looking for advise on my sons 1-1 teacher

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    hi guys, so my 9yo son has his own 1-1 teaching assistant and has had this from year 1 in school he is now in year 4, it took about 18 months of tests and checks from council, health board, specialist doctors ( son is reg blind) with cci from hospital and rnib. and the council agreed to fully fund a 1-1 teacher just for him at 23 hours a week which is full time when you take off the breaks. he was kept in main stream school as their are no special schools anymore and special visual impairment teachers pop into the school 2-3 times a term to advise the teachers what to do. I found out last year that my sons 1-1 teacher not only teaches him but also 3-4 other children who are not special needs but need some help and now she is left to take the whole class by her self as new head teacher cant pay for correct level of teachers needed (so they say). I have spoken to the schools secno teacher who is in charge of children with special needs and she said its up to us how we use the 1-1 teacher and if we feel she can be used else where we will do so, but it wont affect your son. so I asked if she is teaching another class that my son is not in, who will be with him then, she said speak to the head its not something I can respond to. I have asked for another 1-1 teacher as this one has been with my son 4 years now and I feel like nothing is getting done, the school say no as they have already done her timetable a year in advance. I spoke to the council and they went mad, informed me that the 1-1 is their only for my son no one else, funding was given to your sons school for you son and they can change the 1-1 if you are not at all happy, I have a meeting this morning with council, school head, rnib, specialist vi teacher and the senco teacher along with my sons teacher and his 1-1 assistant, school don’t know ive arranged all this, they think its just me turning up at 11am, has any one else come across this before. I’m really kicking up as my son is being builed and yesterday was hit over the head with a stick from a tree leaving a mark and ive been informed he has been getting punched daily in class and the schools reply boys will be boys……… I’m fuming ……..

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    Nick, I’m sorry to hear about your son’s problems at school. Bullying is totally unacceptable, as is the school’s “boys will be boys” response.

    If you do not get a satisfactory response from this morning’s meeting, then you should inform the school’s Head Teacher (Principal) that you will immediately contact the CoG with a formal complaint both by email and in writing to the Chair of Governors. The CoG and his or her board of governors have oversight of all school related matters including such things as bullying and special needs provision.

    I was CoG at a large high school for a number of years, and Special needs coordination was high on my list of priorities. A school is judged by the level of care that it provides for it’s most vulnerable pupils. The Governors, Principal and Senco have a legal duty of care and must make sure that your son’s needs are adequately met.

    I hope today’s meeting produces the desired result for both your son and yourself. Good luck Nick.

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    The key thing is no matter how frustrated you are remain calm! Ask the questions you need answering  get confirmation and take notes. Don’t agree to anything, go away an think about it before getting back to them.

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    Good advice about trying to remain calm and note taking JS.

    Schedules for one to one teaching time can be discussed and reaffirmed or improved over the next few days and weeks and then put in writing, but the lad’s physical safety and wellbeing has to be guaranteed from today onwards. Bullying and physical violence is frightening and damaging to the most able bodied child, but when the subject of the bullying is a 9 year old blind boy it is especially traumatic. The school must resolve this issue today.

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    Indeed pops the bullying definitely needs addressing today. It’s a shame such a thing exists in any walk of life but a in a primary school is worrying. Best of luck for today Nick.

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    thank you pops and justsaying , I have just got back from the meeting with the school, but before I go into what happened, after I posted this morning, I called another local school up to see if they had places available for year 4 and they advised me no, their is a waiting list, then I said ill contact the local authority and see what they recommend as my son is on a special needs statement (senco), the school then said different rules apply if your son has an active senco statement he can start here next week and bypass the waiting list . great so I said ill give them a call tomorrow morning and let them know, called the local authority to confirm this is the case, and yes no problem at all, also this other school I called has a special unit in place for people with learning problems so have many full time specialist teachers already in place, so their would be no period when my son is with out a 1-1 teacher. so went to his school met up with the v.i teacher from the council and everyone else , about 5 of us in the room, and had an hour long meeting, the head informs me that the mother of the boy in question tried to see her this morning and he was not available but the class teacher talked to her and she informed him he did not hit my son, anyways they looked at cctv and it shows he did hit him with the stick, head has said he is going to get the childs mum in today to speak to them both and warn them anymore he will be asked to leave the school. head told me we don’t expel children unless its really bad, but I will speak to them, the senco teacher who I know quite well asked me to stay behind after everyone left and said this new headteacher is rubbish, ive been here many years, I know whats going on and how things are done its not on and its not right, she said he is not intrested in anything, she informed me she is quitting in july as she has had enough, she has been their close to  years and is fed up with being told she cant do this or that or 1-1 teachers can be used for anything, so coming from her that says it all. I will be informed in the morning of the outcome from the head but been told not to hold my breath and take it from their. this was the best school around and its a teaching school for teachers, this new head has wrecked it, such a shame, but I will give him until 2morrow to see what the outcome is, as ill play it by the book, this way the council will pay for school transport if I do move schools because the head cant resolve this issue. I’m keeping carm just hope the wife will lol

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    Sorry to hear all this Nick, from what you’ve said the head seems very wishy washy – my 1st thought was the head doesn’t want to take action against the other child as it will be recorded on a report of some kind and go against the school, from what you’ve wrote it does seem that a child’s welfare is not a priority at this school… but then is the grass really greener on the other side?

    It’s good you’ve taken a calm, methodical, patient approach to this… a better man than i, and i’m sure whatever choices you make will be the right ones, even though your previous car choice is somewhat questionable lol sorry couldn’t resist.

    Keep going as you are Nick, you are doing good by your son.

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    Nick, it’s sounds as though you may be well on your way to resolving your son’s properly supervised education plan. The key thing is that the alternative school seems to be set up with both the designated space and staff to guarantee proper special needs provisions and delivery.

    I’m concerned (but not surprised, as I’ve seen it happen before on rare occasions) it appears things have deteriorated to the point where the Senco is prepared to bad mouth the headteacher behind his back. Something’s clearly gone wrong at this school!

    Make sure you get a commitment in writing from the council to pay for your son’s transport to and from the new school if you decide to move him, and also agree the terms of his educational statement with the Senco of his potential new school before agreeing to make the change.

    When this is resolved Nick, you may well be able to help pupils and staff at this ‘failing’ school by writing a factual and strongly worded complaint to both the Chair of Governors, and the local Director of education at your county council’s head office. This “new” headteacher needs to learn rapidly that legal obligations cannot be ignored for the sake of budget balancing, and he also needs to be firmly reminded that there should be zero tolerance to bullying.

    I wish you and your family all the very best.


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    Thanks pops. I will say how shocked I was when the senco teacher said she was leaving we don’t always see eye to eye and I can honestly say when she told me her hands was tied because of the head and changes by the government it all made sence she hit the nail on the head.  She said next year their is no such thing as a special needs statement or senco teacher as the government say it makes the school look bad as some schools refuse to take children like this because it affects their results and some schools take them all for the extra teacher costs but not really to provide the extra help which makes sence. She said a ta costs the school about 50 a day and a supply teacher costs the school 150 a day so you can see Why they always go for ta to teach. From next year all children will have an iep and if they need extra help it will show on that but won’t show on the stats so the school can cover up how many children are on special needs care. Its really bad no wonder she is leaving. I did ask her who is going to replace you she just looked and me and shaked her head. So God knows what’s going to happen come start of new year in September. I’ve had a long talk with the wife and she says give this school 1 month to see if things are better if not change schools so I think that’s the plan of action

    But thank you pops and justsaying for your advise as all ways and I’ll let you know if anything changes.

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    Stay positive Nick. You’re handling the situation well.

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