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    I stumbled across a dealer called Bristol Street Motor’s who have locations throughout the country. And they have Motability Manager’s Specials, where vehicles are not only available for immediate delivery, but also they advertise cashback and contribution offers.

    What first alerted me to them is i read on here that people are having problems sourcing MPV’s, the S-Max was mentioned, and here i found not only do they have S-Max’s available for immediate delivery but also advertising a contribution of up to £1,395 off the AP!

    If you are looking for a B-Max, you could be quids in as they are advertising zero AP with £1,000 Cashback!

    Others include a Grand Tourneo £1,295 AP with a £1,000 contribution making it only £295 upfront! Also a few Kuga’s with up to £595 contribution, making them zero ap’s.

    No Focus, or Mondeo’s on there at this time, but a site i’m bookmarking for future reference to keep an eye on.

    Locations seem to be in Crewe, Stafford, Stoke, Macclesfield, Morpeth, Durham, Hartlepool, Bolton, & Wigan which is a downer for me given the name and i live near Bristol lol.

    The dealer has won ‘Gold’ awards from Motability in recognition for their customer service & the website of the year award, plus their parent company Vertu Motors Plc has won ‘dealer group of the year’ from Motability for a couple of years running… so you should be in safe hands.

    Anyway hope it helps someone, if not now, then in the future, here’s the Link


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    Trev your a great source of useful information.

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    Just happy to share what i find online Brydo. Have grown an interest in cars since joining this friendly forum. I know very little, but if i see topics on here that i feel i maybe be able to contribute to, i will have a look online and see what i can find… makes learning fun, and the more people that contribute, the better we all are for it.

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    I have just chatted to them online we have recently moved area from mid Wales to near Stafford, as regards servicing very helpful.

    Unfortunately when I ordered my Ford Kuga last  year the choice on mobility was quire bleak, now it has opened up again, hopefully long enough for my next car in 2020.

    I do fancy the Ford Kuga ST X powershift with all its extras compared to the VW Tiguan and rather sparse BMW X1, you never know Ford may bring out a newer Kuga model with a bigger boot ?

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    Oscarmax I like the look of the kuga but it has had quite a few detractors on a couple of the threads, how have you found it (please don’t say its at the bottom of the drive every morning lol).

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    Mine is only the Zetec 2.0 TDi powershift, it came with a load of extras at not extra charge, it is up to Titanium specification except, no roof bars, privacy glass or half leather, not really a problem. Our last car a Honda CRV had a lot of toys, but you soon get used to doing without them.

    For my mobility I have to use a mobility scooter which fits in the boot no problem, despite what the press says, it just not quite so deep as our old Honda CRV.

    The Ford Kuga engines has far more usable bottom end torque than the Honda, despite them being virtually identical on paper.

    All round the Kuga is an excellent car it drives, steers and handles well, we tow a caravan at get around 32mpg, in the summer solo we get around 48-50 mpg, in the winter it drops to around 42 – 44 mpg.

    In my opinion the Kuga is a vastly underrated car, no car is perfect, but yes I would have another Ford Kuga.

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    Glos Guy

    Trev – the Ford dealer in Gloucester is Bristol Street Motors, just up the road from you!

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    Cheers glos, very useful to know when the time comes…. can test drive locally and if i like and there’s an offer, can travel up. Thanks.

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    Where are you seeing these deals ? I can’t find them anywhere on bristol streets web site.

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    On a test drive I found the Kuga a really nice solid car to drive.  Very comfortable in the time I spent in it, not to much roll, and the level of standard equipment was very good. The engine felt strong with good low down torque.  Unfortunately, the boot was too small for my needs, but I think like, Oscarmax, it’s a bit under appreciated.

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    I have the titanium x 180 powershift diesel with appearance pack (tinted windows) get around 42 mpg – and will probably go for a petrol kuga next time even though the mpg seems to be about-27 had a 2.0l mazda tribute before and that did 27 mpg so i am used to that sort of mpg – lots go on about poor mpg but the mazda has 270g co2 and the ford only 150 so it lots better in that respect

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    I refuse to even look at Ford vehicles any more, I found the sales staff to be the rudest most unhelpful ever, I tried on the previous two times i changed my motability vehicle, and at 3 different dealerships, one in my home city, one by my works at the time 30 miles away, and one inbetween.

