Losing enhanced mobility

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    I have just been re-assessed and had my mobility component reduced to standard. I am asking for an MR and will appeal, but obviously the success rate at MR is low and it is likely my car will have to go back. As there is only a 7 day period to return the car once I have a decision on the MR I am considering buying one now and putting it on a friend’s drive with a SORN to use as soon as I have to return the Motability car or sell if the miracle happens. Can anyone flag up any issues with this? Would I still get the £1000 allowance stoppage if I have already bought another car?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Carl barker

    O don’t see why not also you can Appeal

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    You could buy 100 cars if you like it’s nothing to do with the scheme, so your allowance is safe.

    how many points away where you from enhanced. If your unsuccessful with your MR then don’t leave it take it to appeal you have a better percentage chance of winning that as they have medically trained people on the panel.

    best of luck

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    I did this for my mum, she got reduced to low rate mobility when she had been on high for over 20 years, we appealed it and it got refused so took it to tribunal and before the date it got reinstated at high rate for 3 years


    hope this shines some light but most of all do not give up!

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    DWP MR stands for “Mandatory Rejection”, been through it more than once, I just started preparing for appeal as soon as I applied for MR, you may be lucky but get on with the appeal process asap, big percentage get overturned as they only refuse most claims on the basis they don’t want to pay out and have no real proof for rejection.

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    Having been through this process recently myself, the MR is just a paperwork exercise by DWP and nearly everyone fails.  Be brave and go to appeal…this works for many.

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    Hi first time posting here but just wanted to make a suggestion or 2.

    I never had enhanced but things have gotten worse but was still given standard.

    Did an MR with the help of Fightback4justice who wrote it for me. Dwp signed for it then “lost” it sent me an MR done on previous evidence resulting in sane outcome. When I complained it was their fault they refused to do it again so we filed tribunal paperwork, thus triggered the MR they should’ve done first time round but denied again.

    12 months later got my tribunal & I was terrified. Went in on my mobility scooter & stick. Tribunal staff were lovely from security to the tribunal “judges”. They said we’ve looked at your paperwork so we only need to ask a few Q’s they asked me 3 questions & we left to waiting area.

    Within 2 mins we were called back to be told enhanced on both backdated 12 months.

    So I know it’s intimidating & I know it’s a real pita but you can beat the dwp.

    Really hope you get it sorted. If you need help you can look up fightback on Facebook they’re excellent with a very high success rate both at MR & tribunal.

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    I must say this is beyond my knowledge but thank you to all that have answered so far, Richards post above and others shows how Nice and informative people can be. Making that step and either asking or replying to a post could well make a difference to an individual.,

    Thank You.

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    Thank you for all the kind replies. I know the MR is just a paper-based refusal system (but there’s always hope on the basis of having enhanced last time round and I have help from Fightback4Justice). I got 10 points this time – the same as last for moving around but nothing in the other section this time. I will take it to appeal if it is unsuccessful.

    Thanks again.

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    Don’t give up hope

    when I first applied for PIP and the assessor cane to my house , she was very nice and as part of the assessment asked how far I could walk ( on a good day ) I think I was pretty doped up to be honest , but I kind remember her saying 30 something , can’t remember if it was 30 feet or metres ( big difference I know ) but in the heat of the moment and being doped up I think I just said yeah that one!

    anyways fast forward to the decision letter , enhanced for daily living and standard for mobility

    I realised a mistake had been made , probably genuine on both parts , I didn’t have any extra medical evidence to send for the MR but I wrote a heartfelt genuine letter and explained the misunderstanding between the 30ft and 30m

    not long after I recieved a reply saying they had accepted this and award enhanced rate mobility

    pip award was for 3 years and that was about 6/7 years ago in my early 30s

    now I’m on an ongoing award for both components

    so don’t give up hope and maybe do what I did and send a genuine letter explaining what you disagree with on your decision letter and explain in the most basic terms what you can and more importantly cannot do! Along with any extra medical evidence you have too

    it’s a horrible time, but wishing you the very best of luck 🤞🏻

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    Also lots of people don’t realise, including assessors it seems, that the Upper Tribunal ruling is that the distance measured is to be that which can be done without increased pain, not the distance that the claimant may force themselves to do. In other words claimants are not to be OBLIGED to put themselves through more pain even if they do in practice just to get by.

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    I had that, when asked how many steps I could take before it was painful I answered zero, they didn’t have an option of none so put down one, I’m already in pain sitting with my feet off the floor so it’s increased many times just putting them on the floor.

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    Thanks for that, do you know of any links to the Tribunal ruling? I always put for myself and husband that every step from standing up is painful (and in my husband’s case he cannot tell where his foot is in space) but I know it’s a difficult one to fight. Thanks

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    I only suffer a small amount of pain but do suffer instant fatigue when inserting myself to walk and something that does not get mentioned is how long it takes to walk 20 metres or what’s the distance you can walk and here I will try to explain?

    I was lucky in my tribunal that a law firm who were training future lawyers took up my case and although my trainee lawyer was just that she was under supervision of a fully qualified solicitor/lawyer.

    My downfall with the assessment was not with how many steps without pain but with how long time wise those steps would take and the DWP came up with all sorts of mathematical wool pulling bulls muck and came to a conclusion that I could walk a couple of hundred metres in 5 minutes and that, if true, would be beyond my wildest dreams.

    Back to the time I take to walk any distance, a couple of days before my court case for the tribrunal I had a phone call from the fully qualified solicitor asking me about the distance and time I took to walk 20 metres and now by this time I had timed myself at about 5 minutes to walk 20 metres but if I rest at 20 for a few minutes I might walk another 20 but that 20 would take me 10 to 15 minutes.

    Now heres the important bit that never gets mention, the solicitor asked “do you walked 20 metres without stopping” and I said “oh no, I have to stop to get my balance and recompose myself” and he said “so how many steps do you take before you stop regardless of how long you stop for” and I said “about 3 to 5 metres, sometimes a little bit more, sometimes less” and he said “in law how far you can walk before you stop to rest or recompose yourself is how far you can walk” so in my case in the eyes of the law I can walk 3 to 5 metres on a average day and just wished I was armed with that information before the assessment.

    @vinalspin, love your explanation of “MR” and “Mandatory Rejection” summed it up just right for me. 😊

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