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    Hi does anyone know what the current lead times are on Peugeot 3008 GT Line 1.6 diesel auto.

    Dealer has said Feb/March, has anyone recently ordered or taken delivery of this model or any other Peugeot any help with information much appreciated

    Thanks Matt

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    Hi matt, i know there was a lady called coral on this forum who had a 3008gt line, she would be best to anwser your question about waiting times for it, so hopefully she will be along to answer, although i havnt seen her on here for a while but feb/mar sounds around average waiting time. Have you placed you order? or just considering it ? The  cockpit looks amazing and the gt line is well equipped.

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    Nick M

    Coral not happy with her 3008, she was in process of sending it back and looking for alternative

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    yes i remember she had problems and had sent it back to garage a couple of times to be repaired and also she found the back tailgate very heavy and advised on getting electric tailgate, but if she is still active on here she will be able to give  matt an indication of waiting time, as thats what he is looking for. Not sure who else on here has one. But hopefully someone who has one can help matt out

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    Stuart Bush

    Ive had my GT Line auto now for 6 months and have had no issues whatsoever, in fact its totally the opposite. I went from a Q3 S line Quattro and to be honest i much prefer the 3008, the interior is far above the Audi and its a lovely car to drive. I ordered mine like i said around 6 months ago and it took around 12 weeks although apparently thats now a little longer at around 15 weeks. Well worth the wait and the best car on the scheme i think at the moment.

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    Thanks everyone i’ve just ordered dealer is saying start of March I can’t wait.

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    I reckon start of march is pretty good going Matt, great choice the gt line looks awesome, enjoy the car when it comes and let us know how it is

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    The little taffia

    I went to our nearest Peugeot dealer in early June. They showed very little interest once we said we were Motability customers. The Motability salesman took our telephone number and e-mail address and promised to arrange a test drive. Still waiting, although we know the e-mail address was passed on as we regular mail from Peugeot.


    The inside was interesting although for me far too messy and to say it’s better than an Audi Q3 then wait until it has a few thousand miles on the clock. It will probably have more rattles than a branch of Mothercare.

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    Totally agree I wouldn’t touch them or Citroen but owners swear by them…. at the side of the motorway !!

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    Stuart Bush

    Its done 5000 miles and not a rattle in sight which is more than can be said for the Audi after little over 13000, especially having had its engine drained of power after the so called “FIX” which is something the 3008 certainly does not lack.

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    The little taffia

    I did 45000 miles in my 177 bhp Q3. Never missed a beat and there was no drop in power or economy after the removal of the cheat software. Had the Quattro still been on the scheme I would have had another. The 3008 is a nice car, but as I said I found the dash to be too fussy and the engines on offer were simply not powerful enough for me and the auto box is simply awful and there has been documented failures with it.

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    Anthony Heath

    I ordered the gt 225 hybrid, was told it would be 16 week factory order which takes it to 1st November. Cant wait fingers crossed it’s on time.

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    We ordered a Hybrid 4 on 30th April. Provisional build of week 38 ( next week) so we’ll have to wait and see. Just to stick up for it I will say that looks alone put it streets ahead of a q3 and the old idea that French cars fall apart blah blah after a couple of years is a little old hat. Currently drive a BMW and that has had its fair share of faults over the past 3 years including a replacement auto box. Just saying.

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    I’ve just been to a couple of Peugeot dealers (same franchise) asked to test drive the new 3008 auto, arrived and had to wait 30 mins as they hadn’t been told I was going although I received a call that morning to confirm I was going, I got drive a 3008 but an old one. Enquired re the Pearl white and was told it would be £725. I queried this and the manager was asked and he confirmed this bit I had been told previously it was the difference between the metallic I was allowed and the cost of the Pearl white but they persisted it was £725. Rang another of their franchise dealers and was told it was £150 which is the difference. Made an appointment with the Motability rep and got the paint free! Ordered the 3008 GT

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    John Kirkcaldy

    I ordered my Peugeot 3006 1.2 PureTech GT Premium automatic petrol through my local dealer 4 Aug 21 and was given a delivery date of 15 Dec 21 as the worst case scenario. They now say this date will not be met but cannot give me a firm date.

    Any advice?

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    John K

    I ordered my Peugeot 3008 1.2 PureTech GT Premium automatic petrol through my local dealer 4 Aug 21 and was given a delivery date of 15 Dec 21 as the worst case scenario. They now say this date will not be met but cannot give me a firm date.

    Any advice?

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    It’s not much in the way of advice John K but if it helps I replaced my top of the range BMW X1, X Line 25d 229bhp 4×4 with a Peugeot 3008 hybrid GT premium (2021) and I absolutely love it. It’s the best car I’ve ever had.

    I don’t know your current transport needs, but if it were me I’d wait for this good looking lovely ride.

    Best of luck.

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    John K

    Thanks for your reply Pops,I am really looking forward to taking ownership of the 2008 and am pleased yours worked out so well for you. how long did you have to wait?

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    John K

    Sorry Pops, my current car is an Audi A5 S Line 2.0 diesel and it is the best car I have ever owned and they include BMW 3, Toyota Celica, Volvo 240 and a Rover 620 amongst others. I need the SUV now for ease of entry and exiting (knocking on a bit)

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