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    Hello everyone,

    I have looked at leasing a car from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. I would like to ask what peoples opinions/experiences on the finance issues are, what i mean is my partner receives PIP enhanced mobility and enhanced care. I ‘m her carer so I receive carers allowance we don’t have a workers income so are we likely to be accepted for a lease car.


    Thanks in advance


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    Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to lease a car on the motability scheme as surely that carries less risk? i.e. if the benefit is lost the car is returned. If you manage to lease a car privately and benefit is lost they will want you to fufill the lease contract regardless.

    Plus of course motability is a headache free inclusive package

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    @Macca, I agree the motability scheme is great, i have not come across anything as good/helpful. I was probably thinking of a more prestige car than whats available on the motability scheme, what with the governments cap on car prices now. not a Rolls Royce lol. my example is: my current car is a Volvo XC60 so maybe a XC90 to replace it, I just worry that being “unemployed” we wouldn’t get any finance and wanted peoples experiences/thoughts on it.

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    Never say never but i’d be surprised if a lease company would offer terms on a private lease, as benefit income is not guaranteed.

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    You income would only be 1 of many factors that are taken in to account when applying for a lease. If you have a fantastic credit record, then there is a chance you may well be accepted.

    Though with a private lease a deposit is normally required and you also have to factor in tax, insurance, etc and also ensure the lease covers you for sufficient mileage. By default the nominal figure is normally only 8,000.

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    There’s no lease company better than Motability as you have the complete insurance, maintenance and general peace of mind package.

    However, if you are a low mileage driver who doesn’t want to put down a huge deposit there are some good deals around. Deposits are 3/6/9 months payments so a small car can be quite a small deposit. The lease company normally pays the VED and you pay the insurance. You can get maintenance packages that cover everything, including tyres etc, but the longer the lease, the higher the cost of the package.

    Lease deals are becoming more popular as they can work out much cheaper than PCP over 3 or 4 years and you can get a much higher spec car for the money.

    As far as getting finance goes, if you are thinking that your income may be a problem the the obvious route is Motability.

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    Tony D

    With our previous car, we had no issues with PCH; and both of us are/were on benefits (ESA & PIP).

    Our best offer was directly from a Skoda dealer for the Yeti we ordered, with the contract being through VW finance.

    All finance companies will do a credit search prior to any acceptance, so as previously mentioned; Motability does away with the ‘risk of refusal’, but as you state, the choice is restricted – but acceptance is guaranteed.

    Have you looked at the Leasing comparison sites:-

    also, the CarWow website now has a leasing section.


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    @Tony D

    I have been using the carwow website to search many different types of cars and see what options are available, i  find it easy to use. I will take a look at the comparison sites

    What i don’t want to end up with/in are the overpriced companies that try to take advantage of people with little or no buying/leasing power.



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    JS (justsaying)

    Some manufacturers own lease deals are a good deal especially as some are 5 or 7 year warranty and for around £600 you can add full servicing contract.

    a lot now are 2 years lease to keep the costs down so great if you like swapping cars. Not looked lately but last month Hyundai had a good deal on the Kona.

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    Tony D

    Skoda Octavia 1.0TSI 115PS SE Technology Hatchback – £79 per month inc VAT

    Initial payment £2,490
    2 year term.
    8,000 miles p.a, excess at 3.6p/mile.


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    Very good spot Tony

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Thanks for that Tony, did you see that direct from that dealership or from a comparison site?

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    Brilliant deals on the Jaguar XF at the moment.

    Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2.0 i 250 Portfolio 5Dr Auto [Start Stop]

    £199.99 incl VAT monthly rentals

    £1799.91 incl VAT initial rental

    5000 miles

    1st Choice Vehicle Leasing

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    Tony D

    @ djbasics.

    Simpsons regularly have great deals going – but Skoda only.
    For regular Volvo PCH offers, check out Johnsons or Caffyns.

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    I can’t even imagine leasing a vehicle from Homer Simpson…d’oh!

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    thanks for the information so far…….does anyone else have any more input?

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    Tony D

    What sort of ‘other input’ are you after?

    How about : car comparison sizes ?


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    Probably I’m looking for peoples experiences, if they have any with other leasing companies

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    Tony D

    I had a Skoda on a 2-year contract, and found it perfect for our needs. I agreed a higher ‘initial payment’, so as to keep the ongoing monthly payments lower, and settled on 8k miles per year. (This mileage limit is actually the average over the contract term. So could have done 10k in year one, then 6k in year two.)

    You have the
    flexibility of the term,
    the ‘total contract mileage’,
    and the FULL choice of the cars available.

    Also, you will probably find that having metallic paint is slightly cheaper than having standard paint, as they are more re-saleable). Many lease deals have metallic included as standard. Also, any options are ‘normally’ charged at full cost (or with very minimal discount).

    You have the terms and conditions of the contract to adhere to – nothing you wouldn’t expect from ‘hiring’ a car; eg  https://www.skodafinance.co.uk/en/private_customers.html

    On return, the collectors of our car were ‘very’ picky, and took a number of photo’s; then worked out the charges for (alleged) damage – but I was never charged.

    On signing the agreement, I was offered GAP insurance – which I declined.   https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/car-insurance/gap-insurance/

    Hope the above helps.

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    Thanks for the info Tony

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    Tony D

    A few other thoughts.

    Many businesses use Contract Hire deals for their cost efficiency and cash-flow considerations. If it’s good enough for them….

    Check out the BVRLA for industry standards. https://www.bvrla.co.uk/service/fair-wear-and-tear-guides

    Also, with Contract Hire, check out the optional ‘maintenance included’ packages, to consider whether it’s worthwhile for your needs – or not. I didn’t bother, and spent about £140 on one service – only, as apposed to about £12 per month.


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