    Responses i got varied, one dealership wouldnt let me look at the vehicle i was interested in because their motability guy wasnt in this week, and they couldnt tell me when he would be back in.  Another dealership told me i didnt want to buy that car, there had been some problem with some chip and they wernt very good. another year there was vague claims of supply difficulties for whatever vehicle i looked at, with no attempt to try and sell me or even show me alternatives. and i think the final time was when i stood in the show room for 10 minutes trying to get the attention of a salesman, but they were all too busy drinking coffee or flocking around the young lady buying a fiesta. i gave up in disgust.

    Not had anything but polite helpful service in every other vendors showrooms, so clearly Ford just don’t want my business.

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    Did you click on the link?? Should come straight up.

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    I know were you are coming from both the Ford  and Honda dealerships could not be bothered to serve me and just turned their backs on me and carried on talking among themselves, I ended up going to a Ford dealership in Owestry, what a difference, I ordered a car.

    It is nothing to do with Ford, some people are just plain ignorant .

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    Glos Guy

    It’s a great shame when that happens and dealers do themselves no favour at all when they behave like that. Sadly, this problem is not unique to Ford. For what it’s worth, I visited two different Ford dealerships a month or so ago and both were extremely helpful. Sadly, neither got our business as we found that the VW Tiguan out-classed the Kuga in every respect, but I would have been happy to order from them had the Kuga been the best car available.

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    Hi Everyone

    Back in the good ole days 60’s, 70’s 80’s (now who’s showing his age!) Fords were known as “ Found On Roadside Dead” or “Found On Roadside Daily” due to their unreliability and always breaking down.

    Funnily enough the vehicles I still see on the side of the road these days, are usually Fords, they must still have reliability issues?!


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    Nick Gray

    Just spoke to Bristol street as was going to pop up and order the kuga titanium x auto for 395 can’t beat that they said so sorry within an hour of posting the offers all stock was sold out and they forgot to update website. Grrr thought I had the deal of the year. Back to square 1.

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    Richard Hewett

    Sometimes I worry about some of the things I read on here just goes to show their are badge snobs everywhere….

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    Nick Gray

    Badge snobs explain Richard 🙈👀

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    Hi Nick, thought you had a seat ordered?

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    Hi, Nick,  I am having similar experience at Bristol St Motors.  After having to give all your details you get passed to Motability person who sometimes doesn’t know about Managers specials or says that one has just gone. I’ve phoned several branches as one branch won’t speak about another’s stock. Shame as what seems like a good deal isn’t there.

    Regards, wonky

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    Nick Gray

    Pudsley I did have until about 10 mins ago as seat have been messing me around so much and today they gave me an unconfirmed build date of week 18. 30 April at the earliest meaning delevery June July so that’s over 7 months. Have canx it and spoke to motability and they Have auth a re order else where. Was.not going to chance the datebbeing pushed back even more as some research this morni and I’m not alone big time in this. Can’t wait to tell the wife. She did not like the car but is fed up hearing about cars lol

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    JS (justsaying)

    Nick Nick Nick you’ve probably got 2 maybe 3 days to get a great deal! Dealers will snatch your hand off if you can take delivery before March 1st (which you can) email everyone you can, phone, pester, what ever it takes there are hundreds of vehicles waiting to be registered, some if your lucky will extend offers until end off March depending on financial year end. I recon if you walked into 10 showrooms tomorrow said you need to order now but only willing to pay x amount or going elsewhere, 6 or 7 would find you a car at a deal  .  And to think mrs Gray could of been traveling to valentines meal in a nice new Tucson. If only you’d ordered one in time lol.

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    nick gray

    just saying i agree and im on the case, mrs gray was ok in fact she smiled a little and left it at that. I’m hoping to find a deal today as be easy to push it past the wife with all the flowers and choclates I have got her for today, lol

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    JS (justsaying)

    Nick have you tried the Bristol street dealerships they must have managers deals more south


    bridgend motors seem to be doing offers of £500 off bmax so may match on Kuga?

    Good luck


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    Hi Nick,   As I said earlier I haven’t had much success with these Managers specials actually being there.

    If you get fixed up in next week or so and see any bargains (after getting best for yourself) , please post on here, as I am free to order and take early delivery like you.

    I want, larger SUV type vehicle , S-Max, Touran, Sharan, Kuga etc.

    thanks.  Regards, wonky

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