Let me cost this car out for you to see the injustice!

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    i live in derbyshire,the roads are like being offroad sometimes lol.

    with the decent range in the i3 i could live with the bmw and my landlord says i can install a charger so its a possibility.

    i just need a higher seating position next time as my backs gone but i dont need loads of seats or boot space so apart from the mazda 6 they are the smaller suvs that fit the bill.ive got a year to cut the list down so when i get back from my hols in september i will start booking extended test drives, mini and bmw do 2 day ones.

    in the meantime i am hoping the suzuki jimny comes on the scheme as that will be nil ap i would imagine.

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    Menorca Mike

    Mitch the Suzuki Jimny won’t come on there is over a year wait for private buyers demand is very high indeed as it looks fab

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Shawn you obviously don’t understand VAT.

    All you have done is take 20% off £24,750, that’s not how it works.

    If an item costs £100 before VAT you add 20% on to it making it cost £120, easy eh?

    Now what you are saying is an item costs £120 including VAT you take 20% off that to give your answer. However according to your “sums” this would mean the original price was £96.

    The correct way to calculate the before VAT price is to divide the VAT included price by 1.2, of course this division only works while VAT is at 20%.

    Now you can apologise to JS for saying he was wrong.

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    magnum mike, yes i know its annoying that suzuki will only allow 12-1500 to come to the uk each year as they cant meet demand at home. a real shame as it would be ideal for people like me that need a higher seating position but dont need a huge car. if it was all about price i would go for another suzuki the ignis its auto reasonable spec and not too big but its awful lol. but theyve got a year to get their act together so lets hope.


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    Got to love Suzuki’s Mitch, my wife bought a Swift in 2003 and as no-one in the family wanted it we have it away in 2016. 13 years of untroubled driving never failed an MOT apart from the odd bulb or wiper blade. She hates new cars with screens and touchy automatic things ( unlike me ) so replaced the Swift with a Celerio, 3 years in and again never misses a beat, she loves Suzuki. They may not be the most refined cars but they keep going and, this one is doing 60mpg.

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    thats what i like about them i had a 2nd hand vitara 3dr swb auto for a couple of years, it was about the size of a jimny is now and it was great. no frills as you say no flash screens etc but bombproof and went anywhere. the only tech i use is satnav and a usb for music the rest i can live without.i love the fact that they do 4wd with auto, in the past hardly anyone else did. the vitara has grown in size now so is too big for me but if came to it i would have one no problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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