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    hi should I have the log book for my car? I picked the car up on the 11th oct and never got one dose the dealer keep it or dose motabilty? thanks

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    I think Motability keeps it.

    We’ve never had the log book for our Mota cars. I think only the owner gets them.

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    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale (2019-old shape) 1.5 petrol auto AWD. AP £2,395 + £199 for 4-way 80kg hoist.

    Previous Motability cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto. AP £95. No adaptations.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto. AP £795 inc. basic hoist.

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    Hi matty

    The log book or V5C is held by motability. You will be on the system as the Registered Keeper, So will get parking and speeding tickets etc sent direct to you if you get any.

    However if you want to take your car abroad you need to get form VE103 certificate (vehicle on hire form which proves you have the owners permission to take the car abroad) funnily enough you get that from RAC motability assist.

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    That also includes Southern Ireland if you live in Northern Ireland as its classed as a different country the gardai can take ure Motability car of you if don’t have this form also the Rac will not cover you if u break down unless you have this form

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    You can request from motability a copy of the logbook if you wish, this can be sent digitally or by post. I got a digital copy of mine as was required as authentication for the Mazda App. Typically a logbook is required for cherished number plates.

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Ah thanks @Trev that’s good to know.

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    I can confirm what Trev said and Motability will send a copy to you if you need it.

    I had to do it a couple of years ago when they stopped putting a tax disc on windscreens and Bournemouth council wanted to see a copy of the log book as proof the car was in the Disabled class for road tax then Bournemouth just put that on their computer that traffic wardens can check if your entitle to free parking. A little bit tricky in my view as you can’t be sure they’ve done that but councils were left a problem when they done away with tax disc’s.

    Motability sent me the log book as a PDF to my e-mail address and assume they still do that.


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    Carol Edwardes

    Thank you for posting the link. As 1st time Mobility users we were baffled as to how to continue with a disabled box application as there wasn’t a log book in all the paperwork we were given when collecting the car. Your explanation was very helpful and enabled me to apply for a copy of it using your link. Thank you

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