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    Lisa Porterfield

    Because my disabled son is in a care home, Motability asked me to consent to have a location tracking device fitted to my new car, so that they could monitor its use. Now that the car has arrived, I have looked under the bonnet for the device, just out of curiosity, but cannot find it. Can somebody tell me what it looks like please, and where I would find it? If someone could upload a photo of one that would be even better!

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    I’ve been following your posts for a couple of days Sarah, and to be honest i’ve been back n forth on my opinion if the scheme is right for your gran, hence i’ve not posted a reply as unsure as to what to recommend.

    If motability are stating you cannot use it for work, and I take it they are saying a tracker is to be fitted, then i’m afraid their word is final…. unless you can provide evidence as to how using the car for your work will benefit your gran in some way, and make an appeal to them on those grounds.

    How is your gran making these trips now without you having use of a car, is it by hospital / charity transport?

    I’m inclined to say that as your gran is able to make these trips now without a motability vehicle, then as Glos Guy suggested, perhaps her allowance would be put to better use in providing you with a 2nd hand car which will have no restrictions of use.

    At the end of the day, if motability’s bottom line is that you cannot use the car for work, etc then there’s no more that can be said i’m afraid, apart from an appeal.

    Good luck to you Sarah, I hope you can find a way to make things easier for you both, and if you do pursue with the motability application, keep us posted.

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    I presume your gran cannot drive snd will therefor not be the first named driver

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    Justin Casey

    Thee way in which you’ve described the use of the car is shared usage. The purpose of the Motability Scheme is to provide mobility assistance for the benefit of the disabled person – and nobody else!.

    There will always be ‘grey areas’ around the Scheme rules and there also needs to be some degree of common sense, but in fairness, your description tips the balance of benefit too far towards you, as opposed to your gran.

    Whilst what you’ve described is not in any way morally wrong, in fact it sounds quite sensible, Motability have taken a far more stringent approach to the enforcement of rules and ensuring that only the disabled person is benefiting from the vehicle. If you require shared usage, I’d suggest ‘pooling’ your money with your gran and looking at either a private PCP/PCH agreement or second-hand car, which has no usage restrictions.

    If you want access to a Motability car and all the benefit of the lease, you must also accept that this comes with certain responsibilities and restrictions.

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    1. I have a car take my mother where ever she needs plus use it for work  and I give her the money she loses i don’t see the problem
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    There maybe as said a problem carl if you are using the car for work if you are not disabled as when the car is at your workplace its not available to the disabled person so i think that will be against motability rules.

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    I’m main driver for my son .. I’ve recently done open policy for the staff as my son lives in a residential home . . I have my my

    concerns has I feel this may not being used in the correct way . I feel it maybe being used for staffing arrangements and used for the service not just for my son . Now there argument would be is for the benefit of my son …. they do have a service car . And is used for other residents ! I’ve always done everything for my son taking him out ..I visit 3 times a week collect hes snacks .  They asked to the borrow the car recently  . Which is fine I have no issues … but at 7.30 am a friend who lives close to the services said the car wasn’t there ? When I asked the home the said the car had been there all morning ! Do I grounds for a tracker  do u think !

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    Emma, it sounds as though your son’s Motability car could be being used for other purposes rather than just for your son’s benefit.

    You may wish to ring the Motability helpline to discuss your concerns and to get some reassurance that all is well. The helpline number is 0300 456 4566.


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    I’ve applied to join the scheme. They’ll call and discuss because they want to fit a tracker. I’ve yet to pass the driving test and my friend will be the main driver, but lives a bit further than 5 miles. I’ve no family or friends nearby. I think it’s a shame that Motability tightened their rules simply because of a vile misinformation article by the ‘daily hate mail’. The article falsely claimed that cars were free and the customer keeps all their allowance. They printed a tiny correction but the damage was done. The government should close that horrible publication down. Along with evil Tory austerity measures, disabled people have suffered enough. I’m considering withdrawing application as I don’t like the vast income Motability have amassed.

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    Joe Bloggs

    The ‘vast income’ that Motability (Operations) have ‘amassed’ is reinvested into helping disabled people with their mobility.

    On the one hand you’re bashing the media for sharing damaging and inaccurate information, but on the other your using damaging and inaccurate information to describe the Scheme.

    At the end of the day, one thing that is very true, is that misuse of Motability vehicles happens – the media actually just highlighted that (and not in the best fashion, I must admit). You can’t knock Motability for taking steps to protect the Scheme (and its customers) from being exploited.

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    Dear Joe Bloggs, how am I using damaging and inaccurate information to describe the Scheme??? Whar I’ve stated isn’t inaccurate. As for Motability reinvesting into the scheme, don’t make me laugh. They’ve accrued over £2billion! Their CEO, Mr Betts, lives in a mansion. They get to sell a car for market value at auction, or to customers/dealers, after having made almost £10,000 on the 3 year lease. They have huge massive profits. Check your facts “Joe”.

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    they only fitted them to appease the vile mass public who are jealous of the scheme, but mostly just to protect too much scrutiny on their ridiculous profits. the scheme is a joke and those on it are being fleeced.

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    who is this person and what is her problem?

    no one is being fleeced! It’s a great service and life saver for many people , myself included!

    its not perfect but what is?

    if you hate Motability so much then why are you on it? And more importantly spewing your garbage on a Motability forum?

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    No worries Winston, they have left the building! aha! lol

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    Good to hear Brother lol

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    Janet Woodward

    I am about to order my son’s next motobility car. He primarily lives in a care home but comes home to stay with me 3 nights a week/4 full days. During these visit’s obviously the car is used with him as a passenger to access activities etc. When my son returns to the care for the remainder 3 days, I use the car for his shopping and any other errands that benefit him. I had a telephone conversation with a motobility representative some weeks back, as the tracker was obviously picking up my son’s care home address only twice a week but tracking other destinations more. I explained that this was because I was collecting my son and returning him back to the care home on those occasions and that the destinations in between my son was benefiting. I have been given another invite to apply for my son’s next car on the scheme, however it I feel I will be continually justifying the trips. Will a tracker be fitted again I wonder on the next car ?

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    JS (justsaying)

    As your son is with you more of the week then the simple answer is to put your son down at your address on the application, a tracker would not be concidered as address won’t flag as more than 5 miles away.

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    I have a motability vehicle. It’s a Mercedes Benz a180 d. The tracker in mine is located at left hand side in the back of my car. In a little compartment

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