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      I’m not sure what to do.

      when I ordered my car the AP was £1945 it will be ready for collection in one week.

      I have now seen that the Ap has reduced by a massive £1,500 so AP is now £495.

      I know you take a risk on wether the AP goes up or down when choosing a vehicle and officially

      you can’t change.

      But I am now feeling I’m being overcharged by a substantial amount. Any views on this situation ?

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        It all depends on how much you want the car,how much you value the car.


        Which car is it ?


        Ask the dealer if they will change the AP payment.


        If you hate the thought of “losing ” £1500 like this and your dealer wont help reduce the AP…then there is only one alternative cancel the order completely and look for another car.


          Had this happen a few times, think mine dropped twice before I got it.

          Way I look at it is some folks have been waiting 6 months + for a car, if you cancelled and re ordered you might have to wait and they might change the spec etc then you’ll wish you just paid. As someone mentioned asked the dealer if they’d knock a bit off…not pay it and enjoy your new car……and never look up the prices again lol


            Ask your dealer to resubmit the motability order and get the lower AP.

            It doesn’t cost them anything to do it, they don’t loose any money and it doesn’t affect your existing order with the factory.

            My dealer reduced mine twice, the last time was 2 weeks before collection.

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              please tell us all what car it is ??

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                Many previous threads on this Toby.

                Speak to your dealer, and as above ask him to cancel and re-order your car on the Motability system at the lower AP. It’s a 5 minute administrative  job and doesn’t affect your order with the dealer or manufacturer.

                Some dealers do this without asking, some do it willingly upon asking, some do it reluctantly and others refuse outright. They are under no obligation to put it through at the reduced price.

                But it’s definitely worth asking in a friendly way

                Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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                  £1500 is too much. If the dealer won’t change it I’d cancel and go to the back of the queue.


                    Toyota Toyota bz4x



                      Depends where you live and what colour you prefer but there are 11 cars on Autotrader at dealers in various locations with the model you prefered (AP £495 = Motion)



                        Thanks for the suggests regarding £1500 to £495 A P.

                        i have spoken with motorbility and they are not budging.

                        The dealer seems reluctant to do anthing,when I suggested cancel order and reorder they said that’s very difficult as they have my new car and it’s been registered.

                        my last request was how can you help.No response yet.

                        As previously mentioned I’m not uneasy about the AP going down it’s the vast difference  out of my pocket.



                          Similar happened to me . Though I wasn’t as close to collecting new car. Dealer sorted it for me . Think you left it to late to be honest!

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                            Don’t let them tell you cancellation is a problem because they have the car, you are 100% free to cancel at any time between ordering and entering your PIN on collection for absolutely any reason at all. Seriously, anything is a good reason, itchy ear? Good enough.

                            I have just had the AP on my Skoda Enyaq reduced with nothing more than an email to the salesman – only £400 but still better in my pocket than someone elses.  With an ETA of end of May on my car (which is unconfirmed) you can bet I’ll be asking again if the AP does drop next quarter too.

                            I don’t think they are under any obligation to take motability orders (unless its in the contract they sign) so it may be that they won’t let you order again but there are plenty of dealers out there so don’t let that put you off. You can order elsewhere and still get any servicing/support at your nearest dealer.

                            Seems like they just don’t want to help in which case I’d be thinking I don’t want to deal with you either.

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                              I had a similar  issue and posted on here a couple of weeks ago about it. Basically I cancelled the car a week before it was due to arrive as tbe APs were much higher when I ordered. Cancelled the car and ordered a new one (different make, but one I had preferred but it wasn’t on programme when I ordered) on the same day. All fine! Yes, going to back of queue but for the sake of saving £1000 and getting the car a call actually want, I’m ok to wait for another few months! Good luck!


                                You can cancel right up until the second you put the pin in and accept the car. Some dealers don’t like it at all but that’s their problem if they won’t spend 5 minutes redoing the order. Just tell them it’s no longer suitable.

                                John Newton

                                  I Have a BZ4X on order it was already at the lower price but because my change date is 12 april in the unlikely event that the advanced payment drops. I will certainly be asking my dealer to change my order. Any amount in my pocket is better than in their pocket sorry mbs pocket

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                                    Had a friend drop by at teatime, got talking about the Enyaq.  He mentioned his brother is picking up an Austral on Monday and it was having a boot hoist fitted.

                                    I asked if it was Motability which it was so he rang hisbrother to find out when he ordered it.  The AP dropped by £800 Jan 1st so I explained he could ask his dealer to resubmit the Motability order and save himself a fair bit of money!, he didn’t seem to sure about doing it.  Ten minutes later he rang back, rang the dealer who said no problem and it’s all sorted, he’s a very happy chappy now 🙂

                                    Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!


                                      I have yet to pick up my new car but the Ap dropped by £500 in January and the dealer amended the order, it only took him a couple of minutes.

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