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    Lisa Porterfield

    Because my disabled son is in a care home, Motability asked me to consent to have a location tracking device fitted to my new car, so that they could monitor its use. Now that the car has arrived, I have looked under the bonnet for the device, just out of curiosity, but cannot find it. Can somebody tell me what it looks like please, and where I would find it? If someone could upload a photo of one that would be even better!

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    Glos Guy

    My daughters car has one as she is a young driver. It was fitted under the carpet between the front passenger seat and door sill. You can’t see or feel it unless you lift the carpet, which is a big job. Have you consented? Bit of a difficult one this, but they probably want to check that the car is being used primarily for the benefit of your son (taking him out / visiting him etc) and not primarily as a car for the rest of the family, as that technically breaches the scheme rules. Of course, if you had said no, they might have come to the latter conclusion and removed the car. As I say, a difficult one.

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    Some of them are very very small Depends who they used to fit them. They will be monitored and.most are tamper proof. As said above just leave alone as they will know if it’s been removed or played with. I know someone that had one and after 3 years when they got their new car it was not on their. Play by the rules and you will be fine but at the same time breach the rules and they can remove you from motability.

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    Lisa Porterfield

    Thanks. Yes I did consent.

    I would have thought it would have needed to be connected to the battery.

    Is the carpet not glued down? How did you know to look there?  What does it look like?


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    Glos Guy

    I know it’s there because I watched the guy fit it. The carpet isn’t glued but is tightly fitted under seals and with clips and if you try to lift it you might have a heck of a job to get it all back together and could easily snap some trim. It doesn’t connect directly to the battery. They join it in to the wiring loom which runs along the vehicle (another reason not to touch it). I was worried to death when they were doing it as I had just bought the car for my daughter and although 2 years old it was like new and this spotty youth was pulling it all apart and cutting into wires. Thankfully we have had no issues with it and she has a 100% score (but hers is primarily monitoring HOW she drives not, as yours will be doing, WHERE she drives, which is what Motability will be wanting to see in your case). As Nick say’s, they are tamper proof so I wouldn’t touch it and, if you have obtained a Motability car legitimately (i.e. primarily for the benefit of your son, not just because you have a disabled son) then you have nothing to worry about.

    The trackers are fitted primarily to check the usage of cars where the intended beneficiary is in a care home or lives separately to the nominated drivers. You don’t have to make every journey a journey to visit your son or take him out, but he should be benefiting in some way from the bulk of the usage (e.g. going shopping to buy things for him). However, there is a ‘get out of jail’ card that might be worth keeping in mind. If the disabled person is solely dependent upon the nominated driver (for example, because they cannot work due to their disability), then the person upon whom they are dependent (their spouse, partner or parent) can legitimately use the car, for example, to travel to and from work each day, as the disabled person relies upon the income that this person generates.

    Only you will know whether all of the above explanation provides reassurance to you or gives you cause for concern but, as we know, the scheme has been open to abuse for many years and although the move to PIP has been a cause of tremendous anxiety for those with genuine issues (and it has been handled very badly), it has removed a lot of people from the scheme who should never have qualified in the first place, which provides more security for those in genuine need.

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    Lisa Porterfield

    Thanks, that is all very helpful.

    I do only use the car for the agreed reasons, but the truth is that Motabilty don’t really know whether my son is with me, or the purpose of the journey, so I have been keeping a record of every time I use the car, in case I was ever asked.  Motability did not ask me to do this, it was my idea. I am getting a bit fed up of doing it now, so I thought that if they had forgotten to fit it I might not bother doing that any more.


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    Give an auto electrician a few quid and a quick check will tell you.

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    Let’s all be honest here cars are always used with out the person they are for. Ie your son if you wanted to go to the shop and get something for him without him being in the car then motability do not have an issue with this. It’ mainly aimed at people who take cars out for them selfs to use on a daily basis and not the disabled persons use. That’s when they kick off. So does the disabled person need to be in the car for every trip NO they don’t as long as they benefit from the said trip. Motability told me that direct a while ago when I asked about a named driver helping me.

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    Motability say:


    We’ll ask you to make sure:

    The car is used by, or for the benefit of, the disabled person. This does not mean that the disabled person needs to be in the car for every journey. In practice, this means other named drivers in the household can use the car for shopping and other routine activities, as long as the disabled customer will benefit

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    Jane P

    hello there

    I am reading this thread with interest and wonder if anyone knows the answer to this.

