and adjustable, don’t think I’ll fall in or out if I get my measurements right 😂

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    Like many others I have never been a Ford fan. Vauxhalls I have never been able to get comfortable in and always though them as a sales rep car. Most the German made cars are solid and reliable albeit some marques are expensive for what’s on offer. I have several Hondas and Toyotas over the years and whilst they were never going to set the heather on fire they were all reliable, well equiped, economical and comfortable

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    Rudy Maertens

    the thing i love most about Mini is the 48 hour test drive… it gives you a good idea if the car is suitable…


    more companies should do this


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