London taxi fleet to lead autonomous vehicle trials by 2021

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    For those on Motability happy to be driven autonomously, the time is nearing when it will become a reality.

    The Government has given the go-ahead for three new trials of self-driving vehicles, which are expected to reach UK roads by 2021.

    Luxury taxi firm Addison Lee will lead one of them, called Project Apollo, to introduce an app-based, on demand ride-sharing service in London.

    The consortium includes Oxbotica, the self-driving vehicle software company with which Addison Lee is already working to create a 3D map of Canary Wharf, in preparation for autonomous vehicles.

    Paul McCabe, Addison Lee Group corporate development director said the project in the capital would deliver “better mobility for its people, enhanced public transport, cleaner air and safer streets.”

    The taxi firm is also a participant in a second consortium, called ServCity, led by Jaguar Land Rover. This will build a premium mobility service across four London boroughs, using six autonomous Land Rover Discoverys.

    The third autonomous vehicle trial – Project CAV Forth – will take place in Edinburgh, where five autonomous full-size single decker buses will run a 14-mile service from Ferrytoll Park and Ride in Fife across the Forth Bridge to the Scottish capital’s Train and Tram Interchange.

    The project aims to run buses every 20 minutes, accumulating 20,000 weekly journeys as a test bed for future autonomous bus services.

    The bus will be Level 4 autonomous, which means that a driver will have to be on board at all times.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    JS (justsaying)

    Anybody that’s ever been to London will realise no SatNav or Autonomous vehichle will never replace the Knowledge, a trip from the hotel on the bypass to airport maybe but we are a long way from from gps (gnss) systems being reliable and not corruptible, the uk can’t handle a few (so called) Drones at present which as a rule only use 2 wavelengths how is it going to cope with millions of cars on all using a similar system whilst still allow for human input.

    It will happen and be part of our now and near future, the technology is there but at present not reliable enough for the likes of  2 to 3 generations to put our trust in. Today’s discussion makers can’t embrace it, there children are ok with change and advancements yet remain sceptical, thier children will look puzzled when they hear stories of changing gear, having to flick a switch to put lights on  or  have to physically have to put the oven on, and everyone reading this will be able to say just like your grandparents did you you “you’ve never had it so easy we used to….”

    lol I can’t wait.

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