    We have a tracker fitted on our latest mobility car for our son as for part of the year he is at a specialist residential college for disabled young adults about 90 mins away.He is there for about 36 weeks a year and living at home with us for the remaining 16 weeks. He will only be there for another 18 months and will then be back home. We obviously use the car to visit him, take him out and move all his stuff when he comes home and returns to college. When he is home with us we use it to meet his needs – shopping, going out to visit friends, outings etc.

    My question is that when he is home with us many journeys are tracked that are a long way from his registered address but obviously cluster around our address which of course Motability have. Will this trigger a query from them? They know he is not away at college for 52 weeks a year but don’t have term dates . I don’t know if I should be keeping a record of car use in case they raise a query as to why there are so many journeys away from his registered address?

    Motability informed us the tracker records the start and finish position of every journey once the ignition goes off. I assume it records dates as well – but maybe not.

    I wonder if anyone else is in a similar position and has experience?


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    I do not think you people have anything to worry about, you are just concerned you are doing the right thing. You can always put your concerns to mobility for clarity and possibly keep a written log.

    A few year ago my mobility car was hit by another mobility car, he was a lorry driver on his way to work, mobility refunded my excess. Miss use does go on.


    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Modern day tracking devices (black boxes) fitted to young drivers cars are now usually just push fit in to the OBD11 port. Google this for your car make and that’s where the tracking device may be. If you had an accident, motability would know the location and speed of the car and if it was removed, motability would query an accident when the car is shown as at home!

    I would leave well alone and if a query is raised on the use of the car, I am sure you would have chance to explain.

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    tiny tim

    The only thing i say do motability fit trackers on all our cars as we would not know and also with the right wing news can they then contact dwp to follow you i might be paranoid but it could happen.

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    Jane P

    When we picked up our new car, the salesman at the dealership gave the impression that it had been fitted by them and that Motability had sent it to them to fit. It was the first one they had done and had been the subject of some curiosity by the service team –  so I don’t think they are fitted to all cars Tiny Tim.

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    The location tracker is not a ‘black box’ type device and does not record images, video, audio, speed or other ‘telematics’ information from the car. Instead, it simply logs the journeys that the vehicle makes, i.e. start and end point.

    It isn’t something that is actively monitored journey-to-journey, but more over time, allowing Motability to see a pattern of usage. If the car is being regularly misused, it’ll be quite obvious when the journeys are analysed over a period of time. At this point, if there were concerns, Motability would be in touch with the customer.

    It’s important to remember that the agreement can be cancelled and the car taken away from the customer/driver(s) if misuse is discovered through the information provided by the location tracker. We all know that there are stories of people misusing (or even abusing) the Motability Scheme and this is one way that it is kept protected, for the benefit of all.

    The one positive that people rarely consider is the security of knowing that, if their vehicle was stolen (or taken without consent by a driver), it could be quickly recovered by the insurance company and/or police.


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    You do not need to worry, the journeys will be interpreted over time and if they don’t appear to ‘make sense’ to Motability, they’ll give you a call to query the usage of the car – and in your case, this is easily explained. You can keep a log of journeys for your own peace of mind, but it really isn’t necessary (the fact that you could provide term dates would likely suffice to support your case).

    Location trackers are mandatory is residential care settings, which makes sense when you think how many people may have access to the vehicle (particularly if there is an ‘open’ insurance policy in place). It’s really there to protect your son, as opposed to restrict his usage/benefit of the car.

    In a nutshell, you have nothing to worry about. 

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    Rudy Maertens

    i installed one behind the radio once… they are very small these days


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    Nominated driver

    Hello I am a nominated driver with a tracker.

    I am allowed to use the vehicle to and from my work place although my brother don’t live near me and this is because I visit him on my way to work every morning, if on the mornings I don’t I am running errands ~ picking up tablets, bits of shopping and often on my way home from work I pick him up to take him to my house for dinner etc. In my life there is only me and my brother and so he relys on me heavily. Without the use of this car he wouldn’t see anyone nor would he get bits from the shops he needs or get little jobs done. I am so lucky to have the use of the vehicle which I use pretty much daily (all for his purpose) because I really don’t know what state of mind he would be in if I couldn’t pop in daily. To use public transport would mean he wouldn’t have the freedom and company he has now. So thank you Motabilty for providing me and my brother this wonderful life line. He comes to my sons football training and matches regular and I’ve even offered to have a dash cam installed so they can see how much I am with him but Motabity have said that wasn’t needed.

