late night lock in

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    bob mac

    just like your old local used to do (some times) can we have an off license for those of us who cannot sleep or need to medicate etc  and would like to converse real time, so to speak, rather than search through the  forum. something called  “night owl” or something , then we would know that someone would be there for a bit of late night banter. What do you think guys?

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    Bob I’m up till two or three most nights and I think Winston is the same so I’m up for it.

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    There is nothing to stop you opening a thread specifically for that and see what response you get.

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    You’ve done just that Bob Mac by creating this thread, good idea.

    It’s early days in the open arms, so this ‘your’ thread will be easy to find here, but in the future if it does get busy and thread becomes popular i see no reason why we can’t stick it to the top of the board.

    If you would like me to change the title of your thread just give me the heads up and i’ll be happy to do that for you.

    Sadly i won’t be participating in your late night banter, i’m more of an early bird myself than a night owl.

    Have fun guys

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    Hi Trev

    You and me both, early nights, early mornings, Wouldn’t use this thread much at all.


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    bob mac

    thanks for advice trev. we will see how it goes then.

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    bob mac

    ok guys , my idea , my opener.  well I have just seen and heard on news that Iranian forces in Syria have returned the favour after earlier attack by Israel. looks like mr trump has really started some thing.  meanwhile , back to cars and I am glad  my bmw test drive was not comfortable and I cut it from my list.


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    Bob just looking at options, we can pick in Q3/Q4 and i have been looking at Volvo xc40, Mazda cx5 and Tiguan. looks wise the xc40 is the one but the spec of the Mazda is very good, best out of the three, the Tiguan gets very good reviews but i dont like its looks.

    To add further confusion the DS7 has been brought onto the scheme and i am going to have a look at all four before narrowing it down to two.

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    bob mac

    hi brydo, if you are like me you would go for comfort and specs plus ap’s. that said for me Volvo very comfortable but expensive, mazda I have not looked at and tiguan is just off the scale for delivery times. I did like tiguan but I think the discount deals that were offered started a ” gold rush” and demand outdone supply. The DS7 , again costly. So it was when I read about the grandland being built on same platform , same factory as DS7 and 3008 ,after test drive I was stuck on Grandland. not spectacular looking but somehow likeable and not many on the road at the moment. (sorry I have taken a while to answer , had wifi prob}

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    No problem Bob, just had a look and the XC40 is only available in petrol so that is off the list. I still need to seriously look at all options on the scheme. I am way behind of my normal routine for choosing, i normally know by this time what we will be picking and then crossing my fingers it is on the scheme when we can order.

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    bob mac

    like you brydo ,I like diesel, and that I suppose limits choice these days. however I have noticed that all diesels now have “add blue” which is no bad thing. I know what you mean about taking time and getting choice right but this time round I think I will stick by my choice to go for” british French” collaboration.

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    bob mac

    sorry brydo, my med is kicking in and I must get to the hammock, look forward to next confab.

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    Ten Four for a copy ?

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