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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi All,</p>
    I’m due to replace my current (and first) Motability car in January, which gives me an order date in October.

    The car I’m looking at currently has at least a 5 month build time. Will I be able to secure a factory slot in August, with my application going in on my order date in October?

    Any help or advice greatly received.



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    Think most people understand that the covid 19 crisis will have caused delays. I have no issue with a delay in these circumstances. The dealer I ordered has not updated their website since March 24, no effort whatsoever to keep customers informed. And it’s  due to open tomorrow again, but I’m not hopeful to be honest. I have heard nothing since the day I ordered my new car in January of this year. I contacted  citron who tried to contact them via email without luck. They have had no information on the car or whereabouts in the system without more details. Feel like shit over it all. Not in the best health, and I feel that I’m being taken advantage, I suppose that’s my own fault for being a walkover. Car was about 3 weeks from the due delivery time when the lockdown happened and there is simply zero information.

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    Sadly Redtrev, that is about the norm. Please don’t think it’s just yourself. Salespersons who actually keep you updated are few and far between in the motor industry.
    And even though I know this, I get fed up every single time it happens.
    If you don’t feel up to chasing, do you have anyone who can do that for you?

    And don’t forget, you can simply cancel if you feel that’s the right thing for you and go elsewhere.

    Keep your chin up mate. 😁👍👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Cheers, rusty. My wife has actually taken over as my legal advocate, it’s been approved by the people at pip and Motability because I have had such a downturn in my Heath. She’s going to ring them this week. I did not know you could cancel, don’t want to do it but feel like the u fine is being taken. Was with ford before this and the girl kept me informed from the day I left the office. But I wanted c5 this time around. Thank you Rustyand  I really appreciate the advice because I don’t feel like I can talk to anyone about this. The world is falling apart and I’m moaning about a car. Don’t feel people will understand giving the circumstances.

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    I was due to exchange on the 15th of april, I know my cars at the dealers was there well before the 24th when they called my and told me lockdown was happening and i  not heard much about when i will be changing. could ring me tommorrow, who knows how long should i wait?? for them to call me.. Plus i’m getting my private plate on the car. So it’s not like i can cancel once it’s assigned.. which right now dvla saying it ain’t been.. Guess when they ready thy’ll call till then i’m in limbo…

    It’s the not knowing and not being able to plan anything thats the real problem from all of this and mb ain’t really been that clear on what the plan is even though they’ve had a while to plan how they would reopen the scheme and hopefully once they open tommorow maybe you will hear something. Maybe they been fully closed due to covid..

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    redtrev this is one of the reasons WMC started this forum, you do have options and you do have places/people to turn to. Bionicrusty has given great advice and i echo his comments, my advice is to hang in there give it a few days, although some dealerships are reopen Motability and dealers are playing catch up, at present the march 24th is a key date as thats when all handovers were put on hold, recently Motability themselves in accordance with the easing of restrictions have started inviting people with vehicles awaiting collection to do so in Phases, from the 9th june motability are moving up a phase and allowing dealers to contact and facilitate those that are awaiting collection or on order. it is a stressful time at the best of times but you dont and are certainly are not alone you have the whole Forum behind you, my advice would to be for your wife to contact Motability and explain its causing you distress and ask for a them (motability) to deal with and update yourselves on progress, Motability should although as yet not fully back to full strength be able to  allocate you with an individual case adviser (request one, they dont mind) Motability will then contact the dealership and update you.

    dont feel your moaning as most on the forum will understand and are here to help, its our users that makes this the safe and friendly place to be and even if you want to chat or get something of your chest we have the Off Topic forum, trust me every dealership will want any car picked up and signed for ASAP.

    make that call to Motability and get a case adviser and yourself and your wife can relax, it will soon be sorted. good choice of car by the way.

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    Thank you JS. That has helped give me some reinsurance, will get the Missus to phone mobility Tuesday or Wednesday. That will give the dealer sometime to reach out.

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    rox  the same with you hang in there, Motability wise things change from Tuesday, dealerships will be allowed chase up etc, a reduced amount of Motability adviser are working, but again ask for an individual case adviser. things will get easier in the near future and especially when we consider some dealerships (and Motabily) have bases within the different rules across the Nation. it will get easier (as long as we dont have another spike) and i predict Motability will be back fully operational by the first week in July.

    it will get sorted. in the meantime we can All continue to support each other where we can. and thank you to everyone that takes a part in that.




