Looks over value for money?

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    Its difficult to open a thread, no matter the subject, for it to wander into the likes/dislikes of the VW Tiguan. However there is a very valid discussion ready to be had when this arises. We’re do we stand over looks versus value for money.

    I have said this many times, the Tiguan is great value for money IMO and although looks wise it is not my favourite, it is a great car for the AP and if you can get £600 off the AP that my friend Winston got, it’s a steal.

    What do we think “looks” or “value for money “

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    I know it’s shallow, but it’s looks for me. I regularly check out cars and the only thing I can think of is ‘why would anyone…?’

    It’s not just external either.  If I’m going to be staring at a dashboard for hours on end, it’s got to be appealing.

    Current car: VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    Donkey Oatie

    I used to ride a Moto Guzzi Centauro which had well.. unique looks!! I remember getting some very rude comments from other bikers. one time a guy said you wouldn’t catch me on that ugly thing. I told him I was just about to say the same about his girlfriend!! things got a bit exciting after that..

    looks are in the eye of the beholder as they say

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    neither really first and formost its comfort can i get in and out and drive for any distance etc. i spent a lot of time test driving to make sure that i could live with my car this time i went for a 3 dr mini cooper auto 7 and fortunately mini did 48 hr test drive so it was easy to check it out. but of course murphys law struck 18 months in and now i am having to look at getting something easier to get in and out thanks to a slipped disk.

    otherwise i would be on my 3rd mazda mx5 lol.

    ideally something like the suzuki jimny will come on the scheme lets hope. not the best looking but it does what i need.


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    Needs or requirements aside. A bit of both for me, using the A class Merc as an example I just love the look of the saloon but the hatch offers better value with added packs. If possible to spec the same even at extra cost I would choose Looks, if it came down to not being able to spec the same I would go for value as I don’t mind the look of the hatch just prefer the saloon.

    im not sure I could go for a car on value alone there would have to be “something about it” (appealing) and I too dismiss some just because there is “something about it” (unappealing) yet are fantastic cars and offer great value, sometimes I can’t even put my finger on it, it’s simply just “something about it”

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    I never really consider the badge on a car, I look at what it can do and how useful it will be to me, make a list of all that fit into that category then I actually appraise them looks wise and kick the hideous chuds to the kerb then look at the pricing, usually thet whittles it down to just 2 or 3 possibles, test drive and that usually makes up my mind, no way would I get a car just because it’s great value or because I could park a badge outside my house.

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    Bit of both really – not in a position to pay a large AP so its a case of getting the best “bang for buck” whilst getting something the ticks the boxes looks wise and spec wise.  Been lucky this time around with the Leon ST as it looks quite sporty, has lots of kit and was zero AP, our last car was an Astra estate and some of the styling was a little plain but not really ugly either and again the spec was very good for the small AP.

    Guess our list of priorities goes a little like this…

    Space for wheelchair / ease of access
    Comfort and kit
    Looks / performance

    Badge doesn’t really come into it as some “better” brands fail on the above list whilst “lesser” ones tick the boxes – at the end of the day regardless of badge there isn’t really such a thing as a “bad” car these days anyway.

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    Looks is one of the last deliberations for me, once all the requirements and limitations have whittled the starting (long) shortlist down to the final short shortlist!

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    Vauxhall GTC – £49 AP for the first one and £0 AP for the second.

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    Brighton Steve

    For me it’s a bit of both. If I can get my wheelchair in the back, then I need a slightly higher seat. So for me, that means an SUV. I know there are loads of them to choose from, but even though they are a bit dated now, I love the Ford Kuga. So I guess as I said its practical, but I love the look of the ST Line.

    69 reg Ford Kuga ST-Line 1.5 Ecoboost in Chrome Blue.

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    I’m one of the many weirdos who like the look of the Tiguan.

    These days I go on looks, practicality and comfort and in the right colour.

    I also had our old people carrier that owed me nothing to sell.

    We got offered a better px then we buy any car offered. Plus the £600 discount on a car available straight away (cancelled order) with the extras paid for.

    Id walk away with the car and the dealer took our old car and payed me the balance on collection.

    The offer was too good to pass up.

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