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    I think it’s a great idea to have them fitted as long as the vehicle is being used for it’s intended purpose then their shouldn’t be a problem.

    I did hear of one retired man having his taken off him – he had a nice little sideline going doing Airport Runs !. He thought that the old disconnect the Speedo cable trick would hide the high mileage.

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    I am the named driver for my fathers car. He lives 2 streets behind me. His new car will be his first with a tracker. This does not bother me at all as I know the car is 100% used as it should be. However my father is 70 and a worrier. His mate has been complaint to him about said tracker. He is 74 and drives everywhere. He is CLAIMING Motability have call him 4 times in the 9 weeks he’s had his car. Demanding ( his words ) to know where he’s been and why. So now my dad thinks he’s going to get a load of calls from Motability wanting him to justify his usage. I know what’s going to happen he’s going to use it less and less because he’s frightened of a phone call that might never happen. I’ve tried telling him his so called mate is probably not telling the hole truth. But he just can’t get past it. I don’t know what to do to be honest. I can totally understand why Motability fit the trackers. To many people have abused the amazing work and support the scheme provides. But it’s pointless having the car if he’s not going to use it and I honestly think it’s the getting out and about that keeps him going. Any way if anyone has a similar situation and have found away to get the beneficiary of the car to stop worrying and understand the scheme better please  let me know. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

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    There not bothered where you go and what you do .there just checking if the car does go to the adress of the mobility holder.

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    Sarah Lang

    I have just had a call today about my nans application. I openly said how i use the car which does mean on a typical day i would drive it to work, then directly after work go visit my gran, on occasions i have had to leave work as an emergency to attend hospital appts or visit her during my working day. I am sole carer and basically the only company she has. Motability told me i am not to drive the car to and from work or to take my son to football practice as considered not for her use. I am worried that now the picture of my daily routine and locations may not suit them. If my gran has use of the car for all her hospital appointments,  personal appts and shopping and regular outings say into town, i don’t see why i cant use the car working around her needs to fit with my own life outside of hers? i dont have another car to use. Can anyone offer advice?

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    Which Mobility Car

    If you have a tracker fitted to the car then Motability will be able to see that movements of the car, if you are visiting your Grandmother everyday and have on occasions had to leave work to make a medical emergency trip to her then it would be realistic that you have the car with you, ie at work.

    The official line form motability reads:

    If we have any concerns that the car may not be
    being used for the disabled customer’s benefit,
    for example if the car is rarely visiting the disabled
    customer’s address, we will contact you and/or
    your drivers to discuss how the car is being used.
    If we find that the car is consistently being used with
    no benefit to the disabled customer, the lease is at
    risk of being terminated which will mean the car will
    have to be returned.
    It’s your responsibility as the customer to make sure
    your drivers are aware of the guidelines for how the
    car should be used


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    Sarah Lang

    Thanks for your response, that would seem logical but apparently not, even if i do attend an emergency i would be expected to produce a letter from doc/hospital stating this was the case. unless she has planned appointments, i cannot take the car to work i would have to go home first then pick up the car to drive to her house!.

    It seems daft i can’t have the car at my place of work ready to visit her every day, but they are the rules apparently.

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    Glos Guy

    Sarah – I don’t wish to come across as insensitive as this probably sounds, but it does appear, from your description, that the car is more for your benefit than your gran (to and from work, taking son around, no other car etc) which is not what Motability is really designed for.

    The issues regarding the need for ocassional transport for hospital appointments etc apply to all elderly folk, the vast and overwhelming majority of whom do not have access to the Motability scheme. Given the comparative (to you) infrequency of your grans transport needs, she might be better off opting out of the scheme and using the £9k plus that she would be sacrificing on benefits on taxis. If your ability to visit her is restricted, she could perhaps use the balance to buy you a perfectly acceptable 2nd hand car. That way, you aren’t stretching the rules of the Motability scheme and you remain mobile.

    Just a thought.

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    Sarah Lang


    I can see why it sounds like that but actually, I’m assisting gran with 2 hospital appointments a week, doctors nearly every fortnight, grocery  run weekly not to mention, regular town visits, she’s collected to come to mine, see her friends and other family to. If she needs me at the drop of a hat I’m there. I really just wanted some flexibility with fitting it around my life, job n kids. We looked into me private leasing finance etc but not feasible for the type of car we are driving and adaptations required.

    Thanks Sarah

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