Looking for a new car, wait for Q2 pricing or order now?

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    Mark Jupiter

    Hi there,


    Im new to motability and looking to get a new car. I narrowed it down to two cars. BMW 120d M sport and Golf GTD.

    Test drove the BMW. Wanted to test drive the Golf GTD but when i rang the dealer, i was told that the new Golf GTD will be available from April 1st and they will have the new price list. They told me that i cannot order or test drive a Golf GTD as they dont have it and the advanced payment prices are not updated. I mentioned that the motability site is still showing Golf GTD with the advanced payment but was told it is out of date. Is the dealer trying to blow me off or is he telling the truth?


    In terms of new pricing for Q2, do you think its better to wait for new prices or order one now. Does anyone know if the prices are likely to go up or down for Q2 (particularly for BMW 120d Msport and Golf GTD).


    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Always found giving motability customer services a quick call can help clear up if dealers are trying to pull a fast one. Give them a bell and ask is the GTD available. If it is you can then go back to dealer or another if one close enough.

    If you have fully decided which car you want, could order on March 31st, dealer may have new prices then.If you make it clear if price drops following day you will be cancelling and re ordering if he cant help you.



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    The VW dealer is completely on the level.

    We considered the Golf mk7 estate GTD, however, as of lunchtime today there are only three available in the UK with just one on the way from Germany.  All four are loaded with factory fitted extras and are therefore nowhere near the published AP.

    We need to order our next bus and thinking of waiting until the next quarter and hoping some prices drop.

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    I have a feeling some will come off I was looking at the gtd but if the price rises on the newer model it might take it over the price cap.

    i tried the 1 series BMW but felt clostraphobic inside my head was a few millimetres of the roof.best drive I have been in is the focus st by a long way very good car handles perfect and is good as a everyday car..


    in my short time on the scheme things seem to be going down hill after every three months I will be ordering before the end of March as all the government seem to want on the scheme is lower spec models last quarter you could get a m sport X1 now the only option is the 18d 3 spec levels below the m sport.

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