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    guys, just to try and provide a little reassurance, we where due to receive our new vehicle 21st of April, once all dealers opened I emailed the dealership and also tried calling them, they are inundated with vehicles that are not just for Motability but other customers also, they have cars stuck in compounds and also mid build which should have arrived by now… I am not making excuses for them, not in the slightest, it actually took to us calling Motability themselves whom then called the dealer and miraculously answered and was spoken too.

    MB where extremely helpful, the got all the answers we needed and told us all about the phasing of handovers with those late March being prioritised first and then onwards. We have been told that our car was still in Germany and should arrive in 10 working days and then MB will give the green light to handover in a timely effort. MB stated very clearly that dealers want to handover as soon as, due to sitting stock and MB want to get through this phase so they can then concentrate on new orders and the next Q.. MB stated we could also cancel if we wanted and continue on the extended and order further down the line if we wanted.. I have to be brutally honest and say that MB have been really helpful and with us having to wait on hold for 20 mins they did all they can to get the answers I needed.. I hope this helps and reassures folk..

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    Don’t panic mate, it’s just the way car dealers are “slack” and it’s never personal (they would have to give a monkey’s 1st) to make it personal so don’t sweat it.

    As far as your car goes, I’d stick with it and let the missus give MB a ring to chase it up, I wanted the C5 but couldn’t fit my large powerchair in it, I ended up with a different car and while I am quite happy with it I have to say the Citroen C5 Aircross is the nicest ride of any car I’ve ever driven and I’ve driven nearly everything on wheels, so much so that when it comes time to change again I’m considering getting a folding powerchair, just so I can get a C5.

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    I know it would not wear of it was me lol ,,well we won’t pics when you do get it

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    Jamie C

    Hi All, I had a look and test drive in the 218i M Sport 2 Series Gran Coupe Auto yesterday and ordered it straight after, what a car!! The ride is good even with the M Sport Suspension but make sure you get the 18” wheels as 19” make it too hard.

    I have gone for Mineral Grey Metallic with Dakota Red Leather and had the £350 Park Assist pack added. Plus got £300 off the AP at Williams BMW Manchester next to Trafford Centre.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    That’s a great deal Jamie!

    I might nudge Williams in Bolton tomorrow about your deal!

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    Wife spoke with him today, said the car was built, we might have in three days or two weeks at most. Thank you to all of you that help me. It did really did help, it settled me down and despite some lingering doubts about the two week claim I feel much better.   If and when I get it, I will post the pictures of the car. The help and advice I was given from the users on this forum was brilliant, it’s very much appreciated.

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    Good to hear Redtrev, a lot of dealers would of had meetings this morning and frantically trying to locate the cars they have on order, for them to say from 3 days to 2 weeks is a fair one as it covers the basis, even if the car is on their premises the registration paper work takes a couple of days, if the vehichle is in the country but as yet not cleared or registered as being in UK then that takes 7 to 10 days, so It would seem they are being honest and by saying upto 2 weeks they are allowing for the logistics of transport and worst case, rest assured once they give you a confirmed collection date they have to complete within 4 days or they are heavily fined by Motability, if you’ve not heard anything by say Thursday ring again and ask for a confirmed collection date it will focus their attention but it seems they are on it so relax they want the car signed for and gone just as much as you want it, and at present time seems to be flying past, can’t wait to see the photos.

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    Thank you JS. I’m happy with the times discuss by the dealer and the wife. The main thing I have some information at last. Thank you for all the advice and help.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Hi again!

    Does anyone know how to track your BMW order online?


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    Not sure if Bmw have an Order Tracker but I found a link from  bionicrusty suggesting trying the Live Chat from a previous post.


    BMW online chat

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    @Matthew Have you had a chance to go look at the 2 GC yet?

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    Saw the 2 series GC today. It’s a small car with very little legroom in the back. It made the 3 series that was parked next to it look massive.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Well, the car suits me just fine.

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    End of the day Jan that’s what matters, it suits you.

    My son gave a rare visit yesterday and asked how I was getting on with my KIA Carens MPV and like I say to everyone, it’s a posh van and not something I’d been seen in had I not been disable but as a scooter carrier its great and suits my condition.😊

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Exactky Chris K!

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    That’s exactly it, it is all about a car that suits you and your needs.

    it might be a very expensive car or something more modest. I’m not a car snob and would choose something that is comfortable and suitable for my needs over style and image but everyone is different.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Thanks Gordon.

    You know the old saying… if you can’t say something nice etc.

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    To me it only matters what car I choose on the scheme, not what others choose.. but we all gotta live with that choice for 3 years (in most cases) So has to be practical imo and tick all the boxes that one needs.. For each of us that’s different.




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