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    Would you think leather seats are better than the standard cloth material seats?


    I have a tiguan ordered for end of may delivery with normal seats.

    The dealership says the car is built waiting in a lockup.  Is it still possible to upgrade to leather seats and if so what would be the price?


    Any advice would be great

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    you do worry me mike11 lol.

    i do like the  “lounge” leather in my mini 3dr and havent had any of the problems stated but had it not been standard in the car i doubt i would have paid the over £1000. it costs as an extra. i also waited a month to get to see the real thing in a car rather than just the small samples they had in the showroom.the dealer was good as well in getting a demonstrator so i could see things in the flesh. they even arranged test drives in a cooper auto and a cooper s auto so i could see what the difference was.

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    I guess if they make the seats heated and cooled that could negate some of the issues but it still stands that when it’s freezing the seats are still like ice until they’ve had a bit to warm up and I’m sure that’s going to be the same when they’re red hot as well, I’ll stick to not giving the dealers their bonus payment for an option I don’t need or want.

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    Speaking of a demonstrator I have been trying to have a look at a Peugeot Rifter and Citroen Berlingo for the last 3 months and none of the dealers even have one in I can just look at/sit in never mind get a test drive.

    I asked how they were doing on sales when they didn’t have any cars for people to see/drive and at first they said “sales were on target” but after a bit of banter back and forth they admitted to net selling any as nobody is going to buy a car they’ve never even seen let alone sat in/driven, ridiculous!

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    i was lucky in that chesterfield mini went out of their way to get me the autos to test drive and to see a car with the leather etc that the car came with. other dealers i couldnt even get a test drive in their auto version of cars i was looking at.obviously they didnt get an order.

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    Menorca Mike

    Louise minchin is wearing a leather skirt on bbc breakfast this morning my goodness what a start to the day

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    As someone who needs leather seats to make it easier to transfer from and to a wheelchair, I looked for a car that already came with leather seats in the AP price rather than having to fork out about £1,000 – £1,200 as an optional extra. If a Motability car is stolen or written off in an accident the car will be replaced however without the optional extra £1,200 leather seats, so best to be part of the original AP.

    I would agree that If not needed, I would not be bothered whether they were leather or not and they are cold in the winter, although my Kia Optima has heated seats front and rear which heat up quickly with the leather steering wheel. The front seats are also electronically cooled.

    As far as the leather content, they are like most if not all leather seats, the facing back and seat is leather with the sides and outer back, imitation leather.

    Talking of leather content, my father was an upholsterer and when I was picking cover to get my three piece suite, a few years back, I was amazed to be told by the owner of the upholstery cover warehouse, that for them to be able to call the leather cover, “Leather”, it only has to have 5% leather content in it.

    This probably accounts for the shops being able to sell so called leather suits so cheaply nowadays. Forty or Fifty years ago they were made from real hide skins which do not come in rolls and do come with imperfections in the skins, which puts the cost up.

    But as said, cloth material is just fine unless leather is needed for medical reasons.

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