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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi All,</p>
    I’m due to replace my current (and first) Motability car in January, which gives me an order date in October.

    The car I’m looking at currently has at least a 5 month build time. Will I be able to secure a factory slot in August, with my application going in on my order date in October?

    Any help or advice greatly received.



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    Same thing here, going back onto Motability (as soon as my Tiguan is here) and get the same moronic comments about how I can afford a “big new posh car”.  Had those ever since I became disabled and got my first Motability car (Ford C-Max), even from people I considered friends at the time.  Unfortunately some people are just remarkably ignorant (that’s my nice word for them!).

    Why do I have a “big car”? well being just over 6′ 5″ with multiple joint problems and having a 6′ 3″ Autistic adult son who most times sits in the rear so people don’t see him we need all the room we can get!!.

    I still get the odd comment now and again like “Oh, you’re getting the R-Line, isn’t that the most expensive?”  Well almost, but the version I ordered is the cheapest diesel one they do, it has heated sets for my hips/lower back, key fob/foot opening for the boot and an all round camera as I can’t fully turn my head to park.  And of course JCT were offering it with £600 off the AP so almost half the price of the equivalent Ford Kuga 🙂


    All that being said I still got comments when I bought a used Honda Jazz!, still not sure how I managed to get in it but it was actually quite roomy!.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    I think you have wrong into what I was saying. Yes the 2 series will suit some people but it’s certainly not big enough as a family vehicle. I never once said that it wasn’t a nice car, it’s just that it looks a lot bigger than the pictures suggest.

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    You may have found the BMW 2GC small inside but is absolutely massive outside at 4526mm long by 2081 overall wide.

    But this is from someone has used original Fiestas ,Metro and Micra as family cars – self, wife and two teenage kids on continental hols!

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    I wouldn’t call it massive outside Smallcar, maybe if you are comparing it to the cars you stated.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    All I need is space for me, my 11 year old and our small doggo.

    I’m downsizing from a Mazda 6, which I love but is too big!

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    Then it’s ideal Jan. What I didn’t want is people with larger families going thinking it would be suitable for them.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr


    It makes me giggle that Motability have it under the MPV section.

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    Still waiting for my BMW GC has anyone got there’s yet? I didn’t even get chance to test drive as they didn’t have any on site

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    Lord Muc

    Courtney, please post on the BMW gc, topic, which Jan started, for more up to date info, plenty have got theirs now, including Jan, or are soon to pick up, have you been in close contact with your dealer over the last few weeks to check on your cars build and journey times.

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    Sorry, I thought I had done that. I’m getting mine from the Leeds branch and have only been told that the build week has gone from Week 50 to Week 2 so not sure when to expect delivery

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    Found the correct forum thanks Lord Muc

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    Ordered the X1 end of Oct and was given an ETA collection around end of March….have just been updated with an ETA collection end of April. I’m new to motability and am not highly impressed 😕

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    My main problem whilst awaiting delivery has been the lack of information coming from my dealership. I was basically left on my own to contact Motability to ask about extending and then contacting RSA to make sure my insurance was still in order.

    Reading other posts on here it would seem that most have been helped through delays and handovers by their dealerships, unfortunately mine has been of no help at all. Probably I’m expecting too much of them.

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    Hi Courtney. I ordered my bmw 320i from Leeds too . shes gave me the same wait time . Ive asked her a number of times for an order number so i can track myself but she still hasnt given me one.   Don’t what shes hiding

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    Hi Ali,

    I managed to get an update on mine this morning using https://discover.bmw.co.uk/bmw-live-chat

    They said my car is in Assembly and looking at week commencing 4th Jan delivery.

    Fingers crossed

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    Told today both XC40 and Tiguan are minimum if 12 weeks

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    Hi jan quite late in the discussion lol but wanted to know you if you got the bmw 2 series gc & how long did it take overall & how you getting along with the car if you got it?


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