Lottery revisited

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    Winston, Trev £54,000,000 this Tuesday, and you know what thats my lucky number lol. What you thinking is it a goer?

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    Sure, why not. How do you want to do the numbers, same numbers as before or choose new ones?

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    I don’t like using the same numbers all the time so if you guys don’t mind we could have a change, are any of you guys married or have a partner? If you do why not ask them, I’m sure Winston has said its only him and his dog, so unless his dog is really smart , it would be down to you Trev.

    I know Winston has ocd so he could put two lines on, the last lot and the new ones, I think I will do that also, how do you catch ocd I think I have it ……………………..Winston lol.

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    I have a problem in asking the missus, 1) she’ll expect a 50% share of the winnings, and more importantly 2) she doesn’t know i’m doing this…… makes for an easier escape if when we win! LOL

    Wasn’t there a dog that correctly predicted the scores on world cup games? hang on i’ll look…….

    Back!, nope it was Paul the Octopus!

    Anyone here own an octopus??


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    Trev if she’s anything like my wife she’ll smell the money as soon as we win, let’s see what Winston has to say, where is he anyway?

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    Maybe he has already won and is sunning himself on the deck of some Cruise ship lol.

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    I wish he has, and this is why i wanted private messaging, for instances like this so i could give him my address for him to send my ticket! lol

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    Trev, Winston got these off the wife 5 17 19 22 27  06 07 ive put them on

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    £120,000,000 this Friday guys

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    can’t afford it this week Brydo, i’ll do it next week when it’s rolled over 😉

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    Hi Guys

    I joined the postcode lottery a while back, pay £10.00 a month and have won £60.00 so far this past six months. Just waiting for the big one.

    Still won’t do lotto, noticed the other week that the company runningit are making more profit than they are giving to charity, and because as we all know there is brown envelopes being given to certain people in high places, the government will not do anything about it, which is one reason why Richard Branson never got to run it as a non profit organisation, because he would not give backhanders to people in high